sparkler shirt

Gift ideas for the signs

Aries: band t-shirts, sparklers, skateboard

Taurus: vintage radio, scented candles, exotic chocolate box

Gemini: retro glasses, a signed copy of their favourite book, scrabble initial ring

Cancer: nostalgic photo collage, flower crowns, theatre tickets

Leo: designer perfume, champagne, silk lingerie

Virgo: typewriter, coffee travel mug, flapper dress

Libra: french vintage posters, macaroons, charm bracelet

Scorpio: leather jacket, doc martens, chokers

Sagittarius: wreck this journal, festival tickets, dream-catcher

Capricorn: pocket watch, leather bound diary, vintage telescope

Aquarius: lava lamp, vinyl player, hip flask

Pisces: polaroid camera, personalised mix-tape, water colour paints

what I associate with the signs 💖

Aries: backwards hats, subwoofers, winning sports tournaments, going to a 24 hour diner, running for a long time, sharing a pizza with friends, perfect eyebrows, pulling off casual fashion

Taurus: flowing lace shirts, ballet shoes, playing two truths and a lie, going on walks with your best friend, hearing laughter outdoors, dark hair, others knowing you’re in love before you do

Gemini: pink shirts, flipping your hair, making eye contact across the room, patterned bags, driving recklessly, having a busy summer, an attractive voice and laugh, falling for someone but never dating them

Cancer: curly hair, perfect smile, late night deep talks on trampolines, feeling connections to people you are distant with, sock monkeys, birthday parties with a lot of people, wood houses, brightly colored pants

Leo: cannonball contests, sitting in the backseat of a pickup truck, the best friend of your best friend, pulled back hair, unbuttoned t shirts, hot days

Virgo: shopping trips, talking in cars, sharing food, dyed hair, jean shorts and polka dots, standing up in a convertible, being the mom of all your friends

Libra: red hair, hearing a guitar from a distance, a unique way of walking, goofy faces in mirrors, sitting in the back of a classroom

Scorpio: eyes you could swim in, top down convertible rides, dark sunglasses, swimming in an empty pool, making perfect grades, big hands covering little hands, competitive video games,

Sagittarius: days on the lake, hammocks, light shining through cracks in the leaves of trees, crushed cans, winding and empty roads, sunrises, laughing at genuinely funny jokes, cuddling in bed face to face, backwards baseball caps

Capricorn: having a cat nudge against your hand, science class, cellos, records and all things 80’s, platform shoes, messy hair dyed purple, taking photographs of friends, conversations about how great of a color black is

Aquarius: perfect hair, loud music with heavy bass, making shapes with sparklers, space buns, oversized shirts and flannels, jewelry with moons and stars, calling your best friend names like assbutt, swimming during a storm

Pisces: sending your friends tumblr links, band class, cuddles on couches, swinging on playgrounds, cute but unique laughs, talking about video games with friends, comic books, doodling on your own hand