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Skylar, since you don't have flesh, bees can't hurt you! If you had a robot body, though, you would have to be gentle if you played with bees because you could hurt them! I hope you get to meet bees for real some day.

