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@sparkelingsparkles came up with this incredible headcanon that kagehina would, against all odds, have the tidiest apartment ever, and here’s the ridiculous reason why…

Yachi procrastinated visiting Kageyama and Hinata until late in the autumn of their first year at university.

For the most part, she had been afraid of the travel (Tokyo is far, even on the fast train), and of getting lost in a city so much more expansive than her own, and what if someone stole her bags? What if she got kidnapped?

There were many, many things to fear, but perhaps the thing that worried Yachi most was the potential state of the apartment she’d be staying in. She could only imagine the squalor the boys might be living in, now that they’re alone.

Kageyama isn’t so much of a concern. He’s a minimalist, she knows, keeps only the necessities, and he’s neat enough in and of himself, though he is easily distracted, so much so that mess might just go unnoticed, in favour of volleyball, or food. But Hinata…

Hinata is many, many things, but tidy is absolutely not one of them.

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maybe [ch. 1] (newt scamander x reader)

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chapters: 1 2 3

x notes: each segment of this series is going to be short so i can update the story more often and (hopefully) keep a few of you engaged ;u; 

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Sunlight swirls into sparkling glasses, sinks into champagne, paints passerby's gold. Jazz music clouds the air; couples spin and spiral across the shining floor, heels clicking, cheeks pink, faces grinning.

Y/N leans against the wall, embellished gold columns reaching across skyscraping cream, mind elsewhere as she gazes up- mesmerized by the winking chandelier. She takes a lazy sip of her champagne, savoring the bubbles on her tongue as she shifts her attention to the dancing couples. Watches the ladies’ dresses as they bloom into crystal sewn flowers.

The last of the evening sunlight pours itself across her collar bones, outlines the edges of her hair,  illuminates her delicate necklace and skims across her gown. She takes no notice though, entranced with every turn, every spin, dip, and waltz. A familiar voice steals her attention.

“Y/N,” Queenie says, looking unfairly beautiful in her peach-colored gown, “There’s someone we’d like to introduce to you.” She grins, Jacob on her arm as she leads Y/N across the room.

The music swells as Queenie reaches out to tap a man on the shoulder. 

“Oh, sorry-,” The man says as he hastily turns around, “Queenie, hi, I- um, sorry I seemed to have lost you both before.”

“It’s fine sugar!” She smiles reassuringly, “Newt, this is my old friend Y/N, moved here not too long ago from upstate.”

The man eyes flick from the floor to some place behind Y/N, briefly to her eyes, then back down. He puts his hand out in front of him, nervously clenching and unclenching his jaw.

Y/N smiles slightly, confusion mixed with curiosity as she shakes his hand. “Y/N L/N,” She says, attempting to meet his darting eyes.

“Newt, uh, Newt Scamander,” He says, head ducked still. He looks up momentarily and Y/N is overwhelmed with freckles and the gentleness of his foggy green eyes. Newt blinks and awkwardly lets go of her hand, turning to whisper something to Queenie, “Is she, by chance, well, um-”

“Yes,” Queenie laughs, “She went to Ilvermorny with me.” 

Newt nods, a smile flickering from his cheeks as he nods sharply, awkwardly. He contemplates asking her house but it dissolves at the end of his tongue, instead, he tries, “W-Well, uh,” Queenie gives Newt a look, he ducks his head slightly and continues, “Would you, well, ahem, like to dance?”

Y/N’s cheeks flush in surprise, but she nods nonetheless, carefully placing her hand in his, “I’d love to, thank you.” She says politely, a small smile pulling at the edge of her lips.

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Underworld Capital Incident

Game: Underworld Capital Incident (獄都事変)

Developer: Rinne-dou (Reincarnation Temple)

Program: RPG Maker VX

English Translation by Tosiaki7:

Walkthrough by Natsukage >>>>>> below

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Tucked In

Summary: After a startling (or not so much, really) confession, Robin reads Regina a bedtime story. Unedited - apologies for any mistakes.The idea just wouldn’t leave me alone.

