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Here it is. Naruto-verse Haikyuu!! I just did the character designs. It was totally unplanned and just a gust of feelings on Naruto aandd Haikyuu!! So uh. Just these three first. I wanted Oikawa to be their jounin sensei, just because of Tobio.

Hinata is gonna be the chakra tank so ninjutsu expert.

And Tobio is medic and a kenjutsu expert. And also!! I freakin LOVE Genma Shiranui so he uses senbon too.

And Yacchan’s gonna be fuinjutsu master. And abilities like Sai.

(It all began when I wanted to draw Naruto but ended up coloring the hair orange ….. Spare me?)

“hamilton” characters at Walt Disney World

Alexander Hamilton: gets on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and has childhood flashbacks; gets really angry when Gaston starts hitting on Eliza and tries to fight him via push-up contest (Gaston does end up beating him since Alex is smol and not in shape); then gets the really bad idea to eat like 5 churros and then get on the teacups despite warnings from basically everyone; Eliza has to basically drag him out of the park

Aaron Burr: goes along with the gang and is all like “im a grown man guys, im too old for this, etc.” but by the end of the day he owns a pair of mouse ears and has ridden the Winnie the Pooh ride 6 times

Angelica Schuyler: the best of the group at finding Hidden Mickeys; has a very deep respect and admiration for Princess Tiana and everytime she sees her she’s lowkey all like “yas queen slayyyyy, you build that restaurant froggy mother”; really enjoys the light bulb parade and fireworks at the end of the day

Eliza Schuyler: spends the day being the “mom” for Phillip and Peggy, going on all the rides with them and taking pics of them with the characters; runs into Alexander and his squad and realizes she’s gonna have to supervise 6 children instead of just 2

Peggy Schuyler: gets a Queen Elsa princess makeover and spends the whole day hanging out with all the frozen characters; likes the mickey mouse ice cream bars a lot 

George Washington: creates an itinerary for the whole day at the park; “So, we’re gonna ride the Jungle Cruise at 9:43, and at 9:49 we’re gonna get FastPasses for…ALEXANDER WHERE ARE YOU GOING GET BACK HERE SON WERE ON A STRICT SCHEDULE HERE” not only that, he’s got a fanny pack where he keeps his fast passes and other various objects, like spare cash and oranges

Thomas Jefferson: Instagramming everything; gets the highest score on the Toy Story arcade ride out of everyone; walks past Push the Talking Trash Can and mistakes it for Alexander; “WHY DOES THIS MAC AND CHEESE COST NINETEEN DOLLARS”

James Madison: really likes Splash Mountain and goes on it immediately after he gets into the park; walks around soaking wet for the rest of the day; lowkey scared of all the costumed characters EXCEPT Cinderella, who he has a not so subtle crush on

John Laurens: on a mission to meet Donald Duck and get his autograph; absolutely loves the Jungle Cruise; is a bit of a wimp when it comes to roller coasters and scary rides- it took Herc like 40 minutes to get him on Space Mountain(which he actually ended up loving, and he continued to ride it with Alexander 5 times in a row).

Marquis de Lafayette: crazy for that Dole Whip stuff they serve at the Tiki Room; tries to woo Belle at the character meet and greet with French pickup lines; really likes the Star Tours ride and buys one of the build your own lightsabers from the nearby gift shop

Hercules Mulligan: the extreme rollercoaster junkie; tries to get Alex, Laf, and Laurens on the Tower of Terror and eventually succeeds; he then pays $14.00 for the magnificent photo of the ride and frames it when he gets home (it’s really a beautiful picture: Laurens is basically crying/screaming, Alex has a death grip on Laurens’s arm and is laughing/screaming at top volume, and Laf was cursing in French- all while Herc was having an enjoyable time)

^somebody should really draw this photo (im lookin at you, @yamhaylet )

Phillip Hamilton: decides he’s brave enough to try out The Haunted Mansion, but once he gets in there he starts crying until he realizes the ghosts aren’t real; spends the rest of the day with Peggy and Eliza riding It’s A Small World


