I think Georgina and Jack ending up together was such a weird shock but also completely perfect??? Like 2 of the main villains in the show ending up together, without being villains anymore, just is kinda perfect. Opinions??

esses icons ficaram maravilhosos, então cuidem mesmo, fiz vários de todo mundo p compensar que talvez não vou atender o resto dos pedidos esse fim de semana, não fiz da vanessa, lily, ivy etc etc pq nunca pedem, então acho que não usam muito, decidir fazer só dos principais mesmo, espero que gostem, icon de todo mundooooooo


Find Me In The Dark (Edward Nygma/Oswald Cobblepot, NC-17)

Ed and Oswald - sworn arch enemies at this point - have a dark secret. One that both can’t let go of.

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oneshot: 1977 words | warnings: mature content, d/s stuff + rough sex | rated NC-17

A big thank you goes to Farah and Kris for helping me with this! ♥︎

Oswald runs his fingers over the green shimmery paper of the parcel he’d found lying on his king-sized bed just a few minutes ago.

He’d been planning to go to sleep early tonight, whole body aching with fatigue after he’d spent the whole day plotting yet another act of revenge against Barbara.

And Ed.

But sleep would have to wait.

Of course, Oswald knows the origins of the parcel, and by whom it’s been placed on his bed.

His pulse quickens as his fingers begin to pull on the strings, allowing the paper to slowly unfold and reveal the content of the parcel.

“Oh Ed…” Oswald whispers, lips twitching into a grin as his cheeks flood with warmth.

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FullMetal Alchemist, (so I heard you liek Parental Roy & Ed)



(If I appear to be talking like Ed keeps his alchemy after the Father-Fight, just roll with it as an AU)

1. The pair of them are infamous for their spats and spars against each other, but they are legendary when they team up (covered here) …

2. … This is extended to the subject of research. The two, and sometimes Al, can sit in cooperation for hours on end combining and comparing notes, bouncing ideas off each other, and just having a SCIENCE party.
(also, both Ed and Roy know each others’ codes. Neither are exactly sure when they figured it out since they never actually talked about it, they just realized one day that they were reading the other’s notes and mentally decoding them like they were their own.)

3. Mustang nearly has a heart attack the first time he discovered Ed is prone to hiding his injuries (Al would strong-arm him into medical attention for serious things, but Ed wouldn’t report them unless he actually ended up in the hospital). The panic mostly stemmed from the kid suddenly passing out in his office during a mission brief.

4. Roy pretends to be a cold-hearted SOB towards the Elric brothers, but his team can see the hidden fear and worry in his eyes whenever something happens to the two.

5. When Roy was hospitalized due to an ambush in the rain, Ed and Al took a break from their search to go find a rare mineral. They then went to Riza and got into her husband’s boss’s alchemical glove stash and transmuted the mineral to be woven in the fibers.
Mustang didn’t realize what they’d done until he snapped his fingers while the gloves were wet and a spark shot off.

4. Ed has purposefully but indirectly taught Mustang about minerals he could find useful (little comments on how ‘annoyingly’ flammable certain minerals were, etc). In return, Mustang occasionally complains that he’s bored or doesn’t want to do paperwork and “procrastinates” by teaching Ed alchemy tricks…

5. …The only time Roy doesn’t bother with this false pretense is when the kid has scared him. The most notable incident of this was when Ed got thrown into the water while working with the team, and nearly drowned thanks to his automail. The first thing Mustang did when Ed woke up in the hospital was teach the kid how how to transmute the water into hydrogen and oxygen so he could have a bubble of air and use his jacket to make a balloon to pull him up.

6. Roy doesn’t understand why Ed never asked about how to use fire alchemy. What he doesn’t know is, Riza explained his promise to let the secret die to Ed and Al early on. What neither of them know is Ed figured it out without meaning to (the kid IS a genius), but respects his ‘parents’ enough to never use it or mention it.

7. There are higher-ups that want both Flame and Fullmetal to fail, and so assign missions meant to end them to the team. Roy takes any severely dangerous mission or anything remotely resembling a kill order without telling his kid. Ed catches on regardless, mostly because he himself keeps sneaking off with any of Mustang’s missions that he recognizes as maliciously assigned (mostly missions to either rainy/wet areas, or ones that deal with Ishvalans).

8. One of the few off-limits topics for their snark-fights is their PTSD. Both know each others triggers, how to bring the other down from a panic attack or flash back, and recognize the others’ tells for a bad day.

9. When Kimblee went back to Central after the time at Briggs, he picked up on Roy’s worry (as he had been covertly alerted to Ed’s disappearance, and had been unable to get a hold of the kid). The psychopath cheerfully dropped some snide hints about his fight with Edward to Mustang, which nearly ended with the Flame Alchemist attacking him.
After the Promised Day Roy hears Al yelling at Ed about a scar, and the two of them manage to pull the story from Ed. A part of Roy wished he hadn’t held himself back the week before, and had actually killed Kimblee himself.

10. Even after learning the truth about Ross, it takes a long time for Ed and Roy’s relationship to heal completely. Edward still occasionally flinches when they’re arguing and Mustang gestures too emphatically, and Roy never quite forgives himself for punching the kid he thinks of as his own.