And all the sparks
were gone,
in the night sky,
all it has left—
were the echoes
of its booming sound—
and a burnt stick
falling right
to the ground.

Our memories
were loud enough
to drown the silence
that surrounds.

—  ma.c.a//Lights and Midnights
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~Notes On My Writing Makes Me V Happy~

  • Bold=Contains Smut
  • Italics=Just Angst
  • (^)=Male Reader
  • ($)=Threesome
  • (!)=Multiple Current Relationships (With the reader)
  • (+)=Basement AU
  • (*)=Punk AU
  • (@)=Danger Days AU
  • (%)=High School/College AU (or implies that they are younger)
  • (-)=Vampire AU
  • (&)=Parent/Pregnancy AU or involves kids (such as  Bandit)
  • (#)=Self Warm TW

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Panic! At The Disco:







Perhaps this is just a spark
a spark that will fade
when the rain comes
when someone new comes
I think this is a wildfire
I do not know if it can be stopped
—  m. a.

Xayah wanted to stay on foot, to keep going all across the world until somehow she managed to fall off the side of Runeterra and disappear. 

She hated them. Those filthy, evil, vile little humans and those blind, ignorant Vastayan’s too! They were worse in a way, closing their eyes to the truths that surrounded them. 

Sometimes, she wanted to kill them too. Wanted to watch their blood soak through her feather daggers, watch their faces drain of life and become as empty as their damn skulls. Xayah angrily dug her teeth into her bottom lip as she kept moving, swiftly stepping around the skeletal body of a dying tree.

This forest, like so many others…was dying. Vivid evidence of the truths Xayah wanted to spread. Yet they didn’t see it. Couldn’t see it. Her amber eyes swept around her, taking in every dying tree, every fading spark of magic. The dark canopy of the trees overhead cast the woods in almost complete darkness, but Xayah walked without hesitance. 

After all, the farther she walked, the more distant the Mirai became. Doubts clouded her head, as dark as the forest around her. Doubts she carried with her at every moment, doubts she buried deep inside herself. Questions.

What was the point in trying to free the Vastayan’s? What was the point in trying to educate them and to give them the power to destroy their oppressors? They didn’t see the humans in that light. Humans, those filthy monstrous creatures, had taken everything from them and yet her fellow Vastayan’s were their “friends”? It was one thing if they were too scared to stand up for themselves, that was understandable, but to willingly let the humans have reign over this world? How could they live like that? How could they continue to wake up, day after day, knowing their magic was being stolen from them? How could they raise their children in a world where the humans were slowly but steadily destroying them?!

Without Wild magic the Vastayan’s could no longer live.

They had to know that. Yet they wouldn’t take up a weapon, wouldn’t journey with her. 

It didn’t make sense.

She wanted to give up. Wanted to end this pointless dream that seemed as if it would never bloom to fruition. Angrily, she summoned a feather dagger, running her thumb on the sharp edge and finding a familiar, old comfort in the pain that shot through her.

“Please stop that, babe. You know I don’t like it when you do that to yourself,” A soft voice called from behind her.

Somehow, she had thought she was alone. The voice shocked her and she gasped, like a child waking from a nightmare

Rakan was using that gentle, pleading voice. That voice she could never ignore and had never been able to. Xayah stilled her angry steps, stiffening. She turned on her heels, eyes livid with rage, and his gaze found hers. He flinched when he saw the anger etched across her face and her heart wrenched even as she opened her mouth.

“I don’t give a shit what you like.You don’t get to tell me what to do? If you don’t like it then leave, Rakan.” Her words were callous, and he was visibly bothered by them. His handsome features became drawn and sad and her heart shattered.  

There was a swollen, sickly moment as Xayah waited for his reaction. She wondered if Rakan would turn his back and leave her. She knew he was only in this for her, but what was so great about her? He could have anyone. She had seen him charm other women with a wink alone. He could have any woman in the world. It wouldn’t be shocking if he gave up this life of hardship for the comforts he once had as a travelling dancer.

