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When Hera Calls Kanan 'Love'

I’ve honestly been a little surprised this week by the wide variety of reactions to Hera calling Kanan ‘Love’ in the Rebels season three finale.

This is my take:

Kanan and Hera’s canon relationship status is established from their very first scene together in the pilot, in which Hera calls Kanan—you guessed it, 'Love.’

Hera continues to call Kanan 'Love’ or 'Dear’ repeatedly throughout the first season of the show as our heroes fight the Empire around their home base of Lothal and beyond. But then the season ends and so do the terms of endearment, vanishing entirely from her lips until we reach “Zero Hour.” (And we all collectively groaned “Whhhyyyyyyy????”)

This is where I think it gets interesting and says so much about Hera’s character. The real key, to me, is what happens at the end of season 1: the Ghost crew joins the Phoenix Squadron/greater rebellion—a move which was, first and foremost, Hera’s idea. And she quickly becomes a ranking member of the military group.

Suddenly, they are no longer just the space family roaming about solo anymore, they are part of something larger, and their missions, rather than being personal, are now professional, even when they are not with the rest of the fleet. Since before A New Dawn, Hera has been, is, and always will be devoted to and driven by her larger goals in life, and she quickly embraces the professionalism of her new role.

Thus, because we nearly always see Kanan and Hera in the company of others and on a mission, 'dear’ and 'love’ vanish from her public vocabulary. If you happened to work with your significant other (especially in a highly structured or professional environment), you wouldn’t call them 'babe’, hubby’, 'wifey’, etc. at work either.

Over the course of the next two seasons, Hera’s professionalism continues; she grows as a leader and her sense of command expands, until we reach the crisis of “Zero Hour.” The imperial bombardment rains down on Chopper Base, and we watch Hera’s expression shift from confidence/hope to a visceral fear/terror. Before the bombardment, she tells Kanan “You need to get back to base immediately"—a command, an order, properly phrased and neutral. But afterwards (and in front of General Dodonna, no less) that shifts to: "Now please, come home, Love.”

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In the face of their mutual near death experiences, Hera drops her professional guard and for a single moment, they are just them. She’s Hera, and Kanan’s the man she loves, whose safety matters more than anything else in the galaxy. The moment is both minuscule and enormous. It’s just one slip, but it reassures us—it tells us that no matter where they go, what they do, or who they work with, Kanan and Hera are still Kanan and Hera.

Their private life may be private, but they are still as in love and devoted as ever. And this is beautiful to me.

I also want to note that her admission isn’t a weakness, in any way. Just a little while later, when Thrawn threatens Kanan to try to get Hera to surrender (certainly inferring the nature of their relationship himself), she stands as strong as ever.

Tough as durasteel and always in love with her Jedi, that’s my girl.

America's Education System

You know what school teaches you? It doesn’t efficiently teach you how to get along with people, pay taxes, ace a job interview or even more importantly: be happy with yourself when others aren’t, know that you don’t need a significant other to be fulfilled, or that everyone is equal. You know what school teaches you? School teaches you to be a homework machine, to spit out worksheets and keep formulas in your head until the next test. It teaches you how to stay up late studying things you don’t even understand and sacrificing time with your family to put yet another number on your transcript. It teaches you to volunteer not because you care, but because colleges like people who volunteer. It teaches you to follow all their rules and then you get into the world and people wonder why everyone is the same, dull person.

“The galaxy is a dangerous place, as you well know, and safety can never be fully guaranteed. But the letter of the law allows, shall I say, a certain flexibility in both of our duties.” Kallus leaned toward Zataire. “If you give me your fullest cooperation, without any bureaucratic nonsense, I will do my utmost to personally ensure that your son’s big mouth does not get him into further trouble.”

Zataire stared into his wine before finally lifting his head and looking Kallus in the eye. “You’ve always had my fullest cooperation, Agent Kallus.”

“Which I never questioned. You are a fine Imperial, Captain Zataire. If we end the subversive activity on Lothal, you will be commended. But first things first. Have the Lawbringer descend through the atmosphere to hover over the capital city. The locals should tremble when they see the magnificent weapons we wield.”

“You want us to leave orbit? The planet will go unprotected.” It was the only time during the dinner Zataire had raised his voice, a sign that he took his duty seriously.

“Unprotected from whom? There is no imminent threat of invasion anywhere in the galaxy. Like never before, space itself is at peace, because of the Empire’s might.”

Kallus turned in his chair toward the viewport. Since he had boarded the Star Destroyer, Lothal had made a half rotation, bringing dawn to its other side. Now its major continents blazed a brilliant green.

