Imagine Vehicons/Eradicons

Imagine Eradicons supporting their comrades after a fight. Spilling their sparks after a particularly unjust death by the hands of their leaders.

Imagine Eradicons spark bonding with their brethren for comfort. Some in pairs, others in groups. Some, bitterly choosing not to, due to their general short life expectancy.

Imagine Eradicons detailing the insides of their spark chambers in ways that identify them. Their external look having to stay to military code, but inside, each having a unique paint job or scratched in quotes/motivations/bondmates names.

Imagine Eradicons adopting names outside their identification number. Some insisting that other Eradicons use it within the privacy of the barracks. Others, scratching it into the hidden edges of their plating.

Imagine Eradicons building a rather secretive friendship with their superiors. Breakdown or possibly Dreadwing. The cons very carefully supporting their efforts, offering encouragement or a hand on the shoulder in the mines.

Imagine Eradicons thinking about functionalism and how, regardless of the decepticon cause, they still remain in a position of oppression. Letting it trickle into their thoughts at night, feeling helpless, hoping the end of the war will finally change their position.

Imagine an Eradicon whos initial data transfer and designation had corrupted. Leaving him questioning his position in the cause. Other squad members becoming protective and hiding him away.

Imagine Eradicons very carefully collecting trinkets from planet earth. Shells, leaves, crystals, human jewelry. Hiding it in their spark chamber and adding it to small hidden collections in the linings of their berth.

Imagine Eradicons creating a ‘currency’ amongst themselves. Like prisoners in jail. Trading energon rations in return for recharge time. Or trading personal items found on other planets.

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I underestimated Lola and I am so pleasantly surprised at how hard I’ve fallen in love with her this season. 

This girl. The so-called “dumb one”, which she is clearly not. *Exhales* Has more sense than most of her peers and damn near all of the Degrassi alumni when it comes to love.

Sure, the shit she pulled with Shiny in the first season was shady but once she got confirmation out of Tiny’s mouth that he was in love with Shay, she LEFT. She declined his offer to stay with her regardless. No, she said she wasn’t nobody’s second choice and there wasn’t shit else to talk about after that.

Sure, she mourned the break-up for months after but it came more from not having someone than not having Tiny himself. 

And then along came Miles. Sparks flew. A true bond was formed. She accepted his bisexuality AND she accepted that he was with someone else. But it still came from a place of dignity because she had no expectations of him becoming her man, officially. She just wanted to feel good and she made him feel just AS good, hell, probably even better. 

What probably impressed me most of all was the fact that she didn’t immediately see a shotgun wedding with Miles or the opportunity to get some five, six figure child support checks coming in the mail the minute she found out she was pregnant.

It was like “Nah, fam, fuck it, I’m good. Straight to the mawfuckin’ chop-chop”

The fact that she even went through with the abortion without getting a chance to even tell Miles shows that she kept it REAL and wasn’t looking for him to say something that might make her change her mind. Lola would NEVER feel secure if she had to use a baby(though it takes two to make one, I acknowledge that) to get a dude to wanna be with her when he told her from the jump that he’s not leaving his man. She would once again find herself feeling like second best; a pain she’s not trying to relive.

Though her Tiny/Shay situation was much different, the lesson was essentially the same(you can’t pressure/manipulate a nigga for his time and affections, it will ALWAYS backfire) and it only took her ONE time, just ONE TIME, to learn it. Which(spoken with love) was much a faster growth than her predecessors Alli Bhandari and Manny Santos had. That’s rare for a person her age(and even some grown ass men and women), both on Degrassi and the real world; that’s why I’m so proud of her.

Nonetheless, Miles confirmed(to his own boyfriend’s FACE at that) that he DOES love her and though she doesn’t consciously know that, I’m sure she can feel it/sense it. STILL, with the circumstances at hand, she did the right thing, the smart thing and the mature thing. So if they EVER have another chance, this is why she’d deserve it and why I’ve gained so much respect for her. That’s a real ass chick and Miles has ALWAYS been a MAN about his shit. 

The honesty is what captures my heart the most between the Mola pairing.

Reylo Imaginings VIII

Imagine this…

In Episode VIII, Kylo Ren, through the force bond, sparks a strong connection and emotional attachment with Rey which eventually leads to her joining him somewhere but in the course of the story, Kylo Ren ends up tortured by Snoke, who says he will only stop if Rey goes to the Dark Side. Rey agrees, Kylo Ren is left to scream after them as Rey is whisked away.

