sparkle palace cocktail table


Мерцающие блики света танцую на полу, стенах и потолке любой комнаты создавай невероятный коктейль искр, уникальный дизайн стола Джона Фостера. Стеклянный стол, состоящий из двух уровней соединённых геометрически нарезанными призмами из цветного стекла.

I’m not usually a big fan of objects where the decoration is the main focus of the design, but how can anyone dislike this? It was designed by John Foster, who named it the Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table (what else could you call it, really?). The object’s form alone would be interesting, but the way the materials utilise light to play off it’s surroundings just looks amazing. My only issue is all the designer’s photos of it have been put through an Instagram filter, why would you do this when the light is the most important part of the photo!