A lovely gift

This is for @shadows-of-1832 !! I know you’ve been a bit stressed lately so I thought some fluff would cheer you up! Honestly, this was hard and I had no clue how to end it and it’s kinda ooc but I suck at fluff. I tried I really did! I hope you like it :)

He had surprised her with a gift. It was left unwrapped, sitting on her bed–the bed he had made up for her each time she left–waiting for whenever she chose to return. There was no note, no letter by her bed, nothing, just the gift, white contrasting against the dark, thick blanket. She approached the bed, hesitant, wondering if she should even dare to touch something so lovely. What if they turned to ash at her touch?

Ridiculous, she scoffed. She bit her lip and rubbed her fingers. She then lifted her hand, and her fingers grazed the soft, white silk. Gloves. Silk gloves. Laced, silk gloves. Her lips parted in surprise, in excitement at the smooth fabric. She took them in her hands, a small smile pulling at the corners of her lips, feeling the gloves between her fingertips. Such a beautiful gift.

She turned, glancing back to the door, half expecting to see him standing there, staring at her. But it was only sunset, she remembered, and Enjolras would not be home for an hour or so. Looking back at the silk like snow in her hands, she could not contain herself. She placed them aside and quickly washed her hands in the kitchen before returning to her room. Éponine, with all delicateness, put on the gloves, her long fingers sliding in, the cool fabric like something foreign, something forbidden.

She grinned, admiring the gloves, how perfect a fit they were; they were tailored just for her, by Enjolras’ specifications, in a way that he knew she would love. And she did. She had always a fondness for lace and silk.

Her smile faded. And she turned to look at the door. She left her room and walked slowly into the small living room, eyeing the door that led out of his flat. She scratched her thumb. She shifted, glancing down at herself, her dirty feet, her velvet dress dusted with soot. Perhaps she should be grateful he wasn’t home yet.

So she cleaned herself up in the washroom and went to her wardrobe in her room, and after glancing over her dresses, nothing pleased her; nothing would match the gloves. She stood there, naked shivering slightly from the cold, a finger hooked over her upper lip, her ebony hair sticking to her damp shoulders. But the longer she stared, the less interested she became. So she left her room to raid Enjolras’. She snatched his favorite red coat and put it on, immediately feeling warm, comfortable. She sniffed it, enjoying the scent of him.

When Enjolras returned, night had fallen. His flat was lit with spare candles, an orange glow throughout his flat. And as Éponine walked into the living room–she was dressed in only her undergarments save for his coat that was generous enough to cover her front–she fiddled with the wrist of the gloves on her hands. She then noticed him and smiled lightly, blushing.

Enjolras smiled back at her, amused at her incredibly odd choice of clothing. “Those gloves aren’t for ever-day use, you know.”

“Oh,” she said. “I know that.”

No, she didn’t. But he didn’t have to know. She moved to him anyway, welcoming him home with a warm embrace and a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, Enjolras. They’re perfectly lovely.”

He kissed her nose and proceeded to remove the coat he wore before placing it on the sofa. “They’re for formal occasions.”

“And you plan to take me to them?” Her eyebrows rose, skeptical but still smiling.

“I do.”

Her grin went from ear to ear, the smile reaching her eyes. “Oh Enjolras!” She squealed, giddy, excited, struggling to contain herself. “I have never been to any fancy parties! I’ve never been given anything like this.” She went to kiss him, “You’re so awfully good to me!” And she peppered him with kisses.

He chuckled, giving into her, kissing her back as he wrapped his arms about her. He knew of course poverty allotted for few worry-free moments and all that included. Social occasions of course, were definitely not on that list.

“I know how much you love to dance.”

“I do love to dance,” she said. “Although I’m not too good.”

“I can teach you,” he offered. “And besides, I’m sure Marius and the others won’t mind.”

“They’re all going? To where?”

“Marius and Cosette are getting married in a few weeks.” He reminded her. “All of the Amis are going.”

