sparkling sunrise

Love Sick

Based off @foleypdx  ‘s art Love Sick 

I wrote this while listening to Crazy In Love (Dabin Remix)

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Her eyes are bluer than anything you’ve ever seen. It only takes until she’s asking you to be your own hero for you to you realize it.

(Or maybe it’s been weeks and that’s just the tipping point)

(Maybe it’s all this hope you’ve been drowning in lately)

(Boy does that shatter when her personalities fuse right in front of you)

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Fire and Ice

Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Mchanzo
Rating: Teen and Up
Prompt: Day||Night (Both)
Warning: Fluff… so much fluff

A/N: I apologize in advance.

The sunrise was one of the most beautiful things in the world to Jesse McCree. It was more than the colors in the sky, the sun taking it’s place in the sky, or the birds and insects making the morning sing. It was the chance to start again, to start anew. To take all the pain of the day before and wipe it clean from the mind.

Jesse stood on the balcony of the base of Gibraltar, overlooking the vast expanse of the world around him. The mountains, rolling hills, and gentle clouds painted the most beautiful picture when bathed in the sun’s rays. No matter how many times he saw it, it would always feel so… enchanting.

“Is there a reason you were absent from last night’s briefing?” The thick Eastern accent turned Jesse from the scenery to the gruff and discontent archer standing behind him. The morning light really did give everything a certain glow, “The ape was not pleased in the least.”

“Sorry, Hanzo, but night ain’t really my style, that’s the time a man aught to be resting for the day ahead,” Jesse sauntered up the the man and looked him dead in the eyes. Hanzo didn’t flinch or look away, stared right back. That’s what Jesse liked about this one; he gave just as good as he got.

“If you miss another one, you will not wake again,” Hanzo huffed, folding his arms over his chest. Jesse’s heart melted. He tiped his hat back and placed a light kiss on the archer’s lips.

“Awe, you worried about me? I didn’t know you cared,” Jesse chuckled. He pulled a puppy dog look and hooked his arms around Hanzo’s neck. He could see the archer lose his composure little by little until he was forced to smile.

“If you must question it, then I have done something wrong,” Hanzo laughed. The way it rumbled from his gut and danced in his chest before it sprung from his lips was hypnotic. Ever since the first time he heard it, he knew it was magical. It was meant to be heard as often as he was privileged to be there to experience it.

“Just making sure, darlin’. You know I have a hard time believing this ain’t a dream,” Jesse whispered.

“I assure you I am real. After these past two years, I would hope you would have come to terms with it like I have,” the archer unfolded his arms and cupped Jesse’s face.

“Even if you’re not, I don’t mind it much. Best dream I ever had,” he quipped.

“Now you are just being absurd,” Hanzo dropped his hands and made for the door back inside, “Let us go to breakfast. We only have an hour before it is over.”

Jesse turned and gazed at the sun one last time. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small box he’d been carrying since he’d picked it up last night. Taking a deep breath, he opened it and watched the diamonds sparkle in the sunrise, the interwoven dragon design on the band holding them in place. He was ready for his own sunrise, to put the life he had before behind him and make a new start.

Jesse pocketed the box and ran after Hanzo to catch up before he got left.

There were so many stars in the sky. Each with their own story, their own wish that someone had made on them. Small prayers to some unknown force in hopes that someone was listening. Hanzo Shimada could count all the ones he had made to them.

‘Give me the strength to seek forgiveness’

'Carry my feet forward, don’t let them turn back now’

'Don’t drive him away, don’t let my past ruin my future’

'Bring him home, don’t take him from me now’

The moon was full on this night. It was bright against the dark sky, illuminating the silence of the late atmosphere. Hanzo always took this time alone to think about all the things he never had the time to during the day. He appreciated the world of the night, and how beautiful the simplicity of it all could be.

In his hands was the serape of the man he loved. He smiled as he hugged it close to his chest. It had been years since the morning Hanzo had given his life to him. The ring hung from the silver necklace around his neck. He loved it the moment laid eyes on it. He’ll never admit it, but he did cry when Jesse proposed.

“Hey,” came a voice from the interior of the simple brick home.

“Yes?” Hanzo turned and raised an eyebrow.

“You know Robin and Joey can’t sleep without that,” Hanzo’s husband pointed at the serape in his hands, “And I can’t sleep without you. When are you comin’ to bed?”

“Soon, Jesse,” Hanzo smiled, “The children are merely restless because my brother will be here to see them tomorrow.”

