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How would the suitors find out that the princess is a masochist and how would they react to it?

Let’s just say she tells them, and this is how they react (probably has to explain it to Byron, Al, and Rayvis)

Louis - *cries* “Nooooooo.” *literally sobbing because you said ‘spank/choke/bite me’*

Robert - *gives you like the slightest tiniest tap on your ass ever* “There.”

Sid - *Spankmaster 2000 leaves handprints on your ass*

Alyn - *pulls out the riding crop* “Giddyup.”

Nico - “OK!!!” *leaves bite marks on your ass cheeks and twists your nipples* “Do me now!”

Leo - *ties you up with that tie and does unspeakable things that are illegal in Wysteria*

Byron - “Well, we have that dungeon we never use…”

Albert - *is shook*

Rayvis - “Get on the floor. Good. Now scrub the tile.”

Giles - “I’ll be sure to increase your punishment.” *chokes you while you have to recite the Declaration of Wysteria* tf Giles?

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Yow, this is a remix of a Kool Keith track called “DRUGS”, from the “SPANKMASTER” album. Keith is one of my favourite artist period. His crazyness gave him abilities other mc’s can’t even dream of. He’s a legend.

Remixing that track was a lot of fun. Play it loud. As it should be. Keith and i is obviously a violent combo.


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