Her amber eyes burrowed into his blue, burning and cruel and cold at the same time. Daring him to leave, begging him to so she could be alone in her misery. Her body visibly trembled, and she pushed her thumb into the dagger until blood dripped down her hand. But it wasn’t comforting pain anymore, it was just pain.

She turned to walk away again, tearing up, but he swiftly swept towards her, gathering her in his arms. He was warm. So deliciously warm and she leaned against him, eyes burning with the threat of tears. The feather knife’s magic faded from existence as she pushed her face into his chest.

“You know I’ll never leave you, babe.” Rakan smiled, brushing his fingers across her cheek and lips, and she leaned into his touch. She ran her own fingers through his waves of white gold locks and enjoying the way he smiled despite her anger. Her heart pounded and she shivered again when he gently scattered kisses all over her face.

“Mwah, mwah,” He grinned, and then captured her chin in one long fingered hand. His jolly expression faded, becoming more serious, and he leaned down. She sighed with relief when he kissed her mouth, his lips hot and soft. Her anger seeped away as their mouths crushed together harder, and he groaned and squeezed her in his arms so tight she thought she would break. They stayed like that, her in his arms and their mouths melded together.

When he finally pulled away, the anger was gone. His warm, cerulean gaze brushed hers and she forced her own away. Guilt clenched her heart. She had hurt herself, had been so cruel to him. But she knew Rakan understood. He always did, always had. Always knew just what she needed. As if sensing her thoughts, he smiled knowingly.

“Why are you giving me that look,” she asked suspiciously, and he smiled wider.

“Let’s talk about it.”

“What,” she snapped, anger in her tone but not in her heart.

“Let’s rest a bit, we can talk about it.”

Xayah crossed her arms. “We don’t have time to waste. And we’ve already talked about it, I’m through with talking, I want actions not words.”

“Nah. It’s alright, okay? We’re fine.” He pushed her hood back, and ran his fingers through her hair. He kissed her again. His words, so soft and gentle, brushed against her and soothed her. Seeped into her, like sunshine, and somehow it was okay. She was fine. She bit her bottom lip as tears stung her eyes, and began to drip down her cheeks.

“We can talk about it. If you want,” he offered. Anger flared in his eyes when he noticed her tears and he snarled. “I’ll go back there and smack those fools myself,” he spun, cloak billowing, and marched away.

She laughed despite her tears, “Rakan!”

He turned back to her, his face devoid of humor.

“No one makes my baby cry. No evil human, no blind Vastayan, no one. Only I get to, you understand me?Her stomach was full of butterflies and knots and she laughed.

“Yes, I understand that.” She wiped the tears from her cheeks and smiled, tugging on his arm. ‘C’mon, help me set up for the night.”

He muttered to himself as he set his travelling pack down next to a tree, digging around in it. When he caught her staring he smiled a little. She gazed out into the forest. This alone was a sign of their superiority. If a human made camp in a dangerous forest like this, they would be eaten or killed by some creature within the hour. Yet animals recognize them as friends, they didn’t harm them. Xayah set her own pack down as he ranted and paced back and forth.

“Damn them! How come they don’t see, Xayah? How come they won’t join us?”

Xayah turned towards him, a smile on her lips. “Because we’re the only smart people in this whole damned world. Fuck it, Rakan, we don’t need them. They’d hold us back, anyways. Those fucking fish for brains.”

His face lit up, like the sun. “That’s right,” he parroted, “We don’t need those fools!”

She turned her gaze away again, and found it strange how just a few moments before she had been full of rage, had wanted him to leave her so she could be alone and miserable. Truthfully, Xayah couldn’t imagine her life without him. Not anymore. How many days would it have taken before she’d died from heartbreak alone?

She lowered her fingers to her still bleeding thumb, and sighed pleasantly as she closed the wound. An old habit. She had Rakan now. She didn’t need the pain. In fact, she didn’t need anyone or anything. “Rakan. We’ll kill anyone who stands in our way, including those braindead Vastayan’s.”

