Wow! What a cool discovery Willow made!

By the way, Drowzee, Hypno, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Golbat and Zubat are occurring more often during the Halloween event Oct. 26 through Nov. 1. Players also receive double the candy per transfer and quadruple the candy for walking your buddy. Just a heads up!

You love him, but he isn’t worth the trouble.
You love him, but he’ll never care.
You love him, but it doesn’t matter because in the end, you’re the one getting hurt.

The spark he started in you is still burning, but you have to let him go.

—  Silent screams of my heart// 10pm

Two quick silly drawings from last night which were related to @psydoktor‘s honor joke with Girem.

Girem was mentioned like Zuko from A:tLAB and, I dunno, I wanted to draw Sparks as Sokka for some reason. Then I saw a silly pic with Sokka crying over his boomerang and…yeah. 

Other one was just a joke about Tero being the one who caused the honor fall because Girem sleeps in class. No honor student sleeps in class.
Girem was probs twacked in the head afterwards. 
Get your honor back burr!

“cut you out”

Cut US out? Is Anti going to try to get to -us- to mess with Jack? Take out his beloved fans?

Or is Anti talking to -Jack-? Trying to “cut you out” of the picture, @therealjacksepticeye? Forcing you to lose control of everything so that Anti finally gets to put on a show for the fans?

Well, with how excited everyone has been to finally see him, it’s not like we’re helping…
He wants attention.
And he WILL get it.

she’s sitting on the floor, your shirt stained with her tears as she cries onto your shoulder. “why doesn’t he love me?” she says in barely a whisper.

I don’t know, you want to scream. I don’t know why he doesn’t love you, because you are the only girl I could ever see myself loving. you are so devastatingly beautiful I notice the flowers around you die of jealousy and the wind sigh in longing. your laugh is so warm and bright and wonderful that even the sun cannot compare. you are the girl anyone would die to have, to love as their own, and so would I. but you chose the only guy that couldn’t love you like everyone else. but it’s okay, because I will always love you, and I can’t tell you why he doesn’t love you but I would unblinkingly tell you why I love you instead. would that be enough?

“I don’t know,” is all that comes from your lips.

—  bite my tongue

Here’s the video version because I’ve lost all sense of self control.

Art by @surfacage


Blanche: You know, you really think you’re the shit. I’ll crush you with my snorlax.

Spark: Blanche, buddy. Get some rest. I’ll take care of this fucker. HEY ASSHOLE! TASTE MY (fucking) ZAPDOS!

yashkonu  asked:

for the pokego prompts and because i am me: gender werewolves spark and blanche dealing with the overlap of being werewolves and also trans?

This can be read as connected to the other werewolf fics.


Not for the first time, Spark wishes he had Blanche’s body.

It’s not that different from his, truthfully. But it’s enough to leave those envious curls in Spark’s chest when they meet new weres; they never pause on him but almost always on them. Oh, they almost always apologise once Blanche corrects in that quiet moment–and if not then, when Blanche growls low in their throat–but Spark can’t help but wish he was just a little larger as a wolf, canines a little longer, just enough to get that pause too–

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anonymous asked:

An awkward question, huh? I'm no good at this but... can you describe how it felt when you fell in love?



“It felt like.. I was losing my identity. I wasn’t me anymore, I was theirs. And at first it worried me because it made me too invested on one person, but once I found someone that I could completely trust myself with, I was happy. And am happy.”


// Not being able to sleep at night because I texted with them all night. Becoming completely infatuated with everything that they were. Investing my entire being into existing for them, and then realizing that it wasn’t worth it at all.


Romance Theme Sparks - Romance Theme From the unreleased soundtrack of “Knock-Off”.