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A few mad ideas race through the mind of the young woman as she ascends the staircase. Could it really work? Mulling over the many options, her posture straight and eyes cast about, though not looking at anything in particular. A picture of splendid upbringing, mixed with turmoil and ambition and artistry, she is the last of her family to find this place. Finding the floor needed, she exits the stairwell and stares at the number on the door to her left. Glancing at the note in her tight grip, manicured nails resting firmly on the scratchy bit of handwriting, eyes glazing over and body tensing as she senses eyes upon her back.

Too late she makes a mental note to never come here again.

- written by

Photography by Afra Lu

Wardrobe & Modeling by

Here’s a short story I made on the Facebook comment section of this picture via cringechannel.

“George?” “Yes, my love?” George said in a voice close to that of what you would hear of the stereotypical nerd. “What is it?” He pondered. “I am breaking up with you.” Twilight replied lowering her tail in sadness, her eyes glittering with nearly fully formed tears. George turned and faced her “What, why!?” His faced went as red as Mountain dew: code red as he began to cry, Twilight averted her gaze from his cow shit brown eyes “Our relationship is wrong, a plush pony and a human, we’re too different.” “But m'lady!” George cried while dabbing his salty tears on his 20% cooler T-shirt that was already stained with a mixture of semen and spaghetti sauce. “My love for you is pure!” Twilight looked at him awkwardly and said “It is not pure! It is perversion!” George looked shocked “How is it perverted?” “George you cut a hole out under my tail and shoved your fleshlight in it, how in celestia is that pure!?” Twilight cried. George paused for a moment, “maybe she is right” George thought to himself. “George, I know you are upset but for now let’s just enjoy the rest of the day.” Twilight smiled sadly, George turned and replied meekly “Yes.” trying to choke back the rest of his tears. At the days end George watched his plushy of Twilight Sparkle walk away without turning back to wave as she did all he could say was “Friend zoned again”.

Day 60 - TWO MONTHS (almost)!

Well. What can I say? I am extremely happy with progress, considering I started with 10 puny little excuses for nails (you can scroll down my tumblr page to see that Day 1 misery). This is just the beginning, I promise.

Products used:

Base - Essie “Grow Stronger” & “Ridge Filling”

Colors - Essence “Turn on the Black” & ”Best Hip Hop”, Max Factor “Angel Nails”

Top - Essie “Super Duper”