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The Bet

Imagine setting a bet with Stiles who could go the longest without sex, trying to get him to release his dominant side, which you love.

Author: imagine-a-real-stiles

Warnings: Smut! Dom Stiles, cursing, daddy kink, spanking, Lydia’s shopping sass.
Children Find your holy water it’s about to get Nasty!

A/N: Enjoy!


Last week you and Stiles, your boyfriend had made a bet to see which one could last the longest without sex.
And so far, he was oh so very sexually frustrated. And you were absolutely fine, well as everyone else thought. Yet you were feeling a bit naughty and you knew just how to tease Stiles to the point of breaking.
“Y/N are you coming tonight?” Kira sped up next to you, while you guys were walking to class. Lydia had planned a night out for the pack, you weren’t exactly sure where you were going but Lydia just told you to dress sexy.
And as far as you know Scott had his own ideas for what they would all wear.
“Of course, I’ll torture Stiles some more.” You finished with a wink.
Kira giggled in response and waved you off to her locker.
You walked swiftly, carrying yourself to your locker which was a huge disadvantage and advantage as it was next to Stiles’.
He came plodding along, and you could see how frustrated he was, while you stood staring at him, with a devilish smirk.
“Please remind me why I agreed to this again..” He stomped up to his locker.
“Cause you swore you could beat me in anything.” You retort with a smirk as you collect your huge textbooks.
He slams his hand on the locker, making you just swivel your head and raise your eyebrow while again giving him your sexiest smirk.
“Frustrated Stilinski?” You giggle at him.
He rolled his eyes so exaggeratedly that you thought he almost turned into Derek for a moment.
“Quiet emulous-tic today I see.” You finished collecting your books and give Stiles a hug, while he grunted in return.

Stiles POV

“Hey bud!” Scott brought me out of my sexual daze, due to my girlfriends amazing ass.
“Hi.” I glanced at him to see him laughing at me.
“Still haven’t got any yet bro?”
I gave him a look that could kill and he instantly stopped.
“Well sorry Derek Hale.” He gave me a large amount of sarcasm in that one sentence.
I got all my books and walked with Scott to class.


You swiftly entered English and set your bag down, next to your seat. You ran over to Malia.
“You planning on going tonight?” You leaned over her desk.
She looked up at you with a look of complete consent.
“Of course! And if I didn’t I miss out a chance to find some nice guys.” She finished with a wink.

Finally the school bell rung and it was time to go get sexied up with the Girls. Lydia was driving all of you.
Kira, Malia, Lydia and yourself. You guys scrambled into the car, while Lydia turned up her stereo to full blast. You all jammed as Lydia drove you all to the Mall.
You didn’t have the fanciest clothes , as to why you guys were all going to buy.
“Hmm, you got any lingerie at home, Y/N?” Lydia stared at you, waiting for answer.
“Nope. Haven’t got anything really in the category.” You blushing slightly at not having such intimate clothes.
“No problem. You and I can go lingerie shopping, while Kira and Malia look for their dresses. And then we’ll come back to find you the sexiest dress to tease Stiles to hell and back.” And with that she flicked her perfect strawberry hair and grabbed your hand while she pulled you towards Victoria Secret.

Your eyes bulged out of your head, seeing as Lydia was not joking. She was planning on getting you the sexiest thing there was.
As you walked through the rows of dresses and clothes through to the lingerie section.
“Hmm, try this.” Lydia hands you a lace set of a push-up bra and some lacy underwear, along with a Black corset and some knee high stockings.
“Oh my gosh, okay then.” You blushing furiously.
“Oh and take a photo for me.” She declares as she hands you her phone, while she rummages through more way to revealing undergarments.

You slipped them on and took a photo for Lydia. You jumped back into your clothes and rushed back over to Lydia.
It seemed she hadn’t found anything else for you and was hoping desperately that the one she got you earlier would work.
You handed her the phone and gave her the undergarments.
“DAMN gurl! So sending this to Stiles.” She typing fast at her phone while sending the picture.
“And that devilishly sexy smirk of yours?”
“Poor Stiles. Has gonna be in such trouble tonight.” You smirked as you and Lydia payed for the clothing and then quickly found a tight, black dress that came up to just pass mid thigh and the back coming low just a bit above your panty line.
Lydia’s phone soon buzzed, a message from Stiles, “Fuck, she better be wearing that tonight.”
You just laughed at his boyish reaction.
You speed walked to the car with all the girls and drove to Lydia’s house.
“Lyd where exactly are we going?” Malia questioned her while slipping into her amazing dress. It really wasn’t fair all the other girls were so beautiful and you sat here like a potato.
“A club, don’t worry it’s a dance club.” She said as she helped you finish your makeup and hair.
You guys headed out to the club and to your not so surprise the guys weren’t there yet.

