Being kind to myself is hella hard. It is so much easier to tell myself I am a piece of shit and feel defeated, rather than place my hands over my heart and listen to what the sadness is saying. But I refuse to continue to give life to a voice in my head that never fucking belonged to me. The voice that wants to tell me I’m a piece of shit is not my own and I cast that shit out. Now. It might be difficult, but I am determined. Painful and uncomfortable as it is, I’m going to love myself.
Ellen DeGeneres Launches New GapKids Clothes That Challenge Gender Stereotypes
Ellen DeGeneres' new offering at GapKids features clothes for 'every girl.'

“Ellen DeGeneres is already well known for eschewing traditional gender stereotypes. Now the lesbian comedian has announced GapKids x ED, a new collection for Gap Kids that is for every girl no matter “whether they skateboard or dance, wear dresses or jeans, build forts or paint rainbows, or everything in between.”

Featuring more gender neutral colors like beige, grey, brown, and green, the line features uplifting slogans like “Be your own hero.” One popular top bears a quotation from William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

“We focus so much on our differences and that is creating a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world,” DeGeneres says in a promotional video for the clothes. “And I think that if we focus on what we all have in common which is ‘we all just want to be happy’ that would be a lot better.”

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