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this is what my art block looks like now. i just draw mccree


She really smooched that frog! First Part

Part 2 to my Princess and the Frog comic! Here we are introduced to the new wonderful Knight Whim! She’s a lizard/minigiant/human lady and I love her. I am also glad I finally finished this and I am so happy to show you all! Thank you to the people that have joined me in the stream :>

Also I’m just going to post this now instead of later because IM SO EXCITED!!!

I really want to make more of this comic so if this gets a good response then I think I’ll continue! Thank you! 


I’m not a fan of SciTwi and Sunset but omg Hasbro why are you doing this to me, just look at those adorkable dorks …

*theres no HD atm so yeah, sorry for the quality

You can find the link here, be quick they will probably take it down, or avoid it if you dont want to see spoilers:


NEW EQG Music Video! - Monday Blues

Boss Me Around

Part: one | two 

Group: BTS


Requested: btsmakesmehappy said: Hey i just read your posts and soo in love with them! Can i request a namjoon brother!au, the possesive one. While you fall in love with joon’s boss a.k.a jin ceo!au. Is it too much to ask?🙏 Guess who will read everything you post now? ✋

Excerpt: “Can you at least promise me not to fall too easily? And watch out especially for my boss, he’s your type.” Namjoon pulled up to the large hotel next to his office, where the party was being hosted.

Genre: fluff, older brother au, CEO au

Length: 2.3k

A/N: I usually don’t complete requests this fast but this flipped my creative switch and here we are.

There is a possibility of a part 2 but as usual I wont write it unless it is requested~

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 "Y/N, you better not be going to the centenary ball like that,“ you flattened out your short, sparkling dress before placing a hand on your hip with a mischievous smile. You had wanted to impress his colleagues and as the dress glittered in the hall lighting, you knew you would leave a lasting impression.

But Namjoon had a bitter taste in his mouth, he knew you were messing with him but he still refused to move from the door until you had changed. He tried to bite back a smile as you placed a finger in between his furrowed brow, the soft touch easing his frown away. But he was still angry, his suit was expensive and you had insisted he wore it because you had a supposed matching dress, the red lapel felt stupid as he took in your outfit once more; he felt under dressed.

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Kinky Night (Jaehyun)

anon said: Smut with Jaehyun please. Jaehyun’s back from performing abroad and he’s brought you a little present, lingerie. you’re more than happy to oblige and give him what he wants but you’ve also bought a few surprises, a pair of handcuffs and blindfolds. your both eager to get it on in an ‘extra special’ way tonight. Feel free to play with any other fetish or kink. maybe ice play, breath control and overstimulation. what can I say I have a wild imagination lol. Peace!~~ 

author: admin ni ayeee

word count: 2,834 (i got a little carried away, so not sorry :) )

genre: kink smut for ya nasties

a/n: luv ur request marry me (again the “sex” is referring to ya naughty parts lmaooooo)

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Harry Hook Dating Tinkerbell’s Daughter Headcanons

Requested: By @the-laursa : Hi I saw you said requests were open. Could I request Harry dating the daughter of tinker bell headcanons please? Thank you 😊

Warnings: none

(Not my gif)

Originally posted by seemtobreathe

When Harry finds out she’s Tinkerbell’s daughter, he’s so excited. It does explain her short stature and temper. He finds it hilarious.

She’s got a whole list of nicknames from Harry.
Pixie, fairy, little one, short stack, sparkle, luv, darling, sweetheart.

There was a moment where they didn’t like one another because of everything with their parents, but it didn’t last long.

Harry was in a bit of awe the first time he saw her wings up close, they were gorgeous.

They have to hold each other back, they both have their tempers. Her’s is short cause she’s small and part fairy. And obviously, Harry is Harry.

Uma can’t resist threatening that if she does anything bad to Harry that she’ll lock her in a cage like Hook did with Tink.

The crew has totally passed by the two of them kissing and start clapping, shouting, “I do believe in fairies!”
Harry did chase them around for that.

Harry is under the assumption she has no clue how to sword fight, not knowing she got taught by Peter Pan himself.
She destroys Harry.

She’ll take his hook and fly off with it. Depending on the day will depend if he runs after her or just watches her in amusement from the ground.

They flirt a lot, like a lot. Tink’s daughter is all over PDA, which just makes Harry smirk.
They totally start making out in front of Belle when she came to visit the school

Most are shocked by the idea of the son of Captain Hook and daughter of Tinkerbell dating. They think he might try to pull something.

He isn’t, they are really happy together. It’s a relationship of sarcasm and short tempers and tons of PDA.