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 kairi week 2017!!

day 7, what character(s) relate to kairi/character crossovers:

i love namine and i love xion and i want them to come back and i want them to meet kairi and i want them to get along and be a super awesome team and i have entirely too many feelings about my lovely daughters so have lots and lots of rambling and assorted headcanons under the cut

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Kingdom Hearts: Riku (INTJ)

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Riku has distinct and clear visions of what he wants. He visualizes his goals (get to other worlds, get Kairi’s heart back, return home free of darkness with Sora, etc.) and then proceeds to map them out with an almost “tunnel vision” approach. When things go wrong in his plans, however, he has difficulty managing and adapting (Vocally questioning “Why? It was mine?!” when losing the Keyblade to Sora). He’s the best of the main protagonists at reading people (he’s immediately able to identify Quasimodo’s dilemma after a short conversation) and is very much so aware when Maleficent is lying through her teeth.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Riku is all about getting things done. He doesn’t waste time with extraneous information or asking questions not pertinent to his goals (Telling Captain Hook, “Who knows? As long as it means getting Kairi’s heart back, I couldn’t care less.” when Hook asks what Maleficent is planning). He’s able to make controversial but logical decisions with far more ease than most of his allies - he goes along with DiZ’s plans for Roxas with far more ease than Naminé.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Despite being his tertiary function, Riku has a high amount of Fi usage. He feels deeply but rarely on the surface - you see his emotions through his choices and actions rather than through physically evident reactions. He smiles sparingly, rarely shouts, and never cries. One of the tell tale signs of the Replica in Chain of Memories being a fake is the heavy emotional reactions. Likewise, his emotions are always genuinely his own - he feels what he feels because of how it affects him personally. While he does show signs of empathy we never see Riku feeling an emotion just because someone else is feeling it.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): A lot of Riku’s skill in battle comes from his Se usage - he’s aware of his physical soundings and can use them to his advantage, often times being Sora’s superior in their spars on the island. However, his tendency to take the more difficult path on the race and to be defeated when caught off guard shows that it’s his inferior function.

NOTE: His descent into darkness in the first game comes up as the result of an Ni-Fi loop. His introverted intuition and his introverted feeling end up bypassing his external thinking leading him to be highly emotional and illogical - assuming that Sora has replaced him with Donald and Goofy and, as such, doesn’t care about him any more.