“Yep. You’ll kill everyone,” he agreed pleasantly, nodding his head and winking, “and I’ll watch. I love it when you let me watch.” His smile was infectious. She giggled, cheeks red as she grabbed the collar of his cloak and kissed him hard.

“So, do you wanna join me, or do you wanna watch,” she teased, placing his hands on her waist, swaying against him in the beginning of a dance. His eyes grew dark and he smiled and everything was perfect.

Rakan was right. 

They were fine. Everything was okay. As long as they were together, it would remain that way.

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~Notes On My Writing Makes Me V Happy~

  • Bold=Contains Smut
  • Italics=Just Angst
  • (^)=Male Reader
  • ($)=Threesome
  • (+)=Basement AU
  • (*)=Punk AU
  • (@)=Danger Days AU
  • (%)=High School/College AU (or implies that they are younger)
  • (-)=Vampire AU
  • (&)=Parent/Pregnancy AU or involves kids (such as  Bandit)
  • (#)=Self Warm TW





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Panic! At The Disco:




You and Chris have been married for years, and lately, you feel as if the spark has faded, you’re used to each other and nothing’s new anymore. While attending a formal event, your eyes travel across the room and you spot Aaron, who won’t stop looking at you in a way that sends chills down your spine and you can sense his desire for you. Meanwhile, Chris is too busy having a conversation with some friends and misses the moment when Aaron goes up to you and gives you a note with his hotel room number written on it.

taurus and loyalty

taurus represents the foundation of every relationship. yes, aries is the spark of initial attraction, but taurus is the grounding that allows the flame to continue burning.

they ask, “what else can a taurus provide other than loyalty?”

i ask back, “what else do you need besides loyalty?”

yes, i am exaggerating as friendship and mental stimulation and sexual compatibility and chemistry are also needed. but truly, what will keep a relationship going through anything is loyalty.

loyalty isn’t just staying together a long time or through tough times. loyalty is being trustworthy, loyalty is about respect, loyalty is about reliability, loyalty is about giving in effort. loyalty is knowing without a shadow of a doubt somebody will always be there for you, that they will never speak bad about you, that they are the ones who will put you above themselves. loyalty is not about the flashy proclamations of “i would die for you”. loyalty is about the quiet grinding in and out of constantly proving their commitment and dedication to you and the relationship. loyalty is being there when your life is falling apart and you’re not the easiest person to deal with and you can’t give them as much time or affection or love, and they stay.

loyalty is there when the spark fades (before the relighting). loyalty is there when you’re not sure how to communicate. loyalty is what decides who survives and who falls.

loyalty is something that can never, ever be regained after it is lost. love can be ugly, love can be painful, love can be terrifying.

but loyalty? true loyalty is something that will only ever uplift you.

and taurus is the sign of this. so perhaps we are not the most exciting partner or the most adventurous or the most quick witted. perhaps we are slower and perhaps we are stubborn.

but you will be so grateful for that when it means we are stubborn about our loyalty to you.

loyalty, to us, mean everything. loyalty over everything.

malec fics I’ll probably never write but someone definitely should and also tag me so I can read them, edition #2:


  • “I think we should get a divorce.” Alec and Magnus have been married for years but they’ve been slowly drifting apart. They both work too much, they barely see each other anymore and when they do, they fight over petty things. A divorce is probably the best solution at this point. The spark has faded. But neither of them has ever been one to give up so easily so they decide to give it a last shot. Because relationships, they take efforts, right? And maybe there’s a way for them to reignite that lost spark. A story about how to fall in love all over again.
  • (that’s a lie, i’m working on that one with Jackie but when i put it in the draft, i wasn’t, i swear to magnus babe… oops.)
  • Jurassic World AU. The Morgenstern Global Corporation, whose heir Sebastian helps design the dinosaurs, has reopened Jurassic Park for five years now, with little to no incident to account for. Alec Lightwood has been the park’s operations manager for just as long, and he doesn’t like Sebastian one bit, but his job is to keep the park running and the guests happy, not to question his boss’ dubious morals. This may have to change when he meets Magnus Bane, the cynical, slightly condescending and definitely unimpressed dinosaur expert and trainer who is called to evaluate the paddock of Sebastian’s newest creation, only to realize he has created a new hybrid dinosaur that even him has no idea how to control. Alec might be more willing to listen to the guy if he wasn’t a complete asshole and so sure of himself, but when they detect a breach in the dinosaur’s paddock, they have no choice but to team up to stop that beast before it is too late.
  • Alec and Magnus are both street artists, their names renowned in the streets of New York and slowly spreading across the globe. They both remain completely anonymous, but the press likes to pin them against each other, always wondering how one is going to answer to the other’s art. Mostly, they do their own things and if they broach the same subjects (with a common tendency at dragging in the mud their current bigoted president, Valentine Morgenstern), it’s simply because they share the same conviction that they shall not keep silent in the face of injustice and discrimination. In their private circles, they’ll willingly admit that they’re both fans of the other’s work, but they’ve never met each other. That is, until Jace/Izzy asks Alec to come to their girlfriend Clary’s exhibition in Brooklyn and he meets a sparkly man with a flirting smirk and the kindest eyes he’s ever seen. AU where Magnus is Banksy and Alec is Shepard Fairey or JR. They meet, fall in love, and revolutionize the street art scene in New York one tag at a time.
  • Alec jogs in the same park every day at 5pm and every day, no matter the weather, he sees the same guy sitting on the same bench by the pond, reading a book, writing on his tablet, talking on the phone. They share a smile every day. When he feels particularly bold, Alec even waves at him, and the man always waves back. He’s very pretty and he seems kind and smart if the books he reads are anything to go by, and Alec is slowly building the courage to ask him out to that cute little coffee shop right next to the park. So when the guy disappears for two weeks, he worries. It happened before that he disappeared for a day or two, but never two whole weeks. When he finally reappears, Alec’s legs work on their own. His body leads him right in front of the stranger and his mouth is opening before he can stop it, “Where the hell were you? I was worried!”
  • Alec and Magnus, both single dads, team up against their kids’ teacher, after they were punished for arguing with said teacher, a homophobic asshole. A power couple in the making.

“How does falling out of love feel like?”

“Maybe it’s when the little things about the person you used to like have lost their magic and they don’t seem special to you anymore. And you just let all the magic fade. The sparks. The fireworks. All gone.”

“What if you stay despite the absence of those things?”

“Then that’s love. Love is more than just the little things that made you feel alive. Love is commitment. Love is still hard work. Love grows when you let it grow even while every pretty petal dies and falls to the ground.”

Marichat May - Kiss it Better

It’s super late, but I said I’d do it!

The moment I saw the prompt, I thought of the song Kiss it Better by He is We, which is a straight shot to the feels and I’d definitely recommend it as background music if you ever need to write an angsty scene.

TW: Blood and Character death. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. See the tags for more thoughts.

Paris lay in ruins.

Paris lay in ruins and Chat Noir was alone.

He had split away from Ladybug nearly ten minutes ago so she could recharge her kwami. The akuma, a vastly destructive force that went by the name of Dévastateur, had spent the better part of the past hour turning the streets to rubble and carving chunks out of buildings. Monuments were crushed beneath his power – and for once, Chat wondered if Hawkmoth regretted releasing a power like that into the world.

The akuma wasn’t anything special, really. He was granted power, great power, which gave him strength beyond imagination. It was his heart, however, that had darkened to a point that no mortal should ever near.

Chat didn’t know why the victim had turned so cold. He wasn’t sure he cared – not when Ladybug was still missing in action and Paris was a bona fide mess. But he did know that the damage wasn’t entirely Hawkmoth’s fault. No. This was personal on some level. The man beneath the mask wanted to tear the world apart on his own terms.

In Ladybug’s absence, Chat had reverted to a new plan – evacuating as many civilians as he could as quickly as he could. There were times for showy heroics, and there were times when all that mattered was preventing a bloodbath. This happened to be one of the latter.

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Hopelessly Devoted

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Their lives have changed since her diagnosis, but the spark hasn’t faded. Part two to Blind Devotion.