“Ah, yes,” Éponine smiled. “The wedding, I shouldn’t have forgotten.” She looked down at her gloves, staring at the design. “I certainly don’t hope to outshine the bride with these.”

He chuckled, “No, of course not.”

Enjolras kissed her cheek and then her lips, soft and slow and tender, before pulling away to press his forehead to hers. “But to me, you’ll always outshine any woman.”

She blushed, and Enjolras led her to dance, slow, swaying to silence as Éponine laid her head on his shoulder. He kissed the side of her head. The two stayed like that for a while, slowly dancing as the moon rose, whispering sweet nothings and tender I love yous, promises of forever into the night.

Let it Be (Draft)

Portal 2; Blue Sky Drabble.

Prompt: Different Turret is the best baby monitor. 


Let it be.”

The voice, a ceramic, echoed chime in the semi-darkness of the small room, was a comfort to Wheatley. Normally a bundle of nerves, even on a good day, he really appreciated the sing-song sound, even if the little turret’s advice was entirely unhelpful. Any other noise would have been better. Any noise, but the ear-splitting, worse-than-a-nail-on-a-chalkboard wailing coming from a swaddle of cloth in his arms.

Chell’s—their—the Baby was not ready to go to bed.

“Just, just getting to that, right there, thank you for the friendly pointer,” hollered Wheatley, over the yell. The noise only made the Baby cry harder. “AHH–! VERY, very helpful! Say, you wouldn’t happen to have anything in there that, ohh, I dunno, knows a thing or two about putting human infants to sleep? Doubt you would, completely understandable if that, that little tidbit in Robotics and Babies 101 passed you by. Considering, you know, that, err, babies—human babies at least—they don’t seem to come with instructions. Or—or manuals.” The Baby let out a fitful screech, its pudgy face turning red. Wheatley gulped. “Or off switches.”

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.”

Had Wheatley been less exhausted, he would have glared at the Different Turret, almost jealous of its lack of proper earholes. Turrets could still hear, as could all robots from There, but it was just the look of the thing, having no ear holes. Wheatley briefly imagined how he too would look, without his generously proportioned auditory dishes, ones that almost put Foxglove’s massive satellite receivers to shame. Without ears he could at least pretend to be spared from this small, grating back step in joy of parenting.

Hmmph. Quite the oxymoron. And Wheatley didn’t use that term lightly. 

He leaned against the crib, thoughts of Chell’s mattress— only two rooms down but so much farther away— sounding better and better the louder the child’s tantrum became.

“Does, err, this “Mother Mary” of yours— a mate or a matre, I’d assume— she know a thing or two about off switches?” said Wheatley.

“Switches aren’t for babies.” Chell stepped into the room, treading lightly but purposefully. Barely concealed behind her earlobes, two bright orange plugs spared her eardrums from the concussive percussion session poor Wheatley’s auditory rhythm section was subjected to.

Speaking words of wisdom,” the Different Turret quietly cheered.

“Eheh,” confirmed a tired Wheatley. Chell held out the warm bottle to him, but after a second of Wheatley debating exactly which object to juggle and how, she thought better of it and spared him the chance to drop their two-month-old daughter on her crown, taking the tiny human into her own arms. Opposable thumbs and properly allocated limbs were still as foreign to Wheatley as they were to the bundle in his arms.

At least he still had an educated advantage in the walking department.

For now. 

The darkin gave the large blade in his hand a swirl as he had approached the other. From behind the man had the same colors of the darkin itself, spare the orange flame that sprouted from various directions of his body.
“Your smell is far from mortal, how intriguing.”

His maw opened, allowing a red glow emit from between the fangs as he cackled to himself softly. “My question is, -do you bleed well?- ”


It Only Takes One Time (Part 39)

ok so here this is lmao, the story is ending hella soon. 

also if you’re ever put off by the way I am in my authors notes, my writing isn’t the same it’s chill

Part 38

Warnings: I’m not even sure I swore 

I had managed to fall asleep that night at ease, not letting myself cry a single tear after I instructed Dan to leave me be and handle myself. I wanted to try and work in some hours of sleep before waking up the next day and wanting to crawl back in bed.

