spar city

Okay, but like…can we talk about Lucy Lane for a second?  I stg I ship her with almost every woman on this godforsaken show. Like, can we talk about this? (@racethewind10 I AM DOING THE THING)


 - Give me Lucy hitting up Alex to go to the gym because she doesn’t have a sparring partner in National City and she was kind of (really) impressed during that whole Red Tornado debacle.

- Give me Lucy and Alex matching each other blow for blow while trading teasing banter.  Give me Lucy taking down Alex with a move she hasn’t seen before and Alex asking her to do it again slower so she can learn.

 - Give me them flinging innuendo back and forth as they circle each other, each trying to throw the other off her game and both dancing around the obvious sexual tension in the air between them.

 - Give me Alex trying out that move she learned and pinning Lucy and Lucy just being really surprised for a moment.  Give me Alex playfully gloating until they both realize that Alex is straddling Lucy and just pausing for a few moments.  Lucy flexes her wrists a bit under Alex’s hands and their eyes are locked.  Neither of them is breathing. 

Just give me so much Lucy/Alex.