LBM17 is over, but I have a little gem for you: Visiting my favorite “item shop” on the convention. I went there like 5 times a day (because it was nice and cheap) and greeted the cute cashier this way upon entering. Always.

The convention was amazing. Being Ardyn for three days (instead of two) was the best thing ever. Really. It was so much fun meeting all the other FFXV Cosplayers. Maybe a small selfie-post will follow later. (and i have a cute little clip of Noctis)

  • Princess Cadance, looking at Flash and Twilight: They make a great couple, don't they?
  • Shining Armor [annoyed]: They certainly are standing next to each other.

or however this meme is called
got inspired by @malengilblog `s meme thing ;3
and yes, i confess that the unicorn`s horn look like something nsfw, but i noticed it later
ps: i changed a thing in the letters because it was hard to read

Lana Del Rey has registered a new song, titled Lust For Life, which is cowritten by The Weeknd.

anonymous asked:

If your not too busy could I get like a reaction of rung, Ratchet, Fort max and drift to walking into a room and finding the sparkling trying to fight/interact/play (couldnt choose) with there own reflection thinking its another sparkling. Got this idea from this picture I saw a bit ago hope that's okay


He wasn’t sure if he should be concerned when Sparkling tackled the newly polished wall. He quickly made his way over to the; picks them up to check for injuries. 

Rung places them back on the floor. Sparkling instantly returned to the wall placing their little servos on it. The therapist smiles when he sees the problem. “Sweetspark that you no one is there,” he coaxed getting out to your level. “See,” he says gesturing to his reflection. Sparkling swats at it. Rung just shakes his helm.


The old mech has probably seem a few sparklings do this before but, it never ceases to amuse him. Of course he stops them from hurting themselves. Sparkling whines being taken away from their playmate. This sparkling never fails in making Ratchet smiles.

Fortress Maximus

Confused at first; should he tell Rung about this and see if he knows what to do. Surely Max doesn’t. After a close inspection he understands wants going on and chuckles at his sparkling’s antics. 

He boops you a way from the reflective surface. 


Walking in to your Sparkling trying to attack themselves in a mirror is usual to say the least. He doesn’t know what to do really. Drift quickly takes Sparkling from the mirror so they didn’t harm themselves. He finds it amusing to see Sparkling trying to get an intruder that’s actually just them.