sparkle motion!

Space Masking 1

I keep seeing beautiful gems like this one all over the Tumblr, and each time I do, they inspire me to no end. For this design, I started with trying to reproduce the inspiration almost exactly, but after a short series of “OH HEY! WHAT IF…???” steps away from the inspiration… well, look where it’s at now. I know that this particular output looks nothing like that original inspiration, but I’ll get back to that some day. This is awesome enough to post for now.

Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY! Today’s GIF shows more of my tinkering with the Thundercluck emblem, After Effects, and sparkles.

As my students well know, SCAD has entered finals week, and it’s a busy time for all of us. Next Tuesday is the last day of winter quarter… then SPRING BREAK!

So next week’s Motion Monday (3/13) will likely be another simple one, but I’m hoping to do something bigger the week after that (3/20). Stay tuned!

And for all my students… GET BACK TO WORK!