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❥Uchuu Kei is a style branching off of Fairy Kei that features outer space (uchuu) and space alien (uchuujin) motifs.

❥Neon and cool colors are more common, mixed with black, metallics, and even futuristic elements can go into an outfit.

❥Basically anything you put on within the Fairy Kei / pop Kei spectrum that makes you think “I feel like I came from outer space!” would be Uchuu Kei.

❥Unlike Spank! that is inspired by the 80’s,Uchuu Kei is inspired by the 90’s.

❥The basic outfit would consist of metallic, silver or neon tutu skirt, some cropped shirt with some cute spacey pattern, rings on shoulders or at the end of the short dress or skirt, sneakers and even high heels are wearable(as long as they are wacky and bright colored), glitter clothes, knee high pattern socks that matches the style.

❥Hair is usually big, messy, and colorful with space accessories (like space rockets, aliens, etc.)

❥Makeup can be over-the-top or simple, as long as you use neon colors for it, mainly around the eye and on your lips. (photos below)

#5 Spanking *Visuals* [5SOS Preference]

Warning: Smut with Visuals (NSFW)


“You’ve been a really bad girl, teasing me like that when you knew I was doing a tweetcam” Luke growls, while his hands were working on your hotpants; tugging them down, along with your panties “moving your ass in that way while the other boys were watching you as well” he says, an hard spank following his words “making me jealous, was that what you wanted? So I could be rough?” another spank, earning a loud gasp escape your lips.


“How can you always be so fucking tight? Haven’t I fucked you hard enough?” Micheal groans beneath you as you bounche your hips fast on him, riding his massive cock “you always fuck me good, daddy” you smirk, knowing he has a daddy kink- his hands reaching over to spank you “my girl knows me too well, doesn’t she?” he rolls his head back in pleasure and spanks you several times.


“Fuck. Calum. Keep going like that, I’m so close” you manage to say between moans “mmh, I think I know what will make you lose it” he smirks and takes both of your ankles; lifting your legs up before slapping your ass “that’s it baby” he groans before both of you let it go.


“Grind back on me babygirl” Ashto mumbles as he pounds into you, making you both a moan and sweaty mess “when I ask you something, you have to answer me and do it” he growls and you bite your lip, knowing how much it makes him rough “my bad girl needs to be punished” he smirks and spanks you.

Inspired by: 5sos-dreaming


royalty-nia  asked:

Hello, Prince!! I'm thinking about doing my first fairy kei outfit later this year, inspired by you! I fell in love with the 6%DOKIDOKI harem pants! i can't decide on the colors and I really really like the black and I would probably get the most wear out of those regularly, but would it be too much for the pastel theme of a fairy kei outfit? Thank you! I'm always so indecsive skjgf

Hi cutie!! Ah thank you so much I’m so glad~~!

Well, I’ll be honest- very rarely is there black used in fairy kei and especially not that much. But if you really like the pants in that color, don’t fret! My recommendation is to loon into Spank! style or Pop Kei! Both fashions are incredibly similar to fairy kei but do occasionally incorporate more back. Here are two useful references for you: 1 & 2 
The biggest difference between fairy kei and spank! style (in my personal opinion) besides just the use of black would be the evident 80s themes. Fairy kei is loosely based around 80s (and 90s) fashions with the use of pastels where as the 80s influence is spank! style is definitely more predominant! 

I’ve picked out a couple of things to give you ideas when coordinating too~!

So one of the main themes seen in spank! style is black and white polka dots which is actually why I suggested it. Although the print on the pants is clouds and rainbows, the clouds definitely resemble a polka dot pattern so I feel like it’d be your best bet~

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

(picture above belongs to Tabby~ check out the original post!)

(the photo above belongs to Mina~ here is the original post)

I really love these two coordinates personally and I think their silhouettes can be really inspiring for spank! style and pop kei! Tabby’s coord features a baggy pullover, and then Mina’s coord features a denim vest- both options are very popular with this fashion! They’re also both wearing leg warmers which is another thing to maybe consider~!

As far as tops are concerned Milklim always have shirts that would be perfect for this style. Here are some that I picked out:

Mililim does require you use a shopping service though so if you’re interested and haven’t used a SS before you can check out Fairy Kei Sales on Facebook! If not Try and look around at your local mall or department store for similar style shirts. (With themes like polka dots, hearts, cute animals, etc)

Another thing to keep in mind is the 80s inspiration~ You can aways look for graphic tees that feature cartoons!

All of these tees are from (which admittedly I have not used before- I just found the site while searching for references but they have some cool things so it might be worth checking out. In the end though it’s just to get you thinking!) Some of these shirts are on the brighter side so they’d look nice in pop kei which tends to be a bit brighter.

A couple of other things that might look nice~~!

This cute pullover from LISTEN FLAVOR would be nice! The touch of black in the graphic would pull together the black in the pants~!

I found this shirt on Etsy and it would be perfect! My first thought when you mentioned those pants was: oversized & polka dotted~! so anything along those lines would be good!

And then for footwear: I always recommend leg warmers as stated above! You can find those on Sockdreams~ but also any patterned socks would look cute!

Party City has cute easter socks right now which would be perfect~!

And then for shoes any sort of pastel sneaker such as converse, DC, Vans, OSIRIS, etc would look good!


So as I said it would necessarily be “fairy kei” because fairy kei doesn’t incorporate black but by mixing black and pastels you can still get a really cool spank! style look! And spank! style is what inspired fairy kei so it would be along the same lines~~!

And in the end remember it’s just about having fun! So just wear whatever you think is cute and looks nice! At the end of the day as long as you like your coordinate thats all that matters c;