spark up at a concert

Something hiddensymposiarch said in this post really stuck with me. 

Zayn leaving the tour (even temporarily) sparks some really serious break up rumours. Imagine forgoing buying concert tickets for your favourite band because you’ve seen them before or you want to wait for another tour, etc. Then, it starts to become apparent that there might not be another tour. Imagine how badly you’d want to go to just one last concert. Or see your favourite band for the first, and last, time. 

So many teens will be begging their parents for tickets and they’re more likely to give in because they might be breaking up. So many young adults will buy the concert tickets they can’t actually afford, because there is no next time. 

Everyone will be buying concert tickets out of fear.

This whole scandal is yet another money grab, and it’s honestly disgusting yet fascinating to watch.