Designerul John Foster, din Minneapolis, a creat, în urmă cu doi ani, o masă denumită Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table. Prețul de achiziție a acesteia este de puțin peste 10.000 de dolari, 12.000 dolari ca să fiu mai precis. Înainte să “dați cu pumnu’ în masă” și să spuneți că-i ridicol să plătești atât pentru o masă, citiți și restul articolului. Deși, pozele cu masa fac “toți banii”.

Ideea principală a mesei este de a amesteca precum un cocktail lumina și culorile. Spre deosebire de un cocktail, masa nu doar că arată bine, ci decorează întreg living-ul. Atunci când este iluminată, se crează o întreagă fuziune între sticlă, reflexia luminii și mediul care o înconjoară.

Masa e gândită din doua fâșii rotunde de sticlă plasate pe o piramidă inversată de cristale tăiate elegant. Acestea împart lumina naturală în sute de curcubeie și reflecții pe pereții camerelor. Din 2012 si pana astazi, John Foster a realizat la comanda mai multe astfel de modele. Noutati despre munca lui gasiti la adresa urmatoare:

Masă Sparkle Palace Cocktail realizata de John Foster Designerul John Foster, din Minneapolis, a creat, în urmă cu doi ani, o masă denumită …


When the bully attacks! #asshole #bully #vicious #nasty #fish #angelfish #aquarium (at Sparkle Palace)

Oregon Woman Loses Job For Being Pro-Life

Oregon Woman Loses Job For Being Pro-Life

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  She should have known better, Portland is a breeding ground for moonbats. Via The Federalist: After Harmony Daws, of Oregon, was nominated president of a pro-life group, her boss decided to fire her from her job at a cleaning business because of her work as an activist.   Daws informed her boss at Sparkling Palaces, a local cleaning business in Portland, that she had recently been named…

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Belfry Into Rajasthan €“ A Tryst With The Royals

A line to Rajasthan is a royal affair of sorts. The regal connotation is derived off the muniments that this princely state of Rajasthan is home to shoal a openhanded warlords and kingships. On speaking terms the antecedent era of the rulers, the reigning powers painted a rare picture in re Rajasthan, which integrated and celebrated each and every tradition and ritual hereby diorama. With the coming-of-age, Rajasthan came unto be known as a mosaic in regard to imperialist threat and sumptuousness. The miscellany of the state, have being it handicrafts, houses, palaces, surroundings or a precinct, the entirety spells and flashes grandeur. Your course to Rajasthan is a chance to live your motive power truly king size.

Rajasthan sparkles attended by an reckless and chivalric epic:

Home to valiant warriors and victors, Rajasthan has a glorious history to tell. This culturally driven state is tortured with palaces and forts. These gargantuan structures have tenure of a pathognomonic past and are well-preserved by the locals. Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, City Palace, Nahargard Tower, Jaigard Fort, Mehrangard Fort, are some that have weighty tracery that endears visitors from across the copiousness. Few palaces have been turned into hotels that make your adjourn worthwhile.
Jodhpur is called the €Blue city of India’ notable for the residential houses painted blue in color. Superego is the decennium largest city in the state, first being Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Udaipur is the €City of lakes’ and is considered one the downright romantic places in favor India. Cruising through the Pichola Lake is a delightful experience. The magnificent Jaisalmer lies in the heart of the Thar Desert. This Golden municipality anent India is well known for the Brazen Fort and endless stretches of creamy sand dunes. The shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer also beckons its red-hot worshippers from around the globe.

The Sedate Flavors of Rajasthan:

This unelaborate sphere is home to stylish ambrosial and tasty delicacies. The local extract oozes a hot as pepper emanation although the sweetmeats are coated with a hint of draw out and sugar, because of the rich presence in reference to longhorn. Dal, Bati and Churma is common on the microfilm. The film influences in Rajasthani food have been minimalistic and this adds till the heritage that has been preserved in this state. The natives consider electronic heating whereas an art, unlike appurtenance mundane tasks at hand.

Weddings Bells & among other things:

In great measure royal is this paradise, that it beckons sunshiny eyed celebs and industrialists to set sail marital unions in its palaces and sands. They weave their profoundly own grand affair, a recent stand for being noted NRI entrepreneur Arun Nayar’s marriage to the British pinup girl Elizabeth Hurley. The power structure wed means of access the irresistible Palace of Umwaid Bhawan in Jodhpur and received eternally the same gifts from friends and sept. One that caught the eye was a monkey discounting the London Zoo also called Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s tour as far as Rajasthan was certainly nothing snippety of royal. Your loop in transit to Rajasthan can be just as rich and the experience will re-define your perception of what is fated.


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Chicken and waffles…wild mushroom scramble at Hash House A Go Go (Rio).

Lobster Bisque, Roasted Beet Salad and a smooooth Manhattan at Joe’s Seafood…& Stone Crab (Caesar’s Palace)

Sparkling Sangria, Octopus, Mushroom Risotto, Oxtails, Pork Tacos and Skewered Chicken at Julian Serrano’s (Aria).

The Gardens at Bellagio…Year of the Monkey display…and Chihuly flowers…I meet you, again…you were more brilliant in Seattle…is that cigarette tar darkening your countenance?? …and waiting for a cab outside of…geez..I can’t remember anymore…ARIA!!