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Long Live the Plains Magpies

I know I’ve talked about this before but I’m going to talk about it more because fuck this shit. 

Pocahontas (the Disney movie) has received well deserved flack, but I almost never hear about one way it really affected me growing up: It taught me how natives are ‘supposed’ to look. It came out the year before I started kindergarten so the hype was still pretty fresh. Picture this


I’m the girl on the right. The girl on the left was my friend Ashton. 

Of course there came a day when we had a ‘dress up as pilgrims and indians’ day at school. My family couldn’t afford to get me an ‘indian costume and I wouldn’t have my own regalia for another four years*, but Ashton was from a better off family and she, along with many, many others showed up at school wearing Pocahontas merch. 

And little five year old me couldn’t quite understand what I was feeling. See, the popular idea of native peoples has us looking like this:

Know what Osage (and other plains people) wear to powwows? 

This did not add up in my mind. 

The ‘good’ natives wore simple buckskin. The popular girls dressed up as these good natives. But when I thought about what I’d seen at powwows I started to feel like this was Pocahontas:

And this was Osage

If you get what I mean. I’m trying to give voice to a 5 year olds feelings, cut me some slack. 

I saw my own culture as tacky and over the top and I learned to become embarrassed by it, even ashamed of it. I spent years feeling like this. Like my culture was the gaudy aunt with 500 cats compared to ‘REAL’ natives. I also was very confused at why a blonde white girl was considered more ‘indian’ than me by our classmates because she wore a fake buckskin dress and I remember sitting in my pink sweats wanting to scream ‘but I really AM native!’ but since I wore pink sweats I honestly thought no one would believe me so I stayed silent.

Eventually I unlearned this. But it wasn’t as six. Or seven. Or seventeen. It was at twenty-four. 

THAT’S how deep this shit runs. 

I was speaking with fellow plains native @stalkershandbook one night and she remarked that natives are like magpies; we take ribbons and sparkles and beads and paint and we make it work. Our regalia is BEAUTIFUL. It’s taken me so fucking long to appreciate it. I hope you do too. 

* this is the regalia I got at 9, the dress made by my grandmother

*Jealousy* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. The reader and newt are finally getting married. But with a jealous Tina who tries to stop the wedding in anyway possible

❤ Quick Note:

In this story, Jacob is no longer obliviated. So he’s around for the par-tay! ^_^ Also, I  have Newt’s parent’s in this…. Not sure exactly what they’re like, but I tried to do my best portrayal of how I imagine them!

The sun was shining through the window of your room and the beams light hit perfectly on your wedding gown hanging from the back of your door. The beads sparkled and glistened and you felt your heart flutter each time you envisioned yourself walking down the aisle towards the love of your life…. Newt Scamander. 

You two had met only a year before during his and your return from New York. Bumping in to one another on the boat home to London, you two quickly became close and even quicker, became lovers. 

Newt had kept in contact with his friends in New York, Tina, Queenie and Jacob. You had never met them, but Newt had told you of his adventures with them in his brief stop in the city.

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