Sprakle-Luxury’s BOTW!!

What you will receive: 

Daily promos! 

You may ask for promos whenever! (any kind! Screenies, 10 lines, etc.)

You may ask for 3 different promos a day!


MBF Sparkle-Luxury

Reblog up to two times!

No like, only reblog will be counted!

I will choose the winner, myself, no polls.

You have until January 12 to reblog!

**For a better chance, message me why you want to be my BOTW :)


Sparkle-Luxury’s FIRST EVER BOTW! 


Must be following: ME (Sparkle-Luxury) 

Reblog up to 2 times, please.

Likes will be disqualified. 

Must reach at least 30+ note.

Winner Gets:

Any promos he/she wants

To be on my blog for a week

A new friend :)

A follow from me (if not already)

You can reblog until Saturday, December 8!

I will pick my top 5 then pick my winner Sunday Dec. 9

Winner will be chosen by me, no polls.

If you have any question you can message me!

Happy reblogging! & Happy December :)

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