Word Count: 3k+

Warnings: vague mentions of smut & sexy times, angst, flUFF, swearing probably


Originally posted by itsagentromanoff

My wife is going blind.

It had been almost two months since her diagnosis and her vision hasn’t gotten worse, which is good, I guess. She can still see, so the eye drops are working, which makes her happy. Since her diagnosis, she quit her job at the hospital and returned to helping me at the gym with the guys. I know she misses the hospital and it hurts seeing her so upset. It was her dream job and it was ripped away from her.

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Sehun scenario - No more running

Originally posted by bbangtanboobear

requested by anon

genre: angst, fluff

Summary: Two years after finding out you are pregnant. You and Sehun decide it's best to just part ways so he doesn’t have to be tied down to a family at a young age. But when en he sees you and your child together, he refuses to let you slip away again.

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Ground Rules (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Anon: Hi I love your stuff! Could you do a Remus x reader imagine when the reader is a Ravenclaw?The rest of the plot is all yours 💙 Thank you💙💙 (I’m sorry for my bad english)

A/N: Hey! Believe me your English is spot on. Hope you like this, I got the inspiration from Spider-Man 2. It was too cute to resist.

Originally posted by queenc-x

Remus’ eyes flutter open, his vision blurry. He hears the hushed voices and laughs of his friends. Remus goes to move before feeling a surge of pain rush through his body making him wince.

“Morning mate.” Sirius says.

Remus’ vision clears up and he sees Sirius and James playing a close game of Wizards Chess with Peter watching lazily. He looks to his left to see you, his girlfriend, sitting in an old, rickety chair with your head resting on the bed. You stir slightly at the loud sound of Sirius’ voice.

“Remus?” You say drowsily before waking up and smiling,“Oh Remus! Thank Merlin! You had such a hard transformation last night, I was worried sick that you’d hurt yourself.”

Remus’ attention drifts from your words to the large, puffy, red scar on your cheek.

“Did I do that?” Remus interrupts softly, a look of despair crosses his face.

You pause, your hand brushing the scar as if you had forgotten it. Remus’ eyes stay locked on the mark.
“It was just an accident Remus, it happens.”

The room goes quiet. James and Sirius exchange looks before dragging Peter with them out of the Hospital Wing.

“What’d I do to you?” Remus says in a clear, yet shaky voice.

You frown at the way Remus is looking at you. His face covered in scars of his own, yet he breaks down at the sight of a single scratch on your cheek.

“Remus, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just glad you’re alright.” You sigh, reaching for his hand.

Remus pulls his hand from your reach, fear flashes in his eyes.

“I can’t do this to you.”
“I can’t keep hurting you like this.”
“Remus please-”
“You deserve better.”
“Remus please stop it.”

He holds his breath, the room is dead silent. So quiet, in fact, you can hear the students beginning to make their trips to breakfast. So silent that the sound of autumn wind fills the barren room. Remus exhales.

“You deserve better Y/n. That’s why we can’t be together anymore.”

“Remus that’s not funny. Don’t say stuff like that.” You say quietly, the tears building up.

Remus blankly looks at you, his own eyes red and bloodshot. You stand from your seat, rushing out of the Hospital Wing.

Outside the door Sirius, James, and Peter chat quietly before seeing you rush past them, tears welling up. They call your name, but you don’t bother stopping.

You run and run till you are in the quiet of your own dormitory, finally letting out all you’ve held in.


You sit down at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall. Around you your friends chat about their classes and the homework they’ve been assigned for this weekend.

From across the room you see Remus sitting with the rest of the marauders. He looks over at you and a chill runs down your spine.

However your attention is swayed when owls begin to fly in, carrying various letters and packages for the students. A large, brown owl lands in front of you, dropping a letter onto your empty table. You stroke the owl in gratitude before it flys off into the sky.

The letter has no return address, only your name scrawled across it in ink. You open the letter to see a small price of paper. On it it said,

Meet me at the Hogmeade entrance this Saturday. Please.

Curious, you put the letter down and take a quick glance back to Remus. But, when you go to look at him he had disappeared from the Great Hall.

