spark syndrome

Fusion Spark Syndrome (FSS) is a phenomenon in which two close developing sparks within a sparkfield overlap each other and form one spark comprised of the two of them. Once this has occurred development proceeds normally.
Mecha born from FSS have a higher chance of being Triplechangers and also of developing personality disorders such as dissociative identity disorder and bipolar disorder. This is thought to be related to the combination of the original two sparks’ core coding. Mecha with FSS also often show signs of chimerism and may be at a significantly higher risk of Spark Corruption.
Individuals with FSS are also diagnosed as having a Spark Development Abnormality Disorder (SDAD) and may suffer from other related disorders as a result.
Fusion Spark Syndrome is extremely rare and is not well documented as a result. With exception of higher predispositions towards Spark Corruption, the phenomenon is not thought to cause decrease or extension of life expectancy in those affected.
See also; Fusion-Splitting, Spark-split twins, Spark siblings, Spark Development Abnormality Disorder (SDAD).
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