Much later, in the resistance base, Leia is shocked to learn her son has arrived. She sees her son, an injured man, broken beyond the physical and cradles him as he drops to his knees, whispering, “Mother…I need your help. He got her….and it’s all my fault.”

DAMMIT BRAIN! I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WRITE FICS RIGHT NOW, I’M BUSY WITH WORK but yeah I’ll probably write fics once I’m not too busy anymore.

My Spark Headcanons

…based on fanart, stories and other headcanons I’ve seen around tumblr and the internet…some guest spots from Candela and Blanche. I don’t even know why I made this list, but here it goes:

- Spark met Zapdos at a young age and they bonded because Spark was just so loving of him. Zapdos respected his love for all life and Spark loved Zapdos’s “glittery wings”

- Spark jokingly called his Eevee Donglord and it stuck. He loves his Jolteon and it follows him everywhere.

- His pikachu was named Sparky. Because Lt. Surge said it looked like him.

- It later evolved into a raichu and matched his jacket, which Spark loved a lot.

- Zapdos and Spark trust each other completely. Zapdos knows Spark will get serious when he has too and Spark trusts Zapdos to never let him get hurt.

- Flying on Zapdos is Spark’s favorite mode of transportation.

- Lt. Surge is Spark’s uncle and raised him after Spark’s parents died in the oft mentioned pokemon war.

- Spark loves Blanche, they call him the little brother they never needed, because he drives them crazy but he is the most loyal friend they have ever had in their life.

- Spark didn’t understand Blanche when they explained gender fluid to him, at least at first and often messed up pronouns, but he gets it now and will literally fight you for misgendering his best friend.

- Candela scared the crap out of Spark when they first met, but now they’re a terrible duo getting in the way of Blanche getting any work done.

- Spark taught his pikachu to dab and showed it to literally everyone he met. Much to Blanche and Candela’s annoyance.

- Spark made Blanche notice Candela was into them, Blanche was to into their work to figure it out at first, Spark was always good at picking up those signs, he said it was just insinct.

- Spark and Blanche have secretly high fived when Blanche was kissing Candela, they think Candela hasn’t noticed, she totally knows.

- Spark doesn’t like to battle. He will only fight if you give him no other options or hurt his family/friends.

- This isn’t too say he’s weak. He can throw down with anyone he has ever had to fight.

- Spark is always good at having fun and being flirty with most everyone he meets, unless he’s actually into them. Then he turns into a blushing stuttering mess.

- Spark is pansexual. He literally doesn’t think about gender in partners. He likes people for their heart and soul.

- Spark is oblivious to the fact he is “sexy” it just doesn’t cross his mind.

- His hair constantly stands up and it’s actually a fried mess because he gets electrocuted so often it won’t ever stay flat anymore.

- His favorite food is junk food and he never gains any weight, a fact that angers Candela and confuses Blanche.

- Spark loves to cuddle. With literally anyone or thing. Especially sad looking pokemon.

- People often treat Spark as weak because he’s kind hearted and concerned with others happiness, but in reality he understands that protecting the weak requires strength so he never slacks on training his pokemon.

- Spark loves all pokemon, even weak ones, back home and with Professor Willow, he has hundreds of the same pokemon because he can’t bring himself to part with them.

- He has literally named all of his pokemon and can tell you all of them by name. Blanche believes he has an eidetic memory, she tried to talk to him about it and he just ignored it and brought up this one girl named Edie they’d met five years ago for ten minutes at a store.

- One of the reasons he loves on everyone so much, not that he’ll talk about it or that Surge did bad raising him, is that Spark lost his parents at such a young age and he never wants anyone including himself to be sad again, so he goes out of his way to make everyone feel special.

- He once dabbed on top of Zapdos, during a thunderstorm, in the rain. He made Candela take a picture. It’s now his computer background.

- He read Harry Potter and cried when Cedric died, though Hedwig was his favorite character in the books.

- He lives with Candela and Blanche now. They’re his adopted family and even though he leaves for weeks at a time, often to hatch eggs, he feels safe knowing he’s got a place to call home.

- He loves hatching eggs because he loves the moment a pokemon sees the world for the first time, he thinks it’s pure.

- His favorite non electric type is Cubone, because he knows what it’s like to lose your parents and he loves his cubone.

- When he was ten he cried the first time he met an Ekans because he thought it had its arms chopped off, Lt. Surge had to explain that wasn’t the case and console him.

- When Spark got scared when he was younger, Zapdos would let him sleep next to him, they still do this sometimes when traveling together.

