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Yow, this is a remix of a Kool Keith track called “DRUGS”, from the “SPANKMASTER” album. Keith is one of my favourite artist period. His crazyness gave him abilities other mc’s can’t even dream of. He’s a legend.

Remixing that track was a lot of fun. Play it loud. As it should be. Keith and i is obviously a violent combo.


Eminem’s new single “The Monster” just came out. Have you heard it?
Nah, I haven’t heard it yet. That’s different. Is it wild? That’s cool.

Let me read the lyric to you. He said, “Going as cuckoo and kooky as Kool Keith/ But I’m actually weirder than you think.”
I don’t take the phrase like a diss. I take it as he had a moment of his life to think about me for a couple of seconds. That’s really good. All the rappers know me in general. For him, all the rappers look up to him. That’s the thing in general. One day we’ll get on the track. Hopefully, he calls me to do that song and we get a song. Trade some vocals and stuff like that. I’m glad. That goes to show that I am still current. You don’t have a box to put me in. I’m not labeled from the guys that are back in time and the rappers that can’t keep up with the current moment. That’s a very good compliment.

  • Droga Life
  • Mr. Scradam
  • Kool Keith vs Goblin

Embarrassing! Last time I posted this song I accidentally left delay on the vocal track. I re-exported and uploaded, now you can actually understand the lyrics 8-P (It’s still a rough edit.)

Drugs” by Kool Keith (Spankmaster, 2001) vs. “La Via Della Droga M1 IV” by Goblin (The Heroin Busters, 1977)

Kool Keith vs. Goblin by Mr. Scradam (Coming Soon)

This is a rough edit.


Spank master strikes again!!!! Bahahahahahahaha #ghervithevictim #spankmaster #whosnext (at Casa Bella)


Kool Keith mp3 download

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Spankmaster album:

  • Artist - Kool Keith mp3
  • Album - Spankmaster mp3
  • Year - 2001
  • Genre- Rap: Hip-Hop


  • Girls In Jail
  • Jealous
  • Eldaradoe’s
  • Maxin In The Shade
  • Concert Intro
  • N.B.A
  • I Wanna Play
  • Blackula
  • Spank-Master (Take Off Your Clothes)
  • Captain Save Em
  • Mack Trucks
  • I’m a Tell-U
  • Jewelry Shine
  • Girl Would You Fuck Tonight
  • Haters
  • Dark Vadar
  • Big Frank
  • Stoney Jackson
  • Yes Yes Ya’ll
  • Drugs

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5 MB; Kool Keith Spankmaster 03 I’m a Tell-U.wma. This album is a near-spoof of the bounce/booty-clap. It was released on June 5, 2001 on Esham ’s Overcore Records The album was mildly successful making it to #48 on the Top R&B. Pandora is the Internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Spanking stories, spanking pictures, bondage stories, college girl spanking, bondage pics, Spanking Master General!!,Spanking stories, spanking pictures, bondage stories. Absolutely packed with thousands of images of every spanking fantasy. 1.2 MB; Kool Keith Spankmaster 02 I Wanna Play.wma. Spankmaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ‘Spankmaster is the sixth album by Kool Keith. Spankmaster: Kool Keith: Music Most Helpful Customer Reviews: If anyone took the theme of this album seriously, they totally missed the joke. is where music and people connect