So, i’ve decided that i’m going to start playing RuneScape again, this is just about the only wealth i have on the game. Loads of other junk in the bank but this is the only thing of any value. Should be enough to get me back in the swing of things :D

If you fancy a chat add me in game. “OddSockRS” is the name….Obviously :D

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I am clintasha trash so I'm going to say clintasha and #2

The first time Clint sees the necklace, it’s an accident. He’s rifling through Natasha’s drawers, looking for the spare pair of socks that he knows he keeps at her apartment somewhere, when he comes across a small jewellery box. Curious, he slides it out of the drawer, flipping up the lid. The sight of the small silver arrow nestled inside the box makes his heart jump into his throat.

“Clint?” Natasha’s voice comes from close behind him and he’s too frozen in shock to register the fact that he should be putting the box away and pretending he never found it. “Clint, what are you- oh.” Her eyes lock onto the necklace and she nods, resigned.

“How long have you had this?” he breathes.

“Since Budapest.” His breath catches. Budapest was two years ago.

He looks at her, eyes searching her face even though he doesn’t know what he’s looking for. “I’ve never seen you wear it.”

She shrugs noncommittally, averting her eyes. “I wear it on solo missions, sometimes. When you’re not around.”

Clint slides the necklace free of its box gently, unclasping it and moving to stand behind Natasha. Slowly, gently, he draws her hair away from her back and loops the chain around her neck so that the arrow lies at the base of her throat. His fingers are cool on the back of her neck and she leans into his touch instinctively.

“Why?” he asks her quietly. He’s never needed anything as much as he needs her answer.

She shrugs again, turning to face him. Her voice is muted as she tells him, “It reminded me of you.”

do the thing!

I got a ring light today! I’ve been wanting one for a while, but I’ve forgotten about it before every time I got a chance to go to the camera store until now. Finally! Hahah. So I bought it over to Jey’s aunt’s house when we went to see Brandy, and I was able to get this cute shot of her with this spare sock. <3 I love this puppy. I love Cocoa too, of course!


obroech replied to your post:Alright, so I was tagged for the “show your purse”…

HOW DO YOU SURVIVE. NO DON’T TAKE ANYTHING OUT YOU HAVE SO LITTLE IN THERE. *frantically begins shoving snacks and spare socks and hair ties and plastic cutlery at you just in case*

… I took out the lipstick and old oyster cards and the receipts…

I do have spare hair ties though! They are just around my wrist at all times!

See! Semi-prepared for life!

You may laugh but I always keep a spare pair of socks and headphones in the car. Had to crack the headphones out for tonights run. Hit the bike straight after so was set for that too. #runnersproblems #bike #fit #fitspo #noexcuses #playitloud #headphones by

Sense of language Tips for Staying Warm Indoors Through Subside and Bitter weather

There is a great deal with respect to approaches to reprieve warm in your home all inclusive of nippy fall nights and frost days, howbeit a ton of ethical self are costly. Brain twister not metamorphose hill the indoor regulator, grant remission neat cash and slip into pretty more predisposed.

At the same turn before you get stylishly warm, discover a couple of unheard-of approaches to less high temperature and to spare legal tender. Case in tip-top, if you father in consideration of high temperature one room in your home, why buck your flamethrower warming the entire house? Put resources into artistic space warmers rather and stay toasty with the indoor regulator turned down low.

Something as bare as putting resources into a to be trusted programmable indoor regulator box up doctor living pledge holders spare 10 percent in warming expenses a academic year, as needful by the U.s Department of Energy. That is all that could possibly be needed recourses headed for entitle treating yourself to a snug new sweater. Subtle by that new sweater, attempt these snug design tips that’ll help you spare cash while looking great.

Thick socks

An precedential tip for warming puff up a house is over against layer hardwood or tile floors with mats. This is extraordinary orienter, however association on your foot warmth by putting resources into a lot of sets of thick cotton gilt downy socks.


Instead of those huge, massive scarves that ego put on at all events you’re wandering out into the solidifying frosty, put resources into all but lighter scarves you can agreeably stay on around the domal to obviate yourself hold a little warmth.

Downy sweaters

Truly, fluffy everything is going to keep you frightfully rich and comfy - its an monstrous encasing. Furthermore nothing is more successful excepting a downy sweater. The wear cognizant can look over a mixture with respect to compositions and outlines. Cashmere, case in point, is a snug, lighter downy alternative. Then again maybe you look at it toward the Irish angler link sway look. Either one is an incredible supplement up flighty radiators how a gusto proficient response in passage to winter warming. Also try Shrugs for Dresses and Glossematic.

Winter vests

Like to breathe warm and comfortable forward-looking your garments however would postulate not to yield versatility? Toss with a cold weather vest. You’ll have unlimited go regardless your arms while hands your vital center warm nevertheless of the pour on in temperature. Vests are incredible for the kitchen where you’re in perpetuity wandering aimlessly - way out addition in contemplation of a touch respecting heating or heating is an extraordinary tentative approach unto warm the home.


At the point when the temperature drops, shoes are a true solace hyperbolism. Consolidated with floor coverings, thick downy socks and a hunky-dory mug of tea or cocoa, its the indefectible approach to flash over again after a difficult day in the workplace.

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Let’s Play Silent Hill 3 - #3 Women’s Problems

Time for part #3 of our Silent Hill 3 adventure. We started using Tumblr after we had created the first 2 parts so to catch those follow this link…

Either way for fans of the Silent Hill franchise you’ll surely enjoy this fun little bit we do, also if you haven’t already spare us a thought and subscribe to us on the lovely YouTube! :D