You sigh and look at the the note one more time before shoving it into your pocket and heading off to meet whoever it is that wrote you this morning.


The wind whistles and pushes your hair to and fro. You wrap you jacket tighter around you and fix the blue and silver scarf around your neck.

Large trees border the Hogmeade entrance, their leaves shades of orange and red. Below the entrance, near a swarm of students, stands Remus.

He sees you and smiles wide. You join him at the entrance, returning the gesture. His eyes travel up and down you. They finally stop at your eyes.

Remus sighs,“How are you?”

You hold your breath, his voice is exactly as you remember. It had been three months since you’ve heard that voice.

“I’m doing fine.”, you force a smile.

The spark in his eyes fade a bit, but nevertheless he continues to smile and replies, “That’s good.”

The two of you stroll, side by side, through the cobblestone streets of Hogsmeade, avoiding the topic on both of your minds.

“I haven’t seen you since…”, you pause,“ well you know.”

“Yeah.” He sighs. “I’ve been busy.”

“Busy avoiding me?” You halfheartedly smile.

“Bingo.” He smiles.

“Then why did you ask to see me today?”

You both stop under a streetlight, it’s candle not yet lit, for it was only the middle of the day. Remus bites his lip and gazes down at you, as if he’s trying to push his words back into his brain where they belong.

“I miss being your friend.” He says with great effort.

The words deflate your heart as soon as they left his mouth. You gulp and force a grin.

“Yeah, me too.”

The two of you continue walking again down the path. You feel Remus’ eyes on you. Shyly you turn your head and your eyes meet. He grins from ear to ear before shaking his head a bit.

“Okay. If we’re going to be friends we’re going to have to lay down some ground rules.” Remus says.

“Like what?” You ask.

“Well…” Remus studies you for a moment. “You can’t do the thing.”

“What thing?” You raise an eyebrow.

“The smile you do that tugs at the corners of your lips and makes your eyes sparkle.” He says in a rather serious tone.

“I don’t do that.”

“Not anymore you don’t. That would be breaking the rules.” Remus smiles a bit.

You roll your eyes with a small smile.

“Okay I’ve got a rule for you.” You say.

“Go ahead.”

You can’t bite your lip when you smile. Not aloud.”

“Fine but you’re going to have to find a new laugh.“Remus replies.

You make the ugliest snorting sound possible,"Does this work?”

“Nope. Still cute.”

“Damn. I’ll have to work on it then.”


“I hope that you’re aware that you’re going to have to shave your hair too.” You say nudging him.

“If that’s what it takes.” He says.

You both go quiet. The streets around you bustle with students. The crisp autumn air hits you causing you to tighten your navy blue and silver scarf.

“You know ”,Remus begins to speak, “These last three months have been really horrible.”

You look up at him.

“And I finally just couldn’t go any longer without seeing you.” He says. “I figured you wouldn’t show up or that you’d see me and leave. I even debated not showing up. But when I saw you again I just couldn’t seem to move. It’s like I was paralyzed.”

Both of you stop at the edge of the town.

“It was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. And in that moment when I saw you I thought about how I don’t want to to another day without seeing your face. Or hearing your laugh. Or seeing your smile. I don’t want to go another day without seeing you.”

He steps closer and you smile. He leans his forehead against yours.

“I’ve missed you.” You say.

He pulls you in for a kiss. You drape your arms over his shoulders. He pulls away with a smile on his face.

“Do I still have to buzz my hair?"He grins.


A/N: Hey! Hope you like it!! Have a happy Tuesday!

This is the fic I wrote if anyone is interested. I still need to finish the sequel but it’s complete :)

Do You Ever Cry When We Waste Away Our Lives?

Harry’s life is nothing like how he imagined it would be when he won the X Factor five years ago. Suffocated by his management and label, Harry is slowly beginning to fade, his spark, soul and faith drifting away from him. However, his faith is not ready to give up on him in the form of Louis, an angel sent down from heaven to help him get back on track.

complete / 23,000 words / explicit