Luckily, our flight was in the evening to fly which meant I had the day to finalize my packing and get Liam ready. Having a new baby go on an international trip was already going to be a pain in the ass, but there really wasn’t much else I could say. This would be nice for Liam to look back on in the future as whatever happens between Dan and I may be something completely different. He could at least see that at some point, we tried to give him something the represented family.

I woke up early and made myself some toast and coffee and warmed up Liam’s milk. Everyone including Dan’s mother had gone home.It was just me, awake and by myself organizing everything.

For the next few hours, I stayed on my laptop reviewing apartments that were for sale. I needed something that was actually in my budget or else I would have to resort to getting help from Waverly.

“You’re already awake?” Dan yawned, tying his sweatpants as he approached the table where I sat.

“Yeah, there’s a lot to be done so I figured I should get a head start and wake up early. Especially after last nights fiasco.” He sat across from me and tapped his fingers against the wooden table, making a rhythmic pattern. “You sound like a rockstar.”

“What?” He chuckled, cocking up one of his brows. I gestured my head over to his fingers and looked back at my computer, opening up my email. “Oh,” he stopped, “I used to play drums when I was younger. Haven’t in awhile though, so I guess my hands still feel the beats. Or maybe thats the pianist in me, who knows.”

“You make it seem like you’re a retired musician who suffered a horrible accident and had to put his career on hold.” I clicked on the email from my doctor last night that. I needed to keep staring at the sentence where it stated I wasn’t pregnant to continue and further relax myself. I would be receiving a call from the offices nurse any minute to explain to me why I wasn’t pregnant and why my drugstore test came out positive.

“More like a failed law student drop out who creates videos online about anything and everything.” Dan shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

“That reminds me, I should check out your channel. I used to be so on top of watching YouTube in my spare time, but ever since I got pregnant it’s been like I have no spare time.” I grabbed a spare orange that I brought out with my breakfast and threw it at Dan, who fumbled a bit but grabbed it.

“Maybe you shouldn’t. That would embarrass me a lot.” Dan gulped, slowly digging his nails into the orange but failing to peel it. I laughed to myself and walked over to him, standing beside where he sat. He was so tall that when I stood by him whilst sitting, he still wasn’t too far below my head.

“Let me help you with this,” I took the orange and jabbed my thumb in the dip at the top. I then removed my thumb and started taking off the peel by the little lip I created with my thumb. “Would you ever let Liam watch your videos?” I smiled, watching the peel come off in one piece. I was never proud of many things I did, but peeling an orange correctly? Give me a fucking award because I was a professional.

“I mean-I suppose that I would. I don’t create content that’s useless. I simply post about opinions and I guess some of my videos can be informational? It’s weird. We’ve never really talked about that part of my life.” Dan used his free hand to rub at his eyes. I gave him the perfectly naked orange and now instead took a seat that was right next to him.

“To be fair, we’ve been busy taking care of a tiny human and having humiliating fights. In all seriousness I feel as if… I haven’t really gotten to know much about you individually that much. It’s all been about me or about Liam. I can’t speak for Liam but it gets exhausting being the centre of attention.”

“So, you want to start getting to know me?” Dan did a cheeky little side smile, really only showing off one of his dimples.

“I actually think I do.” I watched him take a bite off of the orange. He looked so adorable when he chewed.

“Seriously? I thought you resented me.”

“I don’t think I could ever resent you.” I quickly responded, closing my eyes. This conversation was completely civil and relaxed but now it was going to turn into me crying again if I didn’t find a nice solution. “I’m usually really, really, really mad at you but I could never resent you. My feelings towards you are indescribable. I just feel that right now, before I officially move completely out of here and out of the apartment with Catherine that I should get to know you better. You are the man who’s going to be in charge of my son for a specific amount of time so any information about you can become useful, alright? Great.” I meekly smiled and sucked in a deep breath.

“Great.” He replied, affirming that he understood.

