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mythology meme | Greek mythical lovers - Clytie & Helios

Clytie was a seawater nymph, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. She loved the sun god Helios who abandoned her for Leucothea, a princess of Persia. Angered by their betrayal, Clytie told the king about the affair. As Helios had defiled the princess, she was murdered by her own father who buried Leucothea alive in the sands. Clytie’s cruelty hardened Helios’ heart towards the nymph and instead of being reunited with her divine lover, Clytie sat naked in despair on the rocks where she languished without food or drink beneath the open sky, watching the sun god travel across it on his golden chariot. After nine days of fasting, she turned into a sunflower, cursed to forevermore longingly gaze at Helios from afar. Though her shape has changed, her passion still burns the same.

#157 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “Van taking care of YN when she gets home stupidly drunk out of her mind but she’s super happy clingy and loving drunk and he helps remove her makeup and undo her hair before she gets in bed and cute fluff shit” and “this person is friends with Van and can’t just admit she likes his band, so she just says it sucks all the time”

You looked at the driver again. “Wait. Why don’t you want the money?”

She sighed. “Honey. We just went through this. This isn’t a taxi. It’s an uber. You pay through the app automatically. Put that away before you get jumped,” she explained, pushing your hand away. You looked around, still confused. “This is your house?” she asked. Following where she pointed, you shook your head. “What? It’s not? Fuck. Where do you live?”

“Uhhhhhh… Other side of the city,” you told her. She was getting frustrated. Already politely ignoring your muddy gumboots and the amount of glitter you were leaving on the seat, she had been incredibly patient.

“Who the fuck lives here? Why did you put this address in?”

“Van lives here,” you answered happily. Suddenly you realised that is what you needed. Van. Completely. “Van!” you said again, getting out the car. The girl followed you and lingered at the gate as you knocked on the door. Lights were on inside. The door opened. Van! You fell forward, forcing him to let go of the door and quickly catch you.

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