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@cataposa I was at the library today for like two seconds and was skimming the Tinkerbell comics and they were super gAY.



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The Last Dance | Ch. 1 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst 

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary:Dance has always been your passion and when the chance to actually work at an entertainment company came around, you didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. And so you became one of Bighit’s new choreographer/dancer. It didn’t take long for you to get to know the members of BTS and get close to the dance line. But one day you realized that what you felt for one of them was much more than what you thought and a lot stronger…but it was already too late. What you thought would always be there started fading…

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Word count: 1882

A/N: Hi guys~ ^^ Surprise!~ Yeah…a new one. I know this goes against my promise of not posting another fic until I finish “Oath” but since I’ve had this one written for a while and didn’t manage to write anything for “Oath” this week, I decided to just post this one in the meantime. I will do my best to update “Oath” as soon as possible, it’s just hard for me to find the time at the moment. T^T It’s so frustrating istg. I want to write but can’t. OTL Please enjoy this first chapter and let me know what you guys think~ 

(I really hope you like it and I’m sorry for not updating “Oath” T^T)

The late hours of the night were covering the city in darkness. The lights coming from the flats that sparkled throughout the city like stars in the sky were now going off, one by one. It was close to midnight already, the time most people went to sleep. The silence made everything seem peaceful. But even in this picture, there was one place that was not following the same pattern. Somewhere in a room without windows lights were still shining brightly as loud music was hitting the walls in continuous waves.

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Things to Remember When You’re Being Eaten by a Wolf

1. Wear clean clothes. No one likes a dirty meal.
2. No introductions, please. Saying your name just makes it harder for the wolf to eat you.
3. Customary to ask, “Would you like sparkling water or flat with your meal?”
4. No kicking or punching as you go down. You might damage the wolf’s esophagus.
5. Always be grateful. That wolf could have eaten anyone, but he chose you.

savvy-it  asked:

flat white (you bc u have no cake), mocha, pumpkin spice, mint tea, italian soda, sparkling water

flat white: coffee or tea?

mocha: dream job?

phuck! something to do wit art

pumpkin spice: dream car?

don’t give a s%^t about cars so

mint tea: how do you relax?

i listen to musique or sleep

italian soda: describe your dream date.

we lay next to each other in a large field of pretty flowers. the sun is out and it’s warm. our favorite music is playing. they don’t touch me or look at me. i take a nap. zzz

sparkling water: describe what qualities you look for in a person.

dark hair, dark eyes, nice muscles, bass player

anonymous asked:

Flat White, Old English, Iced Cafe Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, and Sparkling Water

Flat White : Coffee or Tea? 

Tea absolutely.

Old English : You’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you? 

The cast of Lost to reprise their roles in real life.

Iced Cafe Mocha : Favorite thing to do on rainy days? 

Play video games, read and just listen to music.

Caramel Macchiato : You’re travelling the entire world but you can only take one person with you. Who do you take? 


Sparkling Water : Describe what qualities you look for in a person 

I like passionate people; people that want to do a lot in life, they have a heart, they’re very giving and caring.

Creepypasta #989: Fun Facts for Kids! The Fifty Nifty United States

Length: Medium

Alabama: The 96th president, Pyrope Vesuvian, was assembled in Alabama, the first president to be engineered from various body parts of previous presidents.

Alaska: The sun never rises in the winter because there is a giant standing in front of it. The giant is so tall that its head reaches into the stars. It was the first to see the black ships that originated from those stars.

Arizona: The state reptile of Arizona is the Time-Traveling Basilisk Lizard. They run so fast they arrive before they left! The army is using them to travel back in time and figure out where the war went wrong.

California: The highest point in the state is God’s Obsidian Watchtower, rising 440 feet above the ocean where California sank after the first weapon detonated.

Delaware: The first state admitted to the union. The first state to host an enemy ship. The first state to boldly kill that unearthly ambassador and declare war.

Hawaii: Did you know there are no snakes in Hawaii? They were all recruited by the army. All citizens must fight, even snakes. Their armor is the eggshells of extinct birds; their spears are the severed stingers of deadly jellyfish.

Idaho: Has more ghost towns than any state. These towns are inhabited by a quarter million ghosts, who outnumber living residents 12 to 1.

Kansas: Contains the world’s largest grain elevator, where President Vesuvian hid the nuclear weapons that the invaders eventually used against us.

Maine: It is the closest state to Europe and Africa. If you stand on the seashore and look east, you can see the two continents that accepted the offer of “peace” and “friendship”, dooming themselves to the possibility of subjugation by these extraterrestrial foes. Only the United States had the courage to declare war. Stay far away from Maine.

New Mexico: This state is always on fire. It was set aflame as a burnt offering to God, to purify the land, in hopes that one day He would accept the offering, and would finally rise from his sanctified throne to bestow victory upon us. Amen.

North Dakota: This state’s wide-open prairies were transformed into the world’s largest children’s cemetery. Instead of headstones, the tiny corpses are encased in amber, and line the lonely roads as a monument to what we have lost.

Utah: This state’s sparkling white salt flats provided bricks for the Holy Salt Temple, the safest place to be during an air strike. The enemies are deathly afraid of salt and supermassive structures.

Wyoming: Did you know that Wyoming is the least densely populated state? That means more room to build a prison so large it can hold all citizens who oppose the war. All Americans must support the war. All Americans must fight the war; even you, little one! This is the last remaining nation on Earth to defy and resist the invaders’ impending takeover of the minds of humanity. Dissenters are indistinguishable from those whose brains have been commandeered. They must be imprisoned.

Credits to: cold__cocoon

Free styling tips and tricks

-Go to upscale bars where cocktails average 15$+ the more the better

-Aim for the time when business men are just getting off of work usually 5p-8p but avoid happy hours!

-Only go with 1 other person max, anything more becomes intimidating for the men

-Try practicing by yourself (“I had a long but good day. Been busy but I had to get myself a drink”) or (“I was suppose to meet a girl friend but she cancelled so I’m here anyway”)

-When you get to the bar order sparkling or flat water with a wedge of lime. When a POT asks you what you’re drinking, say gin and tonic or vodka on ice. Then when he asks you what you want to drink order whatever you want. Repeat that and free drinks all night! :)

Great places to meet men
-upscale hotel bars M-Sun
-upscale bars M-F
-Airport lounge/waiting area Any day
-upscale men’s shopping stores (“I’m shopping for my dad, any suggestions”?) Weekend
-Electronic stores Anyday
-Upscale restaurants with a bar M-F

Forget how a man face/body looks, look for clues like watches, wallets, credit cards, shoes, cuff links, ect

My friends will always say “did you see that sexy guy?” And my response without fail is “Oh, the guy with the Hermes belt” or the diamond watch" etc, “yes, I did” lol

Happy free styling!