“Let’s start with your YouTube videos.” I proclaimed. I had follow up questions but suddenly my phone rung and I knew that it was the nurse. I picked up my phone and stood up. “Load up a video, I just need to answer this.” Dan nodded and moved to my computer as I stepped back into the bedroom. “Hello?”

“Hi! Alright, I need to do this quickly but I understand you’re confused as to why the test was negative with us and positive with a drugstore test?” The nurse spoke into the phone. I started pacing around the room, trying my hardest to keep my voice down.

“Uh yes. I understand that the drugstore can scan incorrectly and that can lead to a faulty test but I simply just want to know? My period was late and I guess I just wasn’t feeling my best. A lot of the symptoms were similar to my first pregnancy.” I explained.

“You recently had a baby, correct?”

“I did, yes.” I confirmed, walking around the room and simply studying everything extra carefully.

“Alright well… According to this you’re around 13 weeks postpartum. Your period takes time to regulate once more after you have gone through the process of pregnancy. It seems that right after you had sex for the first time and you weren’t back to the cycle you’re used to, you took the test. The test as you said didn’t scan correctly either. However, for the other symptoms? You might be close to starting and are ovulating or thats just your mind tricking you.” She finished.

The nurse and I didn’t talk for much longer before she hung up. I then walked back out to the dining room and saw Dan sitting at my computer.

“I got a video loaded.”


Before desperately packing last minute, Dan and I spent a good hour an a half watching his most recent and older videos together. I couldn’t bring myself to stop laughing at whatever he said or did.

Once we were dressed and ready to go, I picked up Liam from his play pen and looked up at Dan who was waiting in the doorway. Phil had gone out with friends and said a blunt goodbye to us. I felt bad for being so destructive in his life but it was out of my control.

“Hey, quick thing.” Dan mumbled. “Like seriously so quick, I don’t want to make this a big thing or ruin anything before we set foot in France-shit. That was a surprise but whatever.” He shook his head. “I just wanted to ask you something.”

“Go for it.” I put my purse overly shoulder and grabbed the handle of my suitcase.

“Why did you never tell me you were pregnant?” Dan looked up at me worriedly and I immediately shook my head.

“No, no, no. I thought I was pregnant but I’m not. I never told you because… I wanted to make sure if I actually had anything to tell you about.”

“Did you think it was mine?” He sighed, taking over my suitcase. I replied with a slow nod, turning my gaze to Liam. “Alrighty then.”

“I’m sorry.” I groaned. “I didn’t know what to do, I was panicked.”

“It’s fine. Lets go. Paris awaits.

anonymous asked:

what do you believe in?

When I was 9, I had this teacher who would tell us all kinds of complete fucking shit. He was a religious fanatic. I was in a catholic school and he was a known fucking maniac, but he was really nice and friendly to children. Kids really looked forward to having him as a teacher. But he was also fucking insane. 

He would take detours from whatever the lesson was an tell us about religious conspiracies, that when the End Times come, the Chosen will have microchips in their skin that will save them from Annihilation and fucking I know this is the stereotype, like entry level conspiracy nut, but it was just shit like this constantly, and he’d tell us that the Second Coming could be tomorrow and it probably is. He said that the class he had the year before us was praying once and three girls saw the Virgin Mary appear. She flew up above the door and kissed this picture of the Pope, then she hovered over to the bible table and had a gentle, loving laugh. Then she looked at the girls and vanished.

One time he said there were some priests praying in a church on a hill during a war and bombs were going to go off and the priests prayed for their lives to be spared and an orange force field appeared around the church and protected them.

One time he said he was really caught between trying to choose whether or not to go to university in Canada or America and he was driving down to some school to check it out and a truck beside him had “Thomson” written on it with Canadian and American flags beside it. His name was Tom. He knew then that it was a message from God, saying, “Tom, son. It doesn’t matter. Both schools will be fine so you can choose either. I’m fucking showing you both these flags so you know that you are safe going to either school.”