- Spark has been electrocuted so many times, he doesn’t even notice mild shocks anymore.

- Spark once convinced Candela it’s okay to cry, that it wasn’t weakness to accept your failure or pain, it just made you stronger. He also promised to never tell anyone she cried on pain of death.

…that’s all for now, I’ll probably update this randomly. Ignore my insanity as I love on Spark

Dear Phandom

Do you ever just have those moments where you just take in how much Dan and Phil mean to you? Even better, how much they mean to EACH OTHER? Best friends, conquering the world together and yet getting through the days like everyone else. The spark, the trust, the bond, the cooperation, the compassion, the happiness.

Do you ever just want to CRY over how many times Phil would have cheered Dan up through his depression? Can you even FATHOM the amount of times that Dan has looked at Phil with the utmost respect, care and GENUINE love. Heck, he looked UP to Phil. Dan must think he is the luckiest guy in the world to have scored a friend like Phil. They just make each other so immensely happy. I think that the bond Dan and Phil share, whether just platonic or not, is the most beautiful thing in the world.

// Spark Bonding Headcanon;;

Sometimes after bonding bonded pairs will often find that they have shared more with each other than just memories or feelings. Occasionally this is something as innocuous as one mecha’s paint job changing to their bonded’s paint job. Sometimes it’s something more like your HUD suddenly pinging you telling you that you need to upgrade to have wings even though you’re a ground model…. though you also have the sudden urge to fly (funny, isn’t your bonded a flight model?).

The reason for this is simple – when you bond you share information – the very data of your soul that makes you, you. You don’t really get to choose what data is getting sent … it just … happens. Sometimes it’s simple stuff like your bonded getting sudden cravings for a food they normally hate but you love…. sometimes it’s your bonded suddenly having fangs like yours poking out of their mouth. 

Big changes like that don’t happen often – and are usually pretty rare – but they do happen. They’re also easy enough to reverse if you desire – a quick visit to a medical professional should help flush out the foreign data. 

It’s said that if on the first bonding you share noticeable repli-data (replicated data) that you have a strong relationship. It’s also said by some to be good luck for the future of the relationship to keep the changes afterwards.

Headcanon: Spark Bond vs. Spark Merge

A Spark Bond is a connection between two Cybertronians.  Though often equated to marriage, it is in fact a much deeper connection.

A Spark Merge is the act of two Cybertronians merging their sparks together as an act of intimacy.

Though a Spark Bond is created by a Spark Merge, merging does not necessarily result in a Bond.

The Bonding process requires intent from both partiest.  Without intent, the bond will not take.  It is therefore impossible to bond accidentally, or to force someone into a bond.

A Spark Bond is considered the ultimate level of devotion between couples, and is not something to be taken lightly.  Though bonded couples are seen as the ultimate romance, and often featured in the most popular stories of Cybertron’s Golden Age, it should be noted that an unbonded couple’s relationship is never seen as being less valid than a bonded one.

Bonded couples are able to sense one another: thoughts, feelings, even physical sensations.  Though distance can mute the senses, they are a constant presence.  Killing one usually results in the death of the other as well, though in rare instances one half of a bonded couple can survive.

Frequent, or particularly intense, spark merging between unbonded couples can cause effects similar to a spark bond, wherein the pair are able to sense each other.  These effects are rare, and typically fade within a cycle.

okay but listen, the bayverse movies actually have some really cool and neat lore its just that none of it is in tHE FUCKING MOVIES its all in the comics and novelization

like you know the Arcee triplets from the second movie? theyre actually three separate individuals that have a sibling spark bond. And the other two? Chromia and Elita. The three of them used to ave legs too but how did this happen you ask? Well its all thanks to a decepticon medic named Flatline who really hot but thats not what we’re talking about right now and he split Arcees spark and brought Chromia and Elita back to life

but do we get even the slightest glimpse of this in the movie? No, because we need to learn the ‘hardships’ Sam faces when he has to go to college and his relationship problems not, you know maybe getting to know the fuCKING GIANT ALIEN ROBOTS THAT THESE MOVIES ARE BASED OF OFF


Finn came out of Nagisa’s bathroom, water still dripping down his body and a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Hey, shower’s free,” He announced while pushing his hair back into place.  It was odd really, he’d only just met Nagisa, and now he was staying over at the younger man’s house and walking around half-naked.  Of course, being in a similar situation had sparked a special bond between the two, even if they weren’t that close yet, but it still felt strange to him.