Jesse McCree approached Hanzo from behind and wrapped his hands around his husband. Hanzo almost purred with contentment. He would never tire of this, no matter how much he indulged in it.

Hanzo grabbed Jesse by the hand and led him inside. Reflecting on the past every now and again was fine, but now he could also look forward to the end because it was only a prelude to new beginnings.

I’m How Old?! Pt 1

Summary: The life of (Y/N) (L/N) had never been easy. Her family suffered tragedy after tragedy: fires, death, illness and many more. Now, with her mom and dog being the only members of her family left, the (L/N) family moved off of dry land and onto The Clarion, (Y/N)’s Uncle’s ship. When tragedy strikes again, (Y/N) takes it upon herself to change everything.

Warnings: Pirates, brief time in 1736

Notes: My 6yo niece came up with this story and I ran with it. Basically, this is a request from a six year old who loves pirates because I told her Tom Hiddleston was one in a Tinker Bell movie and she loves him… I love my niece!

Part 2 will be posted soon.

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Hypnos cradles me
in his arms
as Artemis blesses me
as moon-daughter.
with sapphic blood
we hunt beasts of mankind
at night we lay with each other
in dens fitted with thick furs
making love so holy
we are still considered pure;
making love so lovingly
the moon herself
climbs down
from her perch in the sky
to kiss our ankles
and collarbones
make the river shine
like silver tongues.
we bathe in silver light
our skin sparkles at early sunrise
and we rise again
a thirst
a hunger
for blood on our lips
we scour the earth
for sapphic hearts
and rise Sappho herself
from the dead
she writes of violets
twisted into our hair
of our limbs twisted together
of moonlit dances
between tongues
of blood dripping
from our teeth
the blood of beholden men
thinking we exist
for their unholy
and when hypnos wakes me
i’ll open my eyes
to her silver irises,
her lips a breathe from mine,
her bow and arrow
strapped elegantly
against the willow-like curve
of her spine,
an arrow tip tracing
from the hollow of my neck
past the valley between my breasts
to the base of my ribs
and she’ll throw her head back
in a laughter
that sounds like silver bells
at the way my breath hitches
and my eyes gleam for her
to fall in love with a goddess
is to fall in love
with the essence of life itself
i will know nothing if not through her.


There is just one valid reason to get myself up before sunrise. This fabulous light setting.

Bounty | Berger Blanc Suisse
Pepper | German Shepherd Dog
Hazel | Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Deejay |  GSD x Bernese Mountain Dog x Collie x Beagle


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.18.16

theme: modern, minimalist wedding finds
modern engagement ring options by minimalvs

i dig minimalvs’ clean lines and unique shapes, like these two diamond-and-gold engagement ring options — they’re both modern and unusual and swoon-worthy.

The treasure you’ll find at Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia comes in golden sunrise sparkles, glimpses of rare wildlife and 5,618 acres of precious forests, marshes and beaches. Only accessible by boat, the island was used by the Navy as a source of live oak timber for shipbuilding in the early 1800s. Now, the island is a source of joy and solitude for all who visit. Photo by Becky Skiba, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Summary: There wasn’t much to sunrises that you liked. Nothing gave you a reason to wake up every morning. That was, until you met Jensen, the love of your life.  

Warnings: fluffly fluff, pregnant reader

Words: 1,612

A/N: This popped into my head because my four year old nephew asked where the sun came from. I replied that it came from a leprechauns ass-hole to which he replied “Wow, I wish the sun can come out from where my caca does.” I think I’d be a great mother, tbh. 

No hate to Danneel! I love her so damn much, but just pretend she’s happy with someone else. Also, pretend you played Sarah Palmer in My Bloody Valentine. This was meant to be a drabble but I ended up writing more than I was supposed to. Oops? I hope you enjoy x


Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

There had once been a day when you awoke to the sun coming up from the horizon and you’d dread the day that was coming along with it. You’d often believe that there was no reason to wake up in the morning, everything would still seem as blue as it were to you the day before. The feeling of the dawning sun hitting your skin wasn’t something you had enjoyed, though; you suppose it was like that for most non-morning people. But the feeling of the sun on your skin made you wish you could cower away and hide away from the world for as long as possible.

The constant feeling of sadness remained until the day you met Jensen. You’d met him on the set of the movie My Bloody Valentine and although the first scene was being shot at night, you felt as if he were the dawn of a new morning. When he introduced himself to you with a grin on his face and a sparkle in his eyes, sunrises was something you were going to grow quite fond of.

