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Smithing Witchcraft: Iron Curse Breaker Candle

This spell was crafted specifically to break a curse that has backfired onto the caster, but is also useful when you believe a curse may have been placed on you. It specifically targets the black candle, a common curse ingredient. 

To craft an iron candle, you will need a cotton wick, paraffin wax (both readily available at craft and art stores), and iron filings. Note: the iron filings will not color your candle, only leave small black specs in it. buy whichever color wax you wish your candle to be when finished. 

Melt the wax in a double boiler (available at in kitchen departments and also in craft stores specifically for candle making). Add Iron filings and stir well. Herbs, burnt offerings, and anything else you see fit can also be added at this point. Charge the wax in whatever other ways suit you. 

Now, begin dipping your wick into the wax to start the candle-making process. Dip, raise, cool, repeat until you have a candle roughly the size you deem appropriate. 

Use this candle in any spells to break a hex. It is particularly helpful when used while replicating a curse (altering words and intent to break it), and inserting this candle. As it burns, you will break the strength of the original hex. 

WARNING: Iron filings, when crafted into a candle, do in fact burn. They will create a sparkler effect in your candle. Do not leave this candle unattended, and do not use near flammable items.

Charizard: Analyzed!

A Wild Charizard appears!  And without his old Pokemon Trainer, to boot.  Ivysaur, Squirtle, and Charizard were all partners once upon a time, but can it be true?  Has Charizard really gone rogue, and appeared on the Smash Bros roster as a solo character this time around?

And what can we really expect from the Fan Favorite Fire Starter? Are the others really gone for good?  Well, let’s delve deep into that video and see what we can deduce!

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