sparkle jacket

Here’s my apology for the fact that the soriel in AFAC is such a slowburn. There’s really no telling when something like this would happen, so here ya go. Have some non-canonical smooches in space. Or maybe it IS canonical but it’s in Sans’ dreams like usual. She does often wear pretty outfits in his fantasies.

Thinking about redesigning my Black Mage hat to suit Taako gives me this overwhelming feeling, like I’ve been commissioned to create a design for royalty.

Like, I feel like on one hand it would be the most gaudy and ostentatious bullshit wizard hat that one would be able to assemble out of magical augmentations and fabric, but on the other hand it would also somehow still be be stylish.


Literally every time I’ve drawn her in the past, her face has always turned out so horrible and I just felt so bad!! I finally gave he justice though and omg this is great!

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