Modern AU: Street Artist

Inspired by Iuliia Koloskova.

Anna is a spray paint artist, able to quickly and skillfully create beautiful city skylines, out-of-this-world landscapes, and fantastical designs.  Elsa finds the art beautiful, the artist cheerful.  Though Anna moves from place to place to sell her wares, she typically sets up shop near Elsa’s building on Wednesday afternoons, allowing the blonde to watch her until evening.  Elsa buys many of Anna’s paintings, tipping the redhead in ever increasing amounts with each purchase. One late evening, as Anna is ready to close shop, Elsa summons the courage and asks Anna to dinner.  The smile she receives is even more beautiful than her paintings.

Inspired by Bryson Andres

Elsa is a street musician, never seen without her violin.  She wanders from store front to street, playing covers from a wide range of genres: rock, pop, classical, country, etc.  She plays for spare change.  Some give generously; others, not so much.  Many wonder why she isn’t playing in more prestigious settings, because she truly is talented.  The truth is simple: she’s stranded in this country and is barely making ends meet.  She lives day to day; her playing is what keeps her fed.

Enter Anna, music professor at the local university.  She catches Elsa’s soulful rendition of Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep” while hoping to get some hot chocolate and is intrigued, especially since no one should be out in this kind of cold playing anything, and certainly not a stringed instrument.  The pair converse, Elsa in broken English, and Anna offers to get her some hot chocolate as well.

  • This eventually leads to Anna inviting Elsa to stay with her for the time being, out of the cold.
  • The “time being” slowly becomes the entire semester.
  • Elsa starts tagging along with Anna to the university, comfortable staying in the redhead’s office while the latter goes on to teach.
  • The pair stay after hours often, practicing.  Elsa on her violin, Anna on the piano.
  • As a birthday present, Anna offers to have Elsa’s violin restored.  She asks permission because she doesn’t want to cause offense by simply outright doing it.  Elsa is in tears, gratitude pouring from her.
  • Though not an official student, Elsa is a regular at the university, and is getting better at learning the language.  Through a weird loophole, she is able to enroll at the university as a part-time student, despite questions of her visa.
  • In the end, Elsa’s long-expired visa is no longer needed.  She is nationalized a citizen of the US, happily married to the luckiest music professor around.
Promises were a language you spoke better
than anyone else.
You’ve been talking about vulnerability and I’ve
been picking pennies off the sidewalk
for the coin purses between my ribs.
I’m looking forward to the day
when opening my mouth doesn’t feel
like spitting quarters into wishing wells:
a days where my chest doesn’t rattle like my pockets.
Beneath the soft leather of my skin,
I am a symphony of self doubt
and I keep trying, but I can’t seem to empty myself out.
It was so easy for you–
pulling words from my mouths like dollars at the toll booth.
But I am a miser who swallowed her own heart
to keep you from giving it away, and you
were the only pair of steady hands on the day
my insides rolled out like spare change.
Now, I pay the meter everyday
and remind myself to breathe.
You were good at taking things out of me,
but I am learning to let them be.
—  Spare Change, by Ashe Vernon

Man collects over $20,000 in spare change he found over the course of 10 years and donated it to charity

“I’d like to thank the many who are too lazy to pick up a penny,” said Rick Snyder.

Snyder said he picks up the coins that others leave behind. He said he started doing this year’s ago, while out caring for feral cats around the area.

“I feed feral cats,” said Snyder. “I’ve been doing it a long time. As I was out feeding the cats at the various places I feed them, I would see money laying around. Of course I’d pick it up and I started thinking I should keep track of this.”

Snyder said he became obsessed with how much he could collect. He said on average, he finds, about $5 and 60 cents a day.

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–I pick up change when I see it lying on the road, but I don’t think I’ve come anywhere close to picking up $20,000!  Maybe I need to be looking harder.

Face Bank Money Box – Coin Eating Bank

I’d get 2 and have them do a Lady & the Tramp spaghetti scene kinda thing with a quarter.

Or this

The face bank is a uniquely designed piggy bank that literally eats your money! It’s fun for kids because the mouth moves as you put your hand close to it. It’s the savings bank that will make them want to save. They’ll be running around the house searching for coins to ‘Feed’ their face bank. The mouth has a heat sensor and will start to move when you put your hand up to it. Long operating life. Made of plastic, also durable and easy to clean. Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Size: 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.9 in. Powered by: 2*AA batteries (Not Included)