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Happy 15 years of Moulin Rouge! We ranked all the musical numbers 

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, and the greatest songs you’ll ever know are all made over and mashed up in Baz Luhrmann’s flashy jukebox musical Moulin Rouge!, which hit theaters 15 years ago on May 18, 2001.

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Misaki and Fushimi forced to dance together at a party- ya know, all fancy and romantic and stuff even though they haven't made up yet (maybe this is before s1 and Mikoto dancing with Reisi hehe)

Before S1 so maybe it’s some kind of undercover operation, like Scepter 4’s hunting down a criminal Strain who happens to be working with a gang that Homra’s trying to chase down at the same time. It ends up with Munakata and Fushimi infiltrating the same party that Mikoto and Yata are also infiltrating – probably somewhat less successfully, as neither of them are exactly masters of stealth. Maybe Yata’s about to get them in trouble when Munakata sweeps in and apologizes for this pair of boorish louts and through his interference they’re able to infiltrate the party. Yata is super annoyed at being saved by the Blue King and that’s when Fushimi does what he does best and makes things worse by being an asshole and trying to rile Yata up so that their entire cover almost gets blown. Meanwhile Munakata and Mikoto are doing the whole antagonistic flirting thing they do and at some point they at least agree to a temporary truce in order to further their mutual goals. Fushimi and Yata are of course vocally opposed to this but Yata’s not going to go against his King and Fushimi just wants to know what Munakata’s angle is in this whole thing (‘I assure you, Fushimi-kun, this is simply for the good of the mission and nothing more’). So they all enter the fancy party together, Munakata with Mikoto and Fushimi with Yata because Munakata figures that since the two Reds are more conspicuously out of place it would work better if they were playing eye candy on the arms of their calmer and better dressed boyfriends. (Or since I do love the idea of Fushimi in fancy dresses, maybe he and Munakata were infiltrating disguised as women so they have Mikoto and Yata be their dates. Yata has a good time making fun of Fushimi about it and Fushimi just clicks his tongue and hikes up his dress enough to give Misaki an eyeful of his thighs covered in knives as a warning. Mikoto just raises an eyebrow at Munakata, who is of course stunning in his blue evening gown with his long fancy wig and perfect makeup.) Fushimi and Yata keep quietly bickering with each other the whole time and Munakata’s having to give Fushimi significant looks to make sure he doesn’t mess things up by getting into a public fight. Fushimi’s annoyed at the whole thing but he’s also pretty focused on that least completing this mission properly so he half-heartedly tries to keep from taunting Yata into a fist fight at least until the mission is over.

Eventually there’s supposed to be dancing and Munakata decides that this is an excellent chance to get close to their targets in an inconspicuous way. He suggests that he and Mikoto cover one side of the ballroom and Fushimi and Yata the other, and then he just leads a somewhat amused Mikoto out onto the dance floor. Munakata’s probably the one leading the dance but Mikoto keeps challenging him on it even though Mikoto doesn’t even know the steps and Munakata is constantly getting thrown off about the whole thing. He’s not terribly pleased about that and says as much, Mikoto just smirks like ‘Is that so?’ and Munakata’s like 'Such an unreasonable person’ as he lets Mikoto twirl him around. Elsewhere Fushimi and Yata are dancing like they’re having a fight. Neither one of them is all that great at dancing and they keep arguing over who gets to lead ('Stop trying to lead, you stupid monkey! You’re the girl here, right?’ ’Oh? But isn’t it supposed to be the taller one who leads?’ 'Shut up and dance.’). Fushimi probably deliberately steps on Yata’s toes a few times – in heels, naturally, so it hurts – and that’s when Munakata and Mikoto sweep by and Munakata gives Fushimi a significant look. Fushimi sighs and adjusts his hold on Yata, muttering about how of course Misaki is just as much a reckless idiot at dancing as he is at everything else. Yata states that yeah, well, you’re just as much of a know-it-all jerk about dancing as you are everything else, Fushimi rolls his eyes and tells Yata to just follow his lead and this’ll be over soon enough. Fushimi’s managed to grasp the steps pretty quickly so he starts leading Yata carefully around the floor.

It takes Yata only a couple turns before he starts matching Fushimi perfectly – maybe a little too perfectly, and Fushimi grits his teeth. Yata’s hands tighten around Fushimi’s a little as he quietly mutters that this isn’t that bad, he supposes, and Fushimi disagrees. Yata sighs and tells Fushimi to let him lead for a bit, since Fushimi’s starting to look at little pale. Fushimi tells him to shut up and they keep dancing, maybe the music is speeding up and the two of them end up just sweeping around the floor faster and faster and they have to keep looking at each other in order to keep pace. They don’t even realize that half the ballroom is looking at them until the music stops and they find themselves half entwined in each other’s arms, breathing hard and staring into each other’s eyes. Yata swallows hard and Fushimi is just frozen, and that’s when the bad guys they were after catch sight of them and try to make a quick getaway. Fushimi and Yata both move in tandem, Yata’s fists flashing out at the same moment Fushimi throws a few knives. The rest of the party is broken up easily by Munakata and Mikoto. Afterward Yata tries to talk to Fushimi about the dance but Fushimi blows him off, saying this was just a job to him and that Yata should just go back and wag his tail at Mikoto instead. Yata gets angry and ends up storming off, Fushimi stares after him in silence. Munakata comes up and notes that Fushimi seemed to be enjoying himself during the dance, Fushimi mumbles not really as he glances back towards Yata, who’s smiling and talking animatedly with Mikoto. Fushimi’s hands clench and he storms after Munakata without another word.

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I find fun tha v-e-r of Fernando on Fernando himself XD XD

That’s exactly why I “VER” myself when I get a “Top Play”, no matter where I got it. X°D

That “papa Salsa” seems so vain that he wouldn’t hesitate to whip out a mirror, look at his own reflectoin while running his free hand into his hair, and then say the thing:

“I can see a piece of myself in you~<3”

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Yee I feel bad for swearing sometimes, but like my high school is full TO THE BRIM of wearing teens and I hang out with my bro and his friends, and his friends ARE SWEARERS AND INAPPROPRIATE like heck man, so can you blame me? XDDD Hhhhh killmenow =w=

pSHHH it’s okay, I understanD-

pretty much everyone in my high school swears n’ stuff, some even do bad stuff like drugs and cruddd

and last year I was with my pal and her friend’s were with us at lunch and they were talking about bad stuff they did and one dude said “so what did you do?” and I said nothing. and he said “oh c’mon I know you’ve smoked or drank before” and I just shook my head and my friend backed me up saying “she really hasn’t dude, she’s an innocent child” even tho i’m like maybe a year or a few months older than them-

but yeahh I don’t do that stuff  bc I think it’s dumb and it hurts ppls bods and I’m like “No thanks imma live till I’m thousands of years old-”

anyway what- oH- yeah point is i’m surrounded by that stuff tOOO