spaqua picture

In case you people think I forgot about the Spaqua pic…I haven’t! I’ve just been very busy! I’ve made Aqualad’s head a bit bigger, added a bit more detail to make it realistic. And then I’ve started on the bodies. I’ve created four layers for Aqualad’s bodies, and one of them was just for his hands. You can kinda see it there. I have the layers before the current one at about a 25 opacity. Thankfully, each layer is getting better drawn. Its not quite where I want it, but it’s getting there. Meanwhile Speedy’s body only cost two layers, but I don’t think I’m done with him yet. I know that when it comes time for coloring They’re both gonna take a lot of layers. My hands are hurting just thinking about it.

But I promise I will not post the finished version until I am 200% satisfied with it! And going from this…we have a long way to go.