spank and freak out

Canon things that happened in Watch Dogs 2 that everyone forgot:

  • Lenni spanks Marcus
  • Ray kisses Josh
  • Dusan tells Marcus to punch him and freaks out because Marcus just punched him
  • Marcus convinces his driver app client his real name is Will Smith
  • 1 minute worth of footage where the characters break the fourth wall by staring at the camera 
  • Josh slaps Wrench
  • Sitara rolling her eyes whenever Ray is mentioned or Wrench does something stupid.
How would SVT react if they got caught staring at your boobs/ass

Wonwoo would probably keep staring tbh and his eyes would speak, “don’t make me stop staring at your ass”

Jeonghan would probably laugh a little and apologize at the fact he cannot resist staring at his jagi’s boobs

Woozi would become a whole bundle of shyness and try to hide away from you

Mingyu being the daddy that he is would still stare at your boobs either way basically asking you to show them with his eyes lol

Vernon would blush but would end up giving you a smirk complimenting how good your ass looks in those shorts ;)

S. Coups would chuckle as he pulled you on his laps whispering to you saying how nice of an ass you have, and that he wants to spank it everyday.

Seungkwan would end up freaking out and dramatically apologize while yelling, “OMG JAGI I’M SO SORRY I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SO DIRTY JUN TAUGHT ME HIS GREASY WAYS!!!” He’d still be extra even if you said you didn’t care lol

Hoshi would distract you by doing aegyo so you forget he was staring at your boobs

Minghao would prob like what he sees in that shirt, would nod, and look away even though you saw him staring

Jun’s greasy self would smirk at you even if you noticed him staring he wouldn’t care

DK would smile at you and say he wasn’t staring, he was staring at your necklace even if you weren’t wearing one lol

Joshua probably wouldn’t do that, I don’t any of them really would, but everyone is different. He’ll apologize if he does and he get’s caught.

Dino would become extra shy and just apologize and stare at something else in the room

BTS Reaction To Their Foreign Girlfriend unconsciously Learning Dirty Korean Phrases and Repeating Them in Public


[Monsta X Version]
[iKON Version]
[B.A.P Version


Y/N: “You deserve a huge spanking when we get back home”
*He freaks out*
“Sorry hyung, this usually doesn’t come out outdoors”


Y/N: “Can’t wait to get back home and take you in”
*He becomes a blushy mess, automatically tries to close your mouth*
“I don’t know where that came from! I’m innocent! I never taught her that!”


Y/N: “I get so excited just thinking how you dominate me every night :3”
“I usually would stay quiet but… Y’ALL HEAR THIS? WHO’S LOOKING DOWN ON WHO NOW?”
Y/N: “Seokjin? What?”


Y/N: “I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had when we go back ♡”
“I… M-mom… She just…”

Rap Monster

Y/N: “What do you think, should I learn how to deep throat or bake?”
“I’m not sure what you’re on about, but I choose deep throating”
Y/N: “Did I say deep throat? Oh God, I’m sorry I meant ‘cook’…”
“Well, the whole bus now thinks you asked me something else, frankly, I don’t mind”


Y/N: “Yoongi, what does; ‘Your thighs look tasty today, I’d like to rest my face between them’ mean? My friend told me that today so I was wondering”
“First of all; Can I slap that friend of yours?”


Y/N: “I want your cum all over me ^-^ ”
“Uh, ah, ehh, I’m so sorry for her, I don’t know where she heard that. I’ll introduce her to the Bible tonight”

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