Fuck, one time he said he really wanted a wife and he asked the priest what to do and the priest said to just pray. He prayed in the church and then a woman walked in and she later became his wife. He’d fucking just tell us this shit. Like he prayed to the lord because he wanted to get fucked and a woman just walked at him.

These are just the things I remember off the top of my head. Every day it was shit like this but usually more bizarre. We believed every fucking word of it, too. He was really nice so it seemed impossible that what he was saying wasn’t true. He said that the Book of Revelations predicted that the end of the world was really soon and baited some kid into researching with him when the exact date would be. He already knew all this shit but I guess he wanted to make it sound more legitimate to have this kid read some passages with him and be like, “Well this is predicting that it’s 100 years from 1898, so where does that leave us?” and then the kid said it would be 1998, so fuckhead was like, “Goodness Anthony you’re right! Jesus is going to come back to this world in only 3 years!” Then when it was time to sit on the carpet in a circle listening to his shit, he broke the news that Anthony had helped him research that God was fucking going to end our lives in just a few years. He’d say that in the bible, Jesus told John that “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” and that Jesus isn’t just talking shit. He asked us if we knew how close “at hand” was. He put his arm out and reached and was like, “There. See how close I can reach it? Just out of my hand, really. That’s how close The Time is.” So there was another fucking layer of absolute anxiety to constantly worry about.

One time these two kids in my class were crying at recess, completely inconsolable, like they had seen someone get hit by a car or something. We asked them what was wrong and it took a while for them to even be able to put into words what was going on. They had gone to church and some fuckhole priest told them about what the Second Coming is going to be like. Maybe not even that. It really just seemed like one of many possible religious apocalypses that would probably happen soon. He said the sky will be red, there will be blood in it or fire. You’ll try to hide, but you are still seen. If you look out your basement window, you’ll see a cross on fire and you’ll get fucked up. Angels will be screaming and taking your life to put you in your new body. Shit like that. You know how you hear the standard Judgment Day shit? It kind of seemed like that but all these fucking non-sequitur human terrors punishing you for arbitrary reasons. So the priest had gone on about shit like that at a mass and scared the fuck out of these kids. So when we got back to class, I think some other kids had brought it up to the teacher. Then this fuckup goes on to elaborate about all that. He doesn’t try to comfort the kids or just let it go, he further emphasizes how we’ll get fucked up by this earth inferno day because you weren’t the ones who were truly repentant. Even then I started to realize this guy just talked complete fucking shit.

He laid a depth charge on me once though and even a year or two later it kept me awake. He told us that our time in Heaven would be eternal. There are feasts even though you don’t hunger and you drink even though you aren’t thirsty and you just fuck off in Heaven for the rest of time, which didn’t really even count anymore. It just kept going. I think that’s when I first though of eternity and being in Heaven forever and what it would be like to never have that end. Maybe it’s when I first really thought of my consciousness and what the phenomenon of experiencing your own mind and time and your own life, really. Like the awareness of the awareness of these things. Anyway again I was terrified. I thought of being in these empty castle halls just hollowing drinking and eating things and wandering around, encountering people you’ve longed become bored of, just fucking off forever with the weight of knowing that this never ends always present. We kind of segment our experiences, we have phases of our lives or distinct parts of our day, or even just sleeping every night, that frame the shit we go through into compartments or narratives. There wouldn’t be any of that in Heaven. It just keeps going. All this meaningless shit forever, and that’s this awesome reward. I started to get reality panic and I got out of bed and told my mom that Mr. Fuckhead told us shit that once again is scaring the fuck out of me. She called him the next day and gave him shit I think, even though it had been at least a year since I was in his class. Come to think of it, she called him a bunch of times about being a fucking complete lunatic to 9 year old children.

Cripe, one time he was angry about evolution and he told us it’s a flawed idea. Even though we were in a catholic school, we were watching videos about evolution and early humans migrating across the world. That fucked him. He said it’s not like that . When you sign up to do a race, a car doesn’t just appear in your garage.  That was another thing that even as a child, I could tell there were elements missing from this fucker’s brain. He was angry that scientists thought a racing car would just appear in the garage.