sparkle warband


Took my Sparkle Warband [Uguu] baby out on some adventures with Pancake Fartsparkle and Granny Sparkle the other night, and ran into some other Sparkle Warband members along the way!  Berri Heartsparkle (the Asura) is my character.

Brief bio **Work in progress**:

Beryllium (Berri) got her nickname when she was a young progeny because she went through a phase where all she would eat is berries.  Although she now eats a wider variety of food, berries are still some of her favorite snacks.  Due to certain life circumstances that she is hesitant to reveal, she joined up with Sparkle Warband and took up the surname ‘Heartsparkle’, as she was always told that she listened to her heart far more than she did her mind.