Eight years since that day you first met and you were now a happily married couple expecting another two children – that’s right, twins. Your daughter, Justice Jay, had been excited to hear that she was going to be an older sister to not only one sibling, but two. Though her excitement couldn’t beat Jensen’s when he found out the news.

He was away filming when you found out you were just under three months pregnant. You hadn’t want to tell him over the phone that he was going to be a father to three, so you waited until he came back home. By the time he did, you were four months pregnant and already had a bump that made you look more pregnant than you were. You wore a loose tee to hide the belly when he arrived and begun cooking dinner.

You had already heard him come through the door; if you hadn’t heard him, J.J. would have given it away by screaming the house down and running towards her father. It made your heart warm when the sound of her giggles filled the air and Jensen’s laughter followed close behind. Your daughter had already known about you being pregnant and you rolled your eyes when you heard her say, “Mummy has a secret.”

Of course, you couldn’t rely on a three year old to keep a secret. By the time Jensen had entered the kitchen, your fingernails were nearly all chewed down to the skin and you were breaking a sweat. But you kept your back to him and continued to make your homemade lasagna. The butterflies you felt in your stomach was making you nervous, or maybe that feeling of butterflies in your stomach were the two infants in your womb.

You’d sucked in a breath when you felt him right behind you and as if it were an instinct, you leaned back into him as his hands rubbed your arms. He placed a kiss to the back of your bare neck and his hands tortuously played with your fingers before making their way to your hips. You heard him suck in a breath when his hands slid across your stomach, feeling the solid bump that had formed. He had quickly spun you around with a grin on his face and lifted up your shirt to reveal the bump that held the precious two babies.

“We’re having another kid?”

“Two, to be exact,” you told him as his smile widened further. He had let out a not-so-manly scream and pulled you into a tight embrace and placed kisses to every inch of visible skin. The rest of that day was spent with him and J.J. telling your belly exactly what they’ll do when the twins arrive.

Right now though, you were lying in bed with a large belly separating you from your husband. You had been awake since dawn and were contentedly watching Jensen sleep peacefully. The sun seeped through the curtain shades and slowly rose up his body and it made your heart flutter. The man who gave you a reason to wake up everyone morning was lighting up as if he were the sunrise.

In your world, he was the whole universe. He was the sun who lit up your day and he was the moon who protected you from your demons at night. He was the rain who poured every motion he had and he was the snow that fell gracefully in love with you. He was the comet who flew into your life without a warning. He was the shooting star that you wished upon and you were granted your wish almost immediately.

Jensen had begun to stir which had pulled you out of your trance. He was facing you with an arm tucked under his head and the other resting on your stomach. His hand absentmindedly rubbed your belly as he tried to move in closer to you. You couldn’t help but giggle at his attempt to curl around your very pregnant stomach. His eyes fluttered open at the sound as he looked over at you. The smile on your face made a smile appear on his before he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Morning, handsome,” you mumbled lovingly to your husband as you grabbed his hand off from your stomach and placed a gentle kiss to his knuckles. His hand fell out of your own and traced your jaw instead before cupping your cheek.

“Morning, beautiful,” he replied with a husky tone in his voice, his thumb rubbing gently across your cheekbone. He leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss to your lips before sitting up and rubbing your belly. You rolled onto your back and allowed him to roam his hands over the massive bump before placing multiple kisses over it, “I love you baby, and I love Justice and these two just as much.”

You stared fondly at the man looking back at you with his hands placed on your belly. Your own hands were now placed beside his as the two rascals begun to move around, making you wince slightly but smile as Jensen grew excited at the movement. In less than a week, you were due to have them and you couldn’t be more prepared to have them. You’d only wish they’d come sooner so you could finally meet the two twins you and Jensen had created.

It’s funny how much Jensen had changed your life; he appeared to you and now the sun rises for a completely different reason. You don’t see the sunrise as another day to be sad, you see the sunrise as another day to tell him you love him more than anything. He changed you completely. You went from battling depression on your own to battling it with someone who reminded you constantly that you were loved.

Jensen placed another kiss to your stomach and caressed the swollen bump with his hands. He rested his forehead gently against it as the two begun to continuously quick and it caused a pain to course through your abdomen. You sucked in a breath and tried to hide the fact that you were in current pain, but it had continued for another minute before it settled. You were breathing heavily by that point and Jensen had noticed this. As soon as he looked up and over at you, you felt something pop before a gush a warm fluid ran down your thighs.

