Hi hallo toonblr I wanted to drop my toon babies here so,, forgive me for the bad messy sketches but I was too lazy to lineart atm kill me

This is Candi Rainbowcream he’s a wild happy-go-lucky little prince from another dimension or whatever~

And the last one is Orion Sparklepaws he’s uninterested in literally everything, people like to call him Oreo and he hates his last name bye-

So I doodled me and bae’s ( @hypno-goggles ) toontown ocs together because they’re both Japanese black kitties and we feel they’d get along pretty well
so here ya go!

Also this community has been wonderful so far I lov you all,,, thank you for your nice words I really appreciate it ;;

Bright Wonderspace belongs to Nic ofc!
Orion Sparklepaws is mah boi~

Today is my barkday :D

It’s true! Today at 12:30 PM (EST) I was born and I made barky… whining noises I think. I also became the curator of terrible birthday puns xD

Today is special to me because it means I’ll get to see lots of friends that I normally don’t get to see. I’ve even met some of them through Tumblr, so it seemed fitting that I share this with everyone.

So, here’s what I want for my birthday: All of you awesome people should do something awesome for somebody else today. It can be anybody at all… the idea is to make someone’s life a little better through a moment of kindness. Who knows, maybe someone will do the same thing for you one day, wouldn’t that be cool? :D

Aaand that’s all the time we have for now. Good luck on your adventures!