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Hast du mal "Weltseele" gelesen? Goethe war ein Space Nerd

Nein! Davon höre ich in der Tat zum ersten Mal! 

Aber das erinnert mich natürlich sofort an Goethes Epilog zu Schillers Glocke, zu dem er zu Schillers 10. Todestag eine Strophe hinzugefügt hat, die mit 

Er glänzt uns vor, wie ein Komet entschwindend
Unendlich Licht mit seinem Licht verbindend.

endet und was, wo wie ich finde, eines der schönsten Dinge ist, die Goethe über Schiller geschrieben hat. Und außerdem darf man natürlich auch nicht das Mond-Date mit den 3 (!) Telekopen vergessen. Also Goethe = Space Nerd probably confirmed.


Verteilet euch nach allen Regionen
Von diesem heil'gen Schmaus!
Begeistert reißt euch durch die nächsten Zonen
Ins All und füllt es aus!

Schon schwebet ihr in ungemeßnen Fernen
Den sel'gen Göttertraum
Und leuchtet neu, gesellig, unter Sternen
Im lichtbesäten Raum.

Dann treibt ihr euch, gewaltige Kometen,
Ins Weit’ und Weitr’ hinan.
Das Labyrinth der Sonnen und Planeten
Durchschneidet eure Bahn.

Ihr greifet rasch nach ungeformten Erden
Und wirket schöpfrisch jung,
Daß sie belebt und stets belebter werden,
Im abgemeßnen Schwung.

Und kreisend führt ihr in bewegten Lüften
Den wandelbaren Flor
Und schreibt dem Stein in allen seinen Grüften
Die festen Formen vor.

Nun alles sich mit göttlichem Erkühnen
Zu übertreffen strebt;
Das Wasser will, das unfruchtbare, grünen,
Und jedes Stäubchen lebt.

Und so verdrängt mit liebevollem Streiten
Der feuchten Qualme Nacht!
Nun glühen schon des Paradieses Weiten
In überbunter Pracht.

Wie regt sich bald, ein holdes Licht zu schauen,
Gestaltenreiche Schar,
Und ihr erstaunt auf den beglückten Auen
Nun als das erste Paar,

Und bald verlischt ein unbegrenztes Streben
Im sel'gen Wechselblick.
Und so empfangt mit Dank das schönste Leben
Vom All ins All zurück.


saturday night | the girls in their dresses from sparks ch. 11

these sketches have been lying around in my hard drive for MONTHS. i’ve always wanted to draw the outfits from that chapter! can u tell…. that i like girls… and clothes…

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I love this analysis of the "running with the thieves" line in MMITH: Any saying the includes “running with the…” implies associating one’s self with a particular group of people without identifying as part of the group. A thief, on the reduced psychological level, is someone who seeks something they don’t possess. In this song he’s waiting for a person who isn’t coming back to him, and so he feels a connection with thieves on a mental level.

I love that as well.  This also reminded me of that quote from Liam Sparkes in Another Man when he talks about Harry’s tattoos:

“The butterfly on his torso is based on and old French prison tattoo inspired by Papillon. Traditionally it would mean the wearer is a thief – something to do with the double meaning of ‘Je vole’, which translates as both ‘I steal’ and ‘I fly’.”

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can you recommend any fics where stiles saves erica and boyd from gerard?

Found a few!  Throwing one in where he saves them from the bank vault too.  -Emmy

Originally posted by twdailygraphics

The Rescue by Rose Unspindle 

(618 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles goes back for Erica and Boyd

Underestimation by HouseElfMagic 

(4,783 I  Teen I Complete)  *lydia/jackson

Everyone underestimates the human. Stiles has learned this lesson over and over and usually he’d be annoyed, but right now, he is so fucking thankful because being underestimated means he can try to get himself, Erica, and Boyd out of this fucking basement.
Stiles cannot express with words how much he hates Gerard Argent.

The Spark by FallenQueen2 

(4,870 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Stiles doesn’t take the beating of Erica, Boyd and himself from Gerard lying down and uses his Spark. BAMF!Pack Mom!Stiles,

Ghost at My Shoulder by cywscross 

(19,104 I Teen I WIP)  *steter, human alpha!stiles, ghost!laura, spark!stiles

Stiles never asked to be haunted. But then, he supposes, not many people do.

Alternatively, the one in which Stiles and Laura become besties (kind of), and Laura much prefers goading Stiles on than being Alpha herself.  Not that she can be even if she wants the position, so it’s a good thing she doesn’t.

Voices in the Dark by atsuyuri_sama 

(23,752 I Mature I Complete)  *pre-sterek, torture, ptsd, magic!stiles

Stiles would do anything to protect his Pack. He would even lie, though it means slowly falling apart at the seams.

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Do you think ham ever told eliza about him and laurens? I used to think not, a bit uncharitably assuming eliza was probably period typical homophobic, but the family closeness with von steuben has me wondering. If they lived with him she must have known he was gay, right? And been fine with it, since they lived there with her kids and everything. So maybe ham would have been able to tell her he was bi...


