sparkle pancakes

Ask Away!

🌸Princess: What’s your favorite pet name to be called?
🌸Rubber duck: Favorite thing to do in little space? 
🌸Rainbow: Do you have a caregiver? 
🌸Blocks: Favorite meal
🌸Daisy: Favorite flower
🌸Prince: Favorite Disney movie
🌸Stuffie: What’s your favorite stuffies name?
🌸Paci: What color are your eyes?
🌸Ladybug: What’s your favorite part of your body?
🌸Cinderella: Name something you can’t live without
🌸Sippy cup: Something that makes you feel little.
🌸Candy: Favorite flavor of sucker
🌸Butterfly: Favorite exhibit at the zoo
🌸Cotton candy: What’s your perfect date?
🌸Cloud: If you could speak another language what would it be?
🌸Sparkles: Favorite flavor of pancakes 
🌸Gumdrop: Do you have any pets?
🌸Lilac: Do you use Pacis?
🌸Chocolate milk: How many stuffies do you have?
🌸Polka dot: Where would you move if you could live anywhere?
🌸Bow: Do you like to have your hair brushed?
🌸Dinosaur: Favorite Disney villain 
🌸Fuzzy: Biggest fear 
🌸Teddy bear: Favorite color
🌸Lollipop: Who is your best friend?
🌸Bunny: Do you have a bedtime?
🌸Rock candy: Favorite memory
🌸Unicorn: Do you like to color?
🌸Ribbon: What color is your hair?
🌸Collar: Do you do any petplay!
🌸Bubble bath: Favorite song
🌸Clover: Favorite juice flavor
🌸Pancakes: Favorite breakfast food.
🌸Blankie: How long have you known you’re little?
🌸Night light: How are you feeling?


I’m pancake! - Twilight Sparkle