So I was thinking about spark while I was in a bad mood last night and I thought about how he probably really relates to all the unwanted weedles and pidgeys and Ratatas that get transferred in, being the most unpopular team and all. 

Plus, Spark probably feels really sad whenever a trainer gets annoyed when their 5k eggs turn out to be something ‘undesirable’, because he sees every pokemon as an individual with potential.

This was going to be a fanfic but I couldn’t be bothered.

Spark curriculum

I keep thinking about the school on Castle Wulfenbach. Most of the students are the future rulers of Europa, and some are or are expected to be Sparks. What would the curriculum look like?

Sleipnir tells Agatha “We’re supposed to be learning about science and how to rule properly and stuff like that.” So biology, chemistry, and physics, basic through advanced, are certainly offered. I would also expect classes in engineering (equivalents to modern civil, mechanical, and electrical, at least) and robotics/clanks.

On the “ruling properly” side, classes in economics, diplomacy, government, and law are probable.

One place that all this could intersect, though, is ethics. Obviously they are very important in both science (particularly MAD SCIENCE) and government. Just as obviously, many Sparks lack (or ignore) them altogether. In the interest of a more stable Europa, I can see the Baron trying to ensure that his students had a solid grounding. Which brings me to a recurring mental image: Baron Klaus Wulfenbach giving guest lectures on the ethical treatment of monsters, constructs, and other abominations of science.

(There are reasons he’s not talking about the ethics of government or experimentation.)