sparia team


No idea where these are from originally, but just randomly came across these Team Sparia photos online tonight, and… Well, they’re new to me. And they’re amazing. 

UPDATED: Thanks to Kris on twitter for letting me know that these were actually taken by Andy Reaser!

okay but remember when spencer told aria she’s little but big and aria’s smile that followed was brighter than all the sunflowers on earth and then the next day when spencer was upset bc aria wasn’t super keen on climbing through a window again and she was like ‘come on we’re team sparia’ with the worst puppy dog eyes that aria relented immediately and remember when spencer was going through a really rough patch and aria was talking to her through the bathroom door and reminded her that spencer wasn’t the only one who could use a little team sparia and remember that time spencer did that thing that could’ve upset aria but she had to do it anyway bc she was nervous and aria’s really tiny but it was okay bc aria wasn’t mad and aria loves spencer and spencer loves aria and remember when aria told spencer she’s a little scary but she meant scary in a loving way and remember that time when aria helped spencer choose a college party appropriate outfit (not from her mother’s wardrobe) and then the two of them laid on spencer’s bed together and laughed and laughed as spencer told the story of how she tried to shave her grandpa’s sideburns for $100 and remember that time five years later when spencer explained to aria how she’s small but mighty hey remember that time when sparia didn’t act like the cutest humans to ever exist? no? me neither.