He’s watched her so many times, curled up on Roland’s bed with the boy cuddled into her side and Henry perched at their feet (too old to be read bedtime stories, he says, but never misses a single one of Roland’s). He’s listened so many times, let her deep, rich voice wash over him as talking animals and mischievous children have come to life before Roland’s imaginative, twinkling eyes. When she claps the book shut, slips from Roland’s sagging, sleeping form, and tucks both boys in (Henry protests, but only half-heartedly, and only half of the time), Robin’s heart soars and he thinks bedtime stories must be one of most glorious things ever.

Tonight, Regina shoves the book into his stomach playfully and reminds him they’re supposed to take turns reading, that he’s been slacking off. Robin has no defence other than that Roland keeps specifically requesting her, and his mock-injured tone elicits a grin from her. Her expertise, he mumbles into her ear in perfect sincerity, is truly remarkable.

A sigh escapes her, and he knows her, this sigh means trouble. He knows something’s wrong even before she slips from his arms.

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Miss placed

Miss placed

Imagine -Harry

Your hands reach for the pile of clothes on the floor, before throwing the clothes into the washing machine, you’ve been lumped with Harry’s clothes to wash since he just got back from a tour last night. His whole suitcase has been emptied and sorted into piles thanks to you. Your turn the washing machine on, before sighing in relief. Just one more load to go. You step out of the laundry room, walking into the living room that is spotlessly clean. You put your hands on your hips not sure on what to do now. The house is clean from head to toe, you have no work to finish, Harry is asleep, your phone is finally on silent since you didn’t want interrupts the first day Harry was in. You creep up the stairs walking to the room you both share. He’s still curled up in the bed cutely, just how you left him a few hours ago. The time reads, two-thirty-four, you didn’t expect him awake, so you’re not worried by time. You look into the wardrobe, it’s perfectly clean, clothes nearly hanging or folded, shoes neatly placed in their spot. Bags handing nearly, not one thing out of place. This is why you hated a clean house, there was nothing to do to pass time. You look in the bathroom, a perfectly white sink, sparkles, but soon enough it will have tooth paste stains, and a few facial hairs within the sink. The floor will have a wet towel laid over it, that will irritate you. You walk out of the bathroom, and glide your left hand over the wooden drawers. Your finger catches your eye, your engagement ring not sparking, it’s not even on your finger. Your heart skips a beat before your eyes widen. “oh no” you gasp, starting to look around the engagement ring. The ring was only a few weeks old, it was a little too big for you, Harry had promised to get it resized after he got back from tour. You never expected you would lose it. You bite your lip starting to search the whole house for it. You hurry to the living room, tearing it up side down, looking between the cushions, and everything. You go to the laundry room, messing up the piles trying to spot the ring. You cuss a few times, scared to have to tell Harry you lost the ring. You continue frantically looking around the house. Such a meaningful object, lost so quickly. “What’s ya doin’ love?” Harry’s voice rings, “Uhm.. I..”
“What is it?” he asks noticing the tone in your voice. “I’ve lost the ring I’m so sorry. It was on last night and I can’t find it” you blurt out, close to tears. “It’s alright don’t worry-”
“ no no, it isn’t alright. I lost it. I’m such a terrible fiancé I am sorry. I understand If you never forgive me, i am sorry. I am unworthy of your money” you cry,
“Calm down-”“”
“no I’m sorry” you cut him off but he silences you with a kiss.
“Hush my love, I have the ring it’s okay” he puts your out of your misery, claiming you down. “You do?”
“Yes, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw it on the bathroom vanity. So I put it away remembering I needed to get it resized. I guess you took it off when you over cleaned the bathroom with bleach” Harry comments, pecking your lips a few times.
“Thank goodness”
“You’re so cute when you worry” Harry chuckles,
“I’m not cute, this was not a cute moment or situation.” you shake your head, still a little shaken from your heart racing so fast. The adrenaline pumping.

Can you do a lilo!daddies with baby!zayn toddler!Niall and older toddler!Harry where Louis is kind of the stay at home mommy and all he does is stay with the baby all day while Liam works. Maybe Louis gets called into the school because Harry is in trouble? At the end of the day, Louis is all tense and stressed so Liam gives him a massage etc.

I slightly changed the ages. Harry-8 Niall-6 Zayn-6 months. I really hope you all like it, it’s pretty long and I had so much fun writing it aha! 

Word count- 2k

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