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Okay so I have this thing where I can recognize a spanish word that I know if I see it on like duolingo but if I'm like "alright brain what's the spanishword for cashier" my mind makes the shrug emoji so how do you personally learn a word both ways (knowing it on sight and able to write it on command)

I write it a lot or i have that mnemonic thing that i answered earlier. Anyway, at the beginning of every language i have the exact samee problem as you xD and it’s so frustrating! But you have to use that word more in order to remember it. (unless you have an amazing memory!) 

A tip, try using to write that word with another font.

2nd tip, try to write the word a few times with your other hand (if you use your right more, use left)

3rd tip, don’t learn words one by one but in groups/structures/sentences