sparkling belle

Oh you thought I’d forgotten about this artist collab series thing? Naah I’ve been busy drawing other horses for con prep. But it looks like @silfoearts, aka @royalsketchbook, is helping me get back to the swootie this time and god bless

I actually learned a lot from just working with silfoe’s sketch, holy cow she knows how to draw legs that *aren’t* marshmallow. Unbelievable. I mean look at that sweetie’s legs! I always edit collab sketches to try to mix a bit of our styles, but I couldn’t touch those things, they’re perfect! And get this, she can draw ponies with *eyebrows*. I can’t do that I don’t have that kind of technology. Anyways safe to say I really loved working with her sketch not only because I can now… steal… a few style things, but also because it was cute as hell. Wanted to tie in with her blog stuff so the idea was that Sweetie is being babysat by Twi/Luna while Rarity runs around doing canterlot things. I think they’d make for pretty good parents, it’s almost as if a wedding is coming up on royalsketchbook or something.

Anyways, thanks again Silfoe! As for all y’all, enjoy some pretend princess sweetie with not pretend princess princesses

The Signs As My Little Pony Characters

Aries: Princess Luna

Taurus: Applejack

Gemini: Princess Celestia

Cancer: Apple Bloom

Leo: Pinkie Pie

Virgo: Fluttershy

Libra: Sweetie Belle

Scorpio: Rarity

Sagittarius: Twilight Sparkle

Capricorn: Princess Cadance

Aquarius: Rainbow Dash

Pisces: Spike


More silly doodles of this silly au, this time with extended family,

Okay so, Starting with the Apple Family, or in this case I would call them the Cider Family? This family was made for the city, always rearing to jump into the hustle and bustle with that famous Manehattan attitude.  Granny Smith is a world renowned graphic designer, food critic as well as a world traveler. Mac, still a man of few words, lets his artistic works speak for him. He is known in the art scene for his sculptures and is a frequenter of the underground scene with his poetry. Applebloom is your typical go-getter city gal with never a moment to spare in the big apple.

As for Rarity and her family, I have yet to figure out what Rarity’s folks would be like but I imagine Sweetie Belle being a little more scruff, always trying to prove herself to Ivory by showing how tough she is. Ivory still won’t let her into the caves though, not with those spaghetti arms…

To be frank I don’t think Applebloom and Sweetie Belle have changed much personality wise, just placed into a different setting.

Also again, if you guys have any ideas for names for Sparkling Cider and Ivory’s family members feel free to share!

Edit: Marble is a fitting name for Sweetie Belle, thanks Glitch!

Edit 2: “Mulled Cider for Big Mac, Apple Spritzer for AB” Sounds good Mroreoman, thanks again!

Edit 3: I’m going to call this Granny Smith “Madam Applecrest” combined with a suggestion from mlpzebastian.