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I absolutely adore my latest commission (and belated birthday gift to myself) drawn by the amazingly talented @starrycove/ @shalalalalura! I asked for Shallura in formal wear as I was inspired by their Protect AU and wanted to see my beautiful babes as the ridiculously good-looking power couple that they are. The finished result is just incredible! 😍😍😍 Thank you so much!!!


that feeling when your rival, Kenny Omega, blows you a kiss

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characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^
words: 1545
summary: Apos finally faces the goddess.

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A smol Panda told me you like rainbows :3

Heheh, keep on being awesome… I have no idea why life… why God let us be friends… but I am sure glad that He did. Enjoy some art, rainbows, and soft snuggly panda. I feel privileged to know someone who will do great things like you will. I believe in you, and I know God does to, maybe I am here just to tell you that XD, Have Fun!!!

Art by @calvaryknight

You’re spoiling me at this rate! Staaaaaahp

Oh man though, more rainbows, and also happy sparkles. My deep thanks! This looks adorable. I will cuddle with Oreo anytime.


when u wanna take a cute selfie but ur kinda ugly n ur face just won’t cooperate so u settle for becoming a squish and pretending that was the look u were goin for all along // alternate title: look @ this bi(tch) 💖💜💙

Happy Birthday to the ASTOUNDING @harunnn!!!

My dude!!! *throws confetti* Hope you have/had an amazing day! You definitely deserve it!!! ILU!!!

anonymous asked:

Your art is really nice!! My friend sent me something you did here and I immediately recognized your style as 'that really cool receiver blog'! I adore the way you do eyes and general shapes and poses! The style overall is very nice and soft to look at and makes me v happy. (It was actually the sparkles that made me go 'hold up that's! Receiver!' but shh-). I hope you have a nice day and continue doing what you enjoy!! C: