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speculation compilation #13

Best of speculative asks since page 14. It’s cool how you read each other’s theories to further develop your own!

Well… I wouldn’t rule it out.

How observant.

(Skipped rooms are unimportant. If skipped, the room contained no encounters and Frisk solved the puzzle easily. If we drew every room in the ruins, this comic would progress at a snail’s pace!)

These are good questions. 

In Undertale, where did Flowey’s vessel come from?


A little bird told me nochocolate would be posting something about boss monster aging on Friday…

* Smells like spoilers.

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2017

Day 79 – 100 Days of Productivity

Completed Topic 1 of Economics with 7 pages to spare! Success (◕◡◕✿)

Getting prepared for my Masterclass tomorrow by organising my supplies and revising textbook summaries 🌟May my trusty bullet journal aid me in my endeavours.

New Years Wish

By Douglas Robert Turek

Happy New Year, I wish you bliss
And continuation in things like this
The pursuit of that which you need daily
The ability to face the world wittily and gaily
The courage to put on your best face and face it forward
The steel to remind yourself what you work towards
The pause for a thought or cloud or flower
Keeping a door installed in your ivory tower
Stocking your shoulders with an excess of hugs
But leave room still for ample shrugs
In general, a healthy balanced inventory
Plenty of spare pages in your story
And ink in your veins with which to write it
And friends and family who yet delight it
I wish you happenstance and accidents too
Sometimes the greater gift for you
I wish you lessons big and small
Some you desire some you don’t want at all
I wish you plenty wherever it fits
And determination, resolve, and grit
I wish mostly that you are smart and kind
And find truth and beauty in all you find


After finding some screenshots of Rottytops from Half Genie Hero, I was like “damn, I haven’t drawn her in awhile, I’ll do that today” so I found a spare art book page and just…did this??? I can’t believe how much better it looks than my old ones??? there’s a comparison picture to the other times i’ve drawn her. 


These are the first few pages of a short comic I made for my brilliant sister’s birthday. I only had a few days in which to think it up and put it together, which was crazy, but also really fun. I’ll be posting a few pages every day this week : )

My sister makes beautiful ceramics and dreams of having time to make more + own a cottage in the countryside + a Maine Coon cat + maybe a Chihuaha. Also pun battles. You can see her very cool photos here. Happy birthday again, Saar!


27.02.16 // Winter holiday is almost over… It’s been fun, although I’ve had to study for my nationwide Finnish exam next week!

Didn’t think to bring my sketchbook and oil pastels with me so I had to make do with a spare page in my planner and way-too-bright markers that bleed through the page :‘c

I came up with a semi-fantasy world at the end of my creative writing course last year, and wrote the beginning of a story that didn’t even have a proper plot.

I’m not much of a writer, but I’ve grown rather attached to my own characters and settings. So I thought, why not put it down on paper in the form of drawings instead?

Hey guys, so the other day I mentioned that I was robbed on my way to Baltimore. I set up a donation page through PayPal if you have anything to spare I would be so grateful. My ticket home will be about 100$, so I’m aiming for about 200$ just to be safe in case something happens, and to not be a burden while I’m here. I’ll need the ticket amount by September 5th at the latest.

If you have anything to spare, please help.

Donation page is

Thank you guys so much


13.09.2015// My cat spilled water on my bullet journal (which was very unfortunate because I liked my old yellow one) but luckily I had a moleskine on hand and I set up a new one. Because my new layout has the monthly calendar on one page instead of two, how it used to be, I now have a spare page that I need to figure out what to use for.