Kallus narrowed his eyes like lasers at the planet. “The one and only danger to our beloved Empire, my dear captain,” he said, “lies not from without, but from within.”

To eliminate rebel activity once and for all on Lothal, he would bleed those lands red.

Rebels, “The Rebellion Begins”.


It gave me an idea-

Hana and Lucio relationship was never an estranged one. They were both fans of each other works, they both fought for their country’s.They became quick friends, without any trouble. So it wasn’t odd when Hana would lazy around in Lucio room or be seen listening to one of his exclusive mixs tapes. Maybe even come to one of his practices. An it was the same for Lucio. He would come on Hana stream when he could and when he was invited. Sometimes even if he wasn’t, just to surprise Hana himself. He could never, not tune in to one of her completive matches. Whether it be StarCraft or Mecha battles.

So Hana stoped over, supplied with junk food, drinks and movies. Somewhere through there movie marathoning. They got on the subject of there homes and childhood. Telling each other embarrassing stories in hopes of one upping the other.

“Okay so maybe I did go through a weird phase as a kid.”

Hana let out an exaggerated gasp, slamming her hand down on his bed. “ Don’t tell me the great positive, good vibes lucio went through an emo phase!”

Hana eyes lit up with devilish glee as Lucio’s face redden while he rubbed his cheek. He was actually embarrassed by it. This only fuel Hanas burning desire to know more. Adding thousand question to the ones Hana already had.

“ it wasn’t a emo phase so to speak but it was something alright.” Lucio said shaking his head at the memories.

“Do you have any photos from that time, I bet they look amazing!” Lucio eyes traveled to the top of his dresser. As he slowly looked back at Hana.

“N-No-” and before lucio could even finish his weak response, Hana had sprinted from the bed to the dresser with lighting speed. Lucio quickly followed, Hana greedy little hands were already wrapped around a wore leather book when she was picked up from the waist in a bear hug.

“HANA! You can not look in the book! I have put that dark past behind me! It shouldn’t be reopened!” Lucio tired to use one hand to restrain her and the other to grab the book.

Hana was having none of it, with lucio short status and hana not so lanky arms. They clumsily wrestled with the other over the book. Hana was the first to lose her balance, followed by Lucio. They collapsed onto his bedroom floor in a hemp. Hana let out a triumphant yell of victory, holding the book up as she did so.

“Hah! I win!” Her lips curled into a self satisfied smug smile. As she looked down at the man she had pin to the floor.

Lucio rolled his eye, somewhere along line of their little wrestle. His hair had come undone. Now his dread laid across his face. He pushed his dreads from his face and rested his hand on the side of Hana thigh. He chuckled at her victory yell.

“Fine you win, i’m telling you its not pretty.” Giving his final weak excuse, Hana only shrugged.

“I’m sure it no where near as bad as my braces from hell.” With that hana opened up the book. Seconds past and hana face lit up like a christmas tree.

She could beat Lucio with the stupid photo album she was holding. She thought she was gonna see awkward 13 year old Lucio. Wearing to much black and some weird spike bracelet or something. What she wasn’t expecting was the group photo of him and his tattoo artist. His hair seemed bigger in the photos. He was wearing a skull headband, and. . and was that a tongue piercing?!

Hana looked from the picture to Lucio then back to the picture. This couldn’t be the same person! There’s no way, Hana wouldn’t believe it!

“There no way this is you! I’ve never seen tattoo before! An why are you shirtless for half of these photos!” Hana voices got and increasingly higher.

Lucio covered his face, the tips of his ears going red.

“You haven’t seen them because I don’t walk around with my shirt off 24/7.”

“This isn’t fair! You made it seem like these were so embarrassing!!”

“They are! Not only is my equipment old but i’m shirtless in almost all the pictures. I’m wearing. Skull head band!” He didn’t mentions how unhappy and angry he was back then. That during tht time Brazil was getting bad. Being labeled a hoodlum didn’t help you last long but he guess in the end. It helped spark his rebel behavior to over throw Vishkar.

When he was calm enough he removed his hand from his face and looked up at hana. All he could hear was her mumbling.

“Uh say that again?”

Hana was still having a hard time even processing Lucio old style as being anything bad. She buried her face into the book, the internal struggle was real. Until Hana just blurts out.

“Your so hot in these pictures! I’m so upset!”

Lucio eyes widen slightly, before he laughed placing his hand back on her thight.

“So Hana Song has a thing for bad boys?”

Hana let out a gasp before grabbing a pillow and smashing it into Lucio smug face. Lucio body shook under her, all she could hear was his muffled laughter. Making her face go even redder.

“Ugh! Is not like that shut up!”


Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

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