sparkle pixie

“Let me be not too pretty
Hair fried from all that pink dye
Sex when you need it, puppet when you’re bored.
Let me build myself smaller than you.
Let me apologize for when I get caught acting bigger than you.
Let me always wait for this.
Let me work for this.
The convenient thing about being a magical woman is that I can be gone as quickly as I came and when you are a whole person for the first time, the movie is over.
Manic Pixie Dream Girl doesn’t go on. There’s no need for her anymore.
Manic Pixie Dream Girl is too dream girl, and you just woke up.
Once, I told you I was afraid of my father, and for a moment, I looked so human, the audience lost interest.”

Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Olivia Gatwood. 93% of my romantic life. 95% of the people in my life. Sparkles is your manic pixie dream girl. Jenny is not. The glitter washes off, you know.

Land of Pop and Anchors

The Land of Pop and Anchors is a serene and melodic planet surrounded by a thick, sugary, creamy aquatic system of sugarpop soda. The sweet drink flows in every river, skimming down the canyons and hills, forming lakes and seas on the planet. Coral pink, the delicious drink is actually quite damaging to the planet’s atmosphere, and the endless carbonation keeps the Pink Iguana inhabitants in constant danger. Mysterious pixies can sometimes be seen floating over the oceans and geysers, so small and faint they appear as sparkles in the endless soda mist. High above the surface hang massive lantern-like discs, suspended by the planet’s effervescence, chained down by massive anchors. Despite being mostly hollow, these inflated superstructures rain down waterfalls of soda like clockwork, sustained by the geysers shooting it back in the atmosphere. Climbing up the anchor chains is no easy task; the closer one gets to the discs, the harder it is to breathe with the carbonated mist and clouds choking any who dare to ascend. With the Iguanas unable to farm, they tell tales of the HEIR of LIFE who will bring back the STARS from these discs, with similar myths and whispers spoken by the sparkling pixies who dot the planet.

Description edited for clarity and grammar.

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Modern Myths Meme: Fairies (good)

— According to mythology, there are good fairies and there are bad fairies. Good fairies are said to be tiny creatures with delicate wings that may resemble a butterfly. Fairies are said to be immortal, they cannot die from old age or a dysfunction in the body, though they can be killed. Because of this, some fairies are believed to be thousands of years old. These fairies live in small dirt piles called “fairy mounds” where there are little tunnels built underground just for them. In most cases, fairies keep to themselves, shying away from humans entirely.

“Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.  But their magic sparkles in nature.” - Lynn Holland

If I’d have pick one word to describe Camila Cabello it would be magical.

She has a power to turn something bad into something beautiful and magical. In a world full of dark things, she’s a fairy that tries to sparkle pixie dust into people’s lives and help them open their eyes to see the light in the dark. 

She has a power to make other people feel good about themselves and she always knows what to say when it comes to loving yourself. The good thing about this is she experiences the pain that we feel too, and instead of being rude and heartless about it, she tries to help us even though she has problems herself. A person with a mind, heart and soul like that doesn’t come around very often.

 I used to be devastated at the fact that fairies don’t exist but now I know that not all of them looks like Tinkerbell as there’s this fairy who lives inside a person’s body and that’s Camila Cabello. ( @waakeme-up )