Jensen’s gaze fell between your legs and noticed the wet patch that was now soaking into the bed sheets. His eyes widened as he frantically looked between the wet patch and your belly before looking back up at your face and noticed the mirroring look you had that matched his.

“Oh, fuck,” you both voiced out simultaneously.

Jensen was the first to get up to go wake Justice up before rushing back into the bedroom to you. He grabbed your packed bag out of the closet before walking over to you as clutched your stomach tightly. You were breathing heavily again and he thought you must’ve been going through another contraction, and boy, was he correct. But soon enough, it had passed again and you were able to breathe properly.

“It’s like someone put a hose on full blast in my vagina,” you whined out as you attempted to sit up, feeling more of the warm liquid drip out. Jensen held back his laugh as he quickly helped you sit up on the bed. You grimaced at the feeling between your legs as he helped you put on the same you had worn when you were in labor with Justice.

By the time the three of you were in the car and off on your way to the hospital, you couldn’t help but noticed that the sun was still in the midst of rising. Despite the chaos that was happening at that moment, you smiled and reached over to grip Jensen’s hand. You looked over your shoulder to see Justice sleepily grinning at the situation, quietly chanting to herself, “I get to see my brother and sister.”

There had once been a time when you hated sunrises. But in this moment, you were more than thankful. Jensen Ackles had been a reason to wake up every day with a smile on your face. He helped add another three reasons to wake up at dawn with a feeling of contentment. You no longer despised sunrises; instead, you loved them just as much as you loved your three children and your husband.

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hi!uknow fics with adventure (and/or supernatural elements) where Jungkook protects Tae (kinda like Of Knights and Princes and Wayward Adventures)?thanks

I couldn’t find a lot of adventure fics but there are plenty of supernatural/fantasy fics with protective guk (and they generally have a decent amount of action). hope these are okay!

Find the way home by foolishbangtan - “Y'know, pain is something man must endure in his heart. And since the heart feels pain so easily, some believe life is pain. You are delicate like glass. Especially your heart.” “I am?” “Yes, and worth earning my empathy.” “Empathy?” “I’m saying, I care about you.” Taehyung vows to destroy every fallen angel possible, but Jeongguk is adamant on showing him a new perspective.

Silvermoon Starlight by foolishbangtan - Sometimes, dreams have a stronger meaning than Taehyung might think.

Give Me Your Hands (I Will Pick the Stars for You) by mindheist - I miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase you until the end of time.

insanity love by waltzformula - Demons weren’t supposed to protect angels, weren’t supposed to give them cloaks, weren’t supposed to leave them flowers and saccharine notes. Demons were supposed to burn. Yet, Taehyung found himself hesitating. Most demons also weren’t the Ninth King of Hell.

Live By Love (Though the Stars Walk Backwards) by FAF_Productions & kyukyuu - Jungkook heads to a land full of riches, only to fall in love with the poorest of them all. (Wealthy!Jungkook x Slave!Taehyung)

you’re my earth (the center of my day) by taetastic - He likes watching the colors dance in Taehyung’s wings when they catch on the light of the sunrise, and the golden glow of his fingers when he brushes them over flowers and plants.

Of clueless mates and stupid best friends by Chihiro - Taehyung somehow adopts a wolf and finds himself a possessive stalker at the same time. Jimin is 500% done with everything.

edge of the world by sassyneki - “Your eyes look like they’ve seen the world.” “They have.” In a land far away with rolling hills and sparkling lakes and lavender sunrises, there lies a boy who waits and waits and never forgets. (PeterPan!AU)

Only When the Sun Sets by sacramento - Jeon Jeongguk was never meant to handle so much responsibility, but when he sees a vision foretelling the King’s death, he cannot just sit back and let it happen. The ‘right’ thing to do would be to stop it, but as Jeongguk soon discovers, doing the ‘right’ thing is never so simple, or easy. Stuck in between underhanded plots for the Iron Throne, Jeongguk must figure out who he is and what he stands for. He must choose a side, and he must choose well, for in the Game of Thrones, you win… or you die. There is no middle ground.

(lots of action and adventure, but I’d say they’re both equally protective of each other in this)

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Sunrise is gorgeous and easy to catch this time of year Lake Clark National Park & Preserve in Alaska. With first light not appearing until around 9:30, you’ve got time to grab some coffee and find a great viewing spot. The sparkles on the water are a nice bonus. Photo by Buck Mangipane, National Park Service.