It was nine already and Stiles and Scott hadn’t arrived. Isaac and Liam already here.
You sat at the bar, debating whether to get a drink yet. Everybody else had disappeared into the sea of sweaty bodies and loud music.
“One Jack Daniels please.” You semi-shouted to the bartender.
He hands you your drink, and as you take your first sip, Stiles and Scott walk through the door.

“And you two? This lateness?” You queried while sipping your alcoholic drink.
“Stiles couldn’t decide what to wear. And the Jeep broke down, so surprising. ” Scott exclaimed and then walked into the crowd of drunk dancers.

“Fuck you, Y/N.” Stiles growled in your ear.
“I know you want to.” You winked and headed toward the sea of people. But not before setting your drink down.
You heard Stiles walking after you. You headed towards the middle, but the got caught in Stiles strong hands gripped on your hips.
“You look beautiful, well more like over sexyfied tonight.” He whispered against your neck, just under your ear.
“Looking for some fun, Stilinski?” You turned to face him and smirked. Then you backed up further into the crowd, your favourite song came on and you swayed your hips more seductively then you usually did. You looked back at Stiles who was gapping slightly. You laughed out at his reaction. And turned back to dancing.

Stiles POV

She was beginning to tease and I knew she was just starting.
I walked behind her and gripped her waist, while swaying with her.
Damn, this girl could control me.
She was going to get it hard tonight. It’s her fault I’m so fucking horny.
I was watching her and damn her body, that dress hugged her in all the right ways, It was definitely getting a lot hotter in here.


You pushed your ass back into Stiles, he leaned down and attacked your neck with hot, wet kisses.
You felt him growing harder behind you.
“You better be wearing that underwear Lydia got you.”
You smirked at him and danced away, giving him your sexiest look you knew he would fall for.
He grabbed your wrist and lead you through the crowd towards the door.
“What you gonna do? Kiss me till I can’t breathe? Or fuck me till I can’t walk?” You sarcastically asked him, knowing he must’ve long gone forgotten the bet. And you were oh so desperate for some Dominant Stiles.
“More than that, Babygirl.” You loved that nickname and always felt weak in the knees when he called you that.
You jumped into his car, with him fiddling to put the keys in ignition.
You awaited patiently for him to drive home. You caught him staring at you a few times.
You two entered his house, he tugged you up the stairs to his bedroom.
“You sure you wanna lose this bet now?” You asked with a hand on your hip.
“Never a better time.” He walked up to you, eyes dark with lust and hunger.

He shut the door behind him and
he moved swiftly forward and pinned you to the wall.
With him diving at your neck and kissing it up to your sweet spot, trailing a few bruises up, that you knew would be very visible in the morning.
You squirmed underneath him. Trying to get free of his tight grip, but in all honesty, his dominant side was such a huge turn on.
“Not yet Babygirl.” He huskily whispered in your ear, sending chills through you.
“Stiles, please do fucking something.” You pleaded him, in between moans.
“Oh trust me I will.” He let go of you, with you almost falling on the floor as your knees had caved in.

You knew Stiles had the biggest Daddy kink, and you planned to use that straight up against him, in high hopes of getting him to become even more dominant, if possible.
“Come over here Kitten.” Stiles demanded.
“Only if Daddy asks.” You smirked at him.

He lunged forward grabbing you, somehow managing to turn you and throw you on the bed, with him hovering over you. He grazed your right ear with his lip while whispering, “Baby Girl, that’s not how you talk to Daddy.”
You’re core was soaking by now, and you were aching for him to do something.
“And now for being naughty, I’m going to have to punish you, you know that Baby Girl?”
“Yes Daddy.” You smirked sexily back at him.
“Take that pretty little dress off now.” He motioned to your new dress.

You slipped it off smoothly, slowly almost teasingly then tossing it aside. You crawled back to the end of the bed, your ass up with your arms on the bed. Awaiting your further punishments.
You felt his cold fingers trail up from your ass to quickly snatch up your hair into a makeshift ponytail.
He jerked your neck back, not painfully more pleasurefilled.
He other hand smoothing over your ass.
You were waiting impatiently for the spanking to begin.
His hand came down hard, causing you to jump a bit at the pleasure sending chills through you.
“You like that?” He growled behind you.
You moaned loudly, agreeing with him. You wanted him to do more than just punishing you.
“Say it Kitten!” He demanded, you loved this side of him.
“Daddy just like that!” You moaned loudly.
He spanked you three times in a row, each the same amount of pleasure radiating through you.
“Fuck Stiles.”
He got up and disappeared down the hall to a room unknown to you.
You waited quietly till he had arrived back with cuffs in his hands and a satin piece of material in the other.
“You’re so sexy looking at me like that.” He growled, his eyes dragging down your body.

