Legit the best Sleep talk with Sparkles.

Sparkles: *Pulling pillows up around him*
Me: “You okay?”
Sparkles: “Yeah.”
Me: “What are you doing that for?”
Sparkles: “Just in case.”
Me: “In case of what?”
Sparkles: “Barrage.”
Me: “Barrage of what??”
Sparkles: “Noodles. ” *Drops pillows*

I really wish there was a schedule to these dumb things because I wanna record them so bad.

So I was thinking about stuff I’d like to do if the whole move to the U.S goes well and I was talking with my waifu Sparklepawz about Floydfest. The first time I went to the U.S, back in 2011, to visit Sparkles he took me to the festival, it’s sort of a big celebration of music and the culture the town of Floyd (VA) is built around. We went to check out the festival grounds before all the stalls and stages were set up, there was this huge musical note design they’d made on the grass that you could see from a little overlook we were stood on, I thought it looked super awesome. 

This picture was grabbed by Sparkle’s sister as I was chatting with their friend Elizabeth, we were having dinner and I was complaining about the heat. I’m sure you can tell why judging by my sunburn. I’m used to being in rain and cloudy skies 24/7 (Thanks, England) so I was melting. We didn’t know at the time that she’d taken this but when we saw it later on we all thought it looked really cool. Someone said it looked like it had a special message… well the truth is:

There’s no hidden meaning, at the time we were trying to melt ice cubes on each other, you can just barely see the one I’m holding.

Anyways, I don’t wanna be writing a massive story because there’s so much to tell about when I went to the festival, I’ll probably write a few of them down on here at some point. The reason I wanted to post this was because I’m super excited for moving there (this year, fingers crossed!) and I really wanna go to Floydfest again! 

Went to see Jurassic World with Sparklepaws as a celebratory thing for completing the next part of my immigration process, made him ask for “Two tickets to Dinosaur Movie”. Told him he sounded like an idiot. The best day.

The movie was awesome too.