sparia haleb

don’t fucking say that ezra is innocent he kissed nicole when he KNEW he has a fucking fiance don’t make excuses for him like “oh he was in the moment” or some shit like that he kissed her on LIVE TELEVISION and LIED to aria saying he’ll be back, how would you feel if you set up a cute lil dinner and go out of your way to look great but his not back yet and you’re getting worried then you decided to turn on the tv and see your fiance kissing his motherfucking ex girlfriend don’t make any excuses for that assface because cheating is cheating and aria sure as fuck deserve better then a pathethic low life asshole like him

Okay I’m rewatching season 1 of PLL and IT.IS.AMAZING! Like, okay, the A clues are pretty damn shit. Mona isn’t even in most of the episodes! But, the girls’ friendship is beautiful! They genuinely love and care for each other and oml it’s perfect. 

Also:  Wren.

         Birth of Spoby. THEY ARE THE CUTEST. LIKE LITERALLY HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? “It was fun kicking your ass in scrabble” 

         Birth of Haleb. Ah, the good old times when Caleb wasn’t a fuckboy annoying little shit who switched girlfriends almost as fast as Emily. Also, that long hair? Damn. And that shower scene and the tent scene like, season 1 was Haleb’s glory days. 

         Birth of Ezria. It was pretty damn cute, okay? Sure, as the seasons went on, I kinda stopped shipping it, especially when we found out the truth about Ezra but y’know. Season 1 Ezria was awesome, but what was even more awesome is the other girls’ reaction to it. 


       Paily: I miss the days where Paige tried to drown Emily. 

        Bitchy!Ali: Honestly, this was the best Alison ever. When she came back, she completely switched her personality and ngl, annoyed me with her sweet as sugar attitude. Bring back bitchy ali, please. 

i want emilys body with alisons face, hannas attitude, arias closet, spencers brain, monas boyfriend and -As money

pll’s otp sayings

spoby: I’ve never had a safe place to land but now I feel like I do

emison: How about forever?

ezria: When you love someone, it’s worth fighting for, no matter what the odds

haleb: I have a very good reason to come back. You.

hannily: I don’t give a flying crap about Shana! I care about you.

sparia: You’re little.. But you’re big.

charcoat: [enter silence here]