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Let me tell you about a thing… a few years ago, my former Tokyopop editor, Lillian, told me that she and some friends were starting a publishing group called Chromatic Press. Before I even knew anything about it, I wanted in.

I’ve known Lillian for years now, and I trusted her to be part of group that wants to publish quality content, commits to their ideas, and cares about their creators (and they do!!!). And when she said that Chromatic’s goal is to create content geared toward young women, that was just a (fantastic) bonus.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff on Chromatic’s Sparkler magazine so far, and I’m looking forward to working on Dead Endings volume 2!

And your support would be amazing! Every little bit helps. There are several reward tiers to choose from, including a tier that involves a year’s subscription and original art from me!