My wonderful journey to learn how to draw horses from memory (Spring 2014).

I’m sorry I’m only responding now, Lovely Anon, I completely forgot to scan these!  They’re also from my sketchbook, so the quality is not that good. My friend who gave me horse-advice on these was malicedafirenze, btw, thank you again!


Some inktober fun
I find it very relaxing to do these little drawing before and after I finish my regular work for the day.
The one thing thats fun, but makes me think what I’m doing is that I don’t use any pencil when doing these. I go straight with the brush pen I have, so I have to think about the mark I’m about to put down on the page. But I like that at times. I also like just dropping in block areas of black with the brush and the fun shapes i get using the brush.
There are a couple that I decided I would add a touch of marker to. That was fun to do. I will probably do more like that as Inktober goes on :)
well just figured I’d share the fun I’ve been having.
enjoy :)

Now we know that Rung has the ability to make babies…

And remember in MTMTE #17 when the lost light crew went to Luna 1 it lit up with sparks.

They thought the hot spot ignited because of Rodimus/the Matrix.

But what if it was Rung who was the cause of the ignition? The matrix was broken and dead so it may not have had the energy needed to help produce sparks.

And if you look both Rodimus and Rung jumped onto the ground at the same time so it would be hard to tell if it is Rung or Rodimus who was the real cause of the ignition.

Also in issue #3 with the sparkeater it’s shown that Rung had the brightest spark on the ship so I’m wondering if that’s linked to his ability in some way.


Finally had a little shooting with my finished Kaon cosplay!! Really happy with the outcome and I had a lot of fun with it :) 
I can walk in it, its comfy, I can sit and it fits losely into one suitcase. Success. 

Had this very sweet shooting with a friends puppy. When I saw the mtmte52 preview I just had to take some pictures with a turbofox sparkeater cosplayer ;)