He threw the items down beside the bed and grabbed your hands above your head.
“I can’t be the only one semi-naked.” You lay down again, awaiting your commander to undress.
He threw his shirt and flannel over his head, Good Lord this boy was so indescribably gorgeous!
The things you imagined doing to him.
Then off flew his pants and other articles of clothing. He crawled over to you but not before returning the intimate objects to his grasp.
“Hands up, Babygirl.” You obliged putting your hands above your head, hearing the cold metal clicking together onto the bed,“ Head up now.” You did as you were told. With him tying the blindfold around your eyes.

He glided his fingers across the corset, untying the back, with you arching for him to do so. Soon you were rid of all your clothes.
You heard a low groan, almost growl emit from Stiles.
“God, I’ll never get used to seeing you like this.” While talking he dragged his fingers from your neck down the valley of your breasts and towards your centre, where you needed him most at this moment.

“Please.” You moaned out, desperate.
“Only for you Princess.”
You felt his tongue glide between your folds and up against your clit, causing you to shiver from the pure bliss.

“Now you’re not allowed to cum until I say you can okay, Princess?”
You writhed underneath him.

“Yes,” You moaned out.
“Yes what?” He stopped and looked up at you, you never knowing he was aching to feel you around him.
“Yes Daddy!” You begged him to continue you his actions.

He sucked and licked at your clit, while slamming two do his flexible digits into you, making you cry out at the euphoria.
He continued these actions until you couldn’t take it anymore And begged him to let you cum.
He soon obliged and you came hard, he came up off and you went to take off your blindfold and cuffs.

“Now you better be a good girl, alright?”
“Yes Daddy.” You moaned out and bit your bottom lip.

You soon felt his length on your thigh. You reached down to line him up with your entrance, you didn’t expect him to slam into you and pull right back out to the tip and just to slam back in again.

“Faster please Daddy!” Your moans were now loud and high pitched.
Just spurring him on.
You started to thrust into you at a inhuman like pace. Both need your releases.

You felt the coil in your stomach snap, sending you into one of your most euphoric orgasms. Seeing stars behind your eyes.
Stiles soon twit he’d inside you and released into you. His warm liquids filling you up.

“Maybe I should leave you horny for a good while now.” You finished with a kiss on his lips

“Nope, now kitten do you think you’ll be able to walk tomorrow. Remember we have the hike tomorrow.”

“Well shit.” You both smiled a shit eating grin. And fell asleep while you spooned.

anonymous asked:

I'm wondering how can I dress fairy kei in the summer? Basically my entire wardrobe is from the thrift shop so I have lots of chunky knits and cardigans that I layer to look fairy kei. Im worried because I have no brand it wont really look fairy kei without the layers. Any tips?

Cutsews! If you don’t want to buy a brand one, You can easily buy a plain t-shirt from a local store, and then DIY it to become like one of the cute ones you see from shops like Spank! and Milklim - Here are some DIY cutsew ideas for inspiration:

  • You could add a fabric heart on, then add a ruffley lace border to the fabric, and attach lace to the sleeves too
  • Learn how to make a sailor collar (by itself), which can be added to all kinds of cute t-shirts!
  • Add a cute lace and bows to the sleeves and collar of a top, similar to Nile Perch

Simple dresses are also ideal, and if you’re into sewing they’re easy to make! You can also add accessories, as they won’t make you hot but add to your outfit~

In summer, layers aren’t really as important as long as it gives off that fairy kei feeling! Here are some cute summery coords to inspire you a little more ♥

Image source: kidwiththebackpack on deviantart

(Moco’s coord on the right is perfect for summer fairy kei!)

(Kumamiki uses layers, but they’re all thin layers to keep her cool - the hat also matches her aesthetic~)

(This simple coord uses fairy kei items but still keeps it simple and heat friendly !)

All 3 images source: @tokyo-fashion

Image source: Unknown, but she’s wearing some clothes from Spank! It shows some really cute shorts and sheer socks, which would be ideal for hot weather

This article also has more pictures and has some handy tips on summer fairy kei! Also check out my summer tag ☀

I hope this helps~



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