sparkle fandango

Behind the scenes notes for Snuggle Fandango: Slender The Arrival.

In this little video, we are just about to get started, we are all in good spirits. SlenderMan must have been angry at us that day, because it took us three times to actually tape the show. Take one was going well until the system totally crashed, booting us out of the game and into a black screen. In take two, we got to the first house….but could NOT open the doors. The mouse controls were not translating to the controller.  Jeff had stepped out for a sandwich. Jeff eventually saved the day by figuring out what was going on with the controller, and we got take three rolling.

We’ve said time and time again, Sparkle Fandango is NOT about the game play, and I hope that holds true for our fans. However, having stated that…..either I didn’t step in the right spot to trigger the glow around the notes posted in the woods that indicate they are interactive objects, or I just didn’t see it…so for the second half of the show, I am not collecting the notes (that would have moved us ahead in the game), so we spend a lot of time running around in circles. I wish I had known that before we got started, because I would have liked to have made it well past where we did. I might have known this had I ever played the game before. Oh well.  I still had a good time, and would actually like to finish the game.

Do you like these little behind the scenes videos and notes? Let me know, and I’ll try to do them more often.

I am typing this on Wednesday - so the show isn’t up yet….I’ve been waiting an entire week to see if Kayla’s chromakey make up worked on the show, and I probably won’t get a chance to see it til I get back to Austin. Pretty excited about it though! Oh, THAT KAYLA!!

- Kristin