So, I’m not sure where this came from, but have some angst in 250 words that goes from 0 to 10 in two second flat. Your regularly scheduled fluff and smut will return shortly. 

Rated M

“Pregnant?” Cullen echoed her words from a moment before, his voice flat and a dazed look on his face.

Elena nodded, not trusting herself to speak as tears gathered in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry,” she finally managed to stammer out, bringing her hands to cover her face as tears began to fall.

Carefully, mindful of the swift flinches his touch had met ever since Adamant, Cullen pulled her into his arms, holding her close as sobs began to wrack her body. She buried her face in the fur of his surcoat, cleaving to him, and Cullen didn’t know what else to do except smooth his hands down her back. He felt numb, frozen in place and utterly useless; he had had no idea she had been with child and now–

“I didn’t know,” came her muffled sob. “I didn’t know, I didn’t know. I would have never—”

“Shh,” he hushed, trying to keep his voice steady for her, trying to make sure the tears gathering in his eyes didn’t fall. “It’s not your fault.”

“It was Adamant.” Gasp. “And the rift. My own body and I didn’t know.”

His head was spinning, ears ringing as he felt his knees give out. A child. It was something he hadn’t known he wanted until she said it, until it was too late. They sank to the floor of her chambers and Cullen did his best to hold her to him, even as his tears wet the crown of her head.