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IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, Red Alert, and Skids reacting to their Cybertronian s/o on pain meds that make them loopy and just saying random stuff like "I like your aft" and "Ratchet took my thumb" and "I'm stuck in robot mode, someone must've stole my t-cog" and other crazy stuff please? (I absolutely love your headcanons <3 )

Rodimus is a total aft and gets Rewind in there to record you. He plays a prank on you, telling you “We’re headed to a planet totally made up of water, okay? We’re gonna have to replace your legs with a mermaid tail. It’s okay, the whole crew is doing it, even me.” Then he laughs as you freak out.

Drift laughs as he tries to get you comfortable in berth. “I like your aft.” He just chuckles and says, “Thanks, I like yours too” as he fluffs your pillows. Then he lays down next to you and tries to get you to take a nap.

Brainstorm is laughing hysterically and egging you on. “Ratchet took your thumb? Want me to make you new one? I can make it better than the old one.” He has no idea what you’re even talking about half the time, but damn if it isn’t the funniest thing. 

Red Alert is between amusement and paranoia. Yeah, it’s probably the drugs, but what if you’re spilling stuff from your subconscious? Could Rung secretly have a spark-eater disease? He’ll have to look into it.

Skids takes you around to say hi to people, you know, ‘cause you must’ve really missed everyone while you were in the medbay. It’s pretty funny until Rung scolds him. He takes you back to his habsuite for cuddles and a nap. 

Red Alert sighed heavily and rubbed his servo’s against his forehead. He had just gotten report that a bot had been arrested for acting suspiciously around the ship. Not only that but no one could recognise this mech. An intruder. Red Alert couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the worst possible reasons for his presence onboard, and for his suspicious behaviour. His spark pounded in his chest as he went through the possibilities of bomb threats, spark eaters and Overlord. 

A knock sounded at his door at his door, and broke the head of security out of his trail of thought. He froze and reached for his gun. Perhaps the intruder had broken out of confinement, maybe he was here right now. “State your designation and purpose for visiting me.” He tried to keep his voice calm, but it wavered none the less. A sigh sounded from behind the door, “Sir, you requested to see the intruder.” Red Alert recognised the voice as one of his security team, “Ah right, of course.” He walked towards the door and spent several minutes unlocking all of the locks. Once they had all clicked open, he opened the door and saw the two figures in front of him. His spark froze, and the energon within him ran cold. His optics widened, and he had to stop himself from taking a step back. The mech…The Intruder…was long dead. And had been someone Red Alert had known…well…very well. He tried to keep his composture calm, “Inferno?”


I had some yellow paper and a doodle of rung went’ too far, even a doodle took like three pens

I was gonna draw more like a spark eater behind him in an empty spooky hallway(because I still love that issue) 

but then I remembered I have work to do so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

maybe i’ll finish this later, who knows. I drop projects a lot.

Sometimes I think about what would happen if Harry Potter hadn’t gone to Hogwarts and it makes me very upset.

Year 1 - the Sorceror’s Stone is hidden at Hogwarts. At the end of the year, the DADA professor is found, after missing class, in the final chamber of its defense mechanisms, to great scandal. The Ravenclaws are unable to look anyone in the face for the next four months.

Year 2 - The school is nearly shut down after basilisk attacks, but after Ginny throws the diary away shortly after Christmas, the attacks abruptly stop. Justin Finch-Fletchley and Colin Creevey are given summer homework and an honorary pass to third year, when they are assisted in catching up by their housemates. No one is quite sure why the Heir of Slytherin just… wandered off… but I guess that means it wasn’t a student, right? Gilderoy Lockhart is not rehired at the end of the year for reasons that are not publicly disclosed. His fanbase is distraught, except that he has returned to his regular appearances.

Year 3 - A dangerous prisoner escapes Azkaban! After he is not seen for several months, it is concluded that he fled the country. People give up being excited about him. At the end of the year, another scandal erupts as it is discovered that the DADA professor is a werewolf! He leaves the country as well, his prospects in England having been sadly exhausted.

Year 4 - Death Eaters spark a riot at the Quidditch World Cup! The Ministry of Magic is clueless. It goes down in sports history, though little else does. The Triwizard Tournament between Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, and Cedric Diggory is very exciting, much fun is had by all, and everyone except the Hufflepuffs is cheerfully offended by Diggory’s victory.

Year 5 - Literally nothing out of the ordinary happens. Professor Slughorn enjoys his second year teaching at Hogwarts. It is generally agreed that the jinx on the DADA post has disappeared with the finality of the basilisk attacks in second year; Professor Dumbledore privately believes that Voldemort’s soul has finally drifted away irretrievably into death. To be doubly sure, he starts hunting horcruxes.

Year 6 - Dumbledore acts oddly about his hand, but no one can really be bothered to care. At the end of the year he steps down to hunt horcruxes with more concentration; McGonagall takes his place, and starts grooming Nymphadora Tonks to be the next Transfigurations prfoessor. Dumbledore forms a three man band with Mundungus Fletcher and Charlie Weasley, but honestly at this point I am just making things up because there is literally no plot if Harry’s not around to be used to revive Voldemort.

Year 7 - Everything is normal.

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"Oh great, my boyfreind is a spark eater!'

Blitzwing rumbled almost hungrily at FoxTrot, slithering up to her while smooth tentacles wave around on his back. His icy persona looked down to her, his monocle eye cracked and his other eye missing it’s glass cover, instead an eerie-looking circular light peeked through the darkness. His cheeks and chin pulled away into feelers, so now a large, thick tongue wriggled around almost obscenely from his neck and sharp teeth jutted out of his upper jaw.