[twitter convo between spooky sprite @Spritling113 and James Roberts @jroberts332 on 29 January 2014.

JR: The size debate rages on! The ship accommodates 500 sharing 250 rooms. No one wants to room w/ Swerve, not even Skids.

sprite: But if there’s 250 rooms and there were (initially) 208 people on board, everybody could have a room to themselves?

JR: What’s this, an exam? They were in A Sparkeater Situation. Safety in twos. And they’re sociable creatures. ]



My wonderful journey to learn how to draw horses from memory (Spring 2014).

I’m sorry I’m only responding now, Lovely Anon, I completely forgot to scan these!  They’re also from my sketchbook, so the quality is not that good. My friend who gave me horse-advice on these was malicedafirenze, btw, thank you again!


Some inktober fun
I find it very relaxing to do these little drawing before and after I finish my regular work for the day.
The one thing thats fun, but makes me think what I’m doing is that I don’t use any pencil when doing these. I go straight with the brush pen I have, so I have to think about the mark I’m about to put down on the page. But I like that at times. I also like just dropping in block areas of black with the brush and the fun shapes i get using the brush.
There are a couple that I decided I would add a touch of marker to. That was fun to do. I will probably do more like that as Inktober goes on :)
well just figured I’d share the fun I’ve been having.
enjoy :)


Finally had a little shooting with my finished Kaon cosplay!! Really happy with the outcome and I had a lot of fun with it :) 
I can walk in it, its comfy, I can sit and it fits losely into one suitcase. Success. 

Had this very sweet shooting with a friends puppy. When I saw the mtmte52 preview I just had to take some pictures with a turbofox sparkeater cosplayer ;)