Eliza probably was period-typical homophobic. possibly moreso than average. she was a devout christian and was an extremely judgmental person. she had a bumpy relationship with her son, William, who was a ‘confirmed bachelor’ and ended up quitting the army after doing nothing but fighting Native Americans then fleeing society to search for gold in California. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he became estranged from the family. he was only six when Alexander died- maybe the one person in his family who would’ve helped him understand himself.
the Baron von Steuben was a smart man and good at making friends with high society. with all the rumors that he got kicked out of the army in Prussia for being gay, it’s more likely he was just released from service while the army was downsizing. it’s not like he could broadcast his inclinations to people, and the most damning thing he did was remain a bachelor. even if someone knew, they couldn’t prove it and they’d probably not ask him to confirm. moreover, he was a huge celebrity so people who were friends with him would overlook whatever suspicions they had and whatever moral qualms with those suspicions. moreover, he was Alexander’s friend, and as his wife, Eliza almost always deferred to his character judgments. 
basically, even if Eliza knew about Steuben’s inclinations, and even if she had uneasy feelings about that- it was Alexander’s decision whether their family associated with him.

I don’t think Alexander ever told her about his relationship with Laurens because there’s nothing that indicates that she knew while John was alive- and then after he was dead, Alexander had no reason to risk telling her. it’s not like she’d ever meet John or see him interact with John. I don’t think it’s a matter of how much he trusted her but of how much he felt insecure and believed she’d find a reason to leave him. 

I always say Eliza did a lot to make Alexander a better citizen (which was what he wanted), but I don’t think she made him a better person as far as being comfortable with himself or overcoming his own character flaws. there’s a lot of parts of himself I think he hid from her for fear she couldn’t love them.

“I love Mega Man but man the official character alignment charts at the stage select screen are just wacky. I mean there’s no way Dr Wily is true neutral and don’t even get me started on lawful good Spark Man and chaotic evil Dust Man.”

no text vers.


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

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Spark, Spark, Spark. Is it true that you ran around NAKED with an Instinct Symbol painted on your chest? what was Go's reaction to that?

He laughed. “That’s one of those weird rumors that a bunch of trainers tell others, it’s fake though, I’d never do that!”

Spark whispered towards Go. “How many people did you tell.”

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How come you guys get Gay Pride month? Like, when I married my wife my family didn't like her, why don't we get a parade? If you believe in equality, shouldn't everyone get a Pride Month?


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If you’re still doing requests for that AU list would you consider doing 2ii for ohmtoonz?! Please :)

AUs list
ii) I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that

One silly flower shop AU coming right up!

The sniffling is what gets his attention one day when he walks into the flower shop. It’s barely audible over the harsh coughing fit and sneezes but it’s there accompanied by groans and sluggish shuffling. Has something happened to the florist? There’s nobody else around so that seems to be the only reasonable option.

“Yo, everything okay back there?“ 

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Your name is VAN SLAUGHTER. You have an interest in ANIMATING and WEED. You love your BOYFRIEND. Around your ROOM there are several piles of THIGH HIGHS and ART SUPPLIES. What do you do?

—> spark a doink

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omg can you do the 1-iv that would be so cute!

AUs list
1.iv) You give me a different fake name every time you come into Starbucks and I just want to know your real name because you’re cute but here I am scrawling “Batman” onto your stupid cappuccino.

Since no pairing was specified, I ended up w/ my go-to one which is Ohmtoonz. Hope ya like it!

“I’m pretty sure your blood has been replaced by coffee in a proportion of ninety-eight percent.“ 

Bleary eyes blink a few times followed by hands coming up to rub them when the fogginess doesn’t clear up on its own. Uncoordinated fingers almost poke his eyes out to which he groans in response and rubs harder to the point that all he sees is stars.

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Hi can I have some duologue promps for life on a deep space station? Sorry if it's super vage. :). Thank you.

A: “Wait, did you close the airlock?
B: “Close… The airlock?”
A: “What? Seriously? You forgot to close the airlock?” Character A shook their head. “Somehow you always manage to surprise me with how negligent you can be, B.”

A: “How’s the exercise going?”
B: “Good… As… Ever.”
A: “Because I had a question regarding your physical report. Er, well, not directly. Um…”
B: “Spit it out, A.”
A: “How the hell did you smuggle pop tarts on this ship?”

“Attention crew, the weather forecast shows a bit of a meteor shower on the starboard side.”

A: “If everybody could please meet in the bridge, I have a… score to settle. Involving Monopoly. B, you’re so going down.”

A: “The stars sure are pretty tonight… Today. Whatever.”
B: “Eh, I never really liked stars.”
A: “So you went to deep space?”
B: “I had my reasons.”

I hope that some of these are useful to you! Good luck with your writing.
–Mod Elodie

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6v) Friends with benefits but I like you, with Cartoonz x Vanoss? (:

AUs list

Since I’m not comfortable writing smut, it’s implied at most. Hope that’s fine!

Cartoonz is no stranger to one night stands. Vanoss just wants to forget how badly the heist has gone. Fate brings them together in the form of them sharing a room in the bunker they are temporarily occupying for the night. Come day, they are going to leave and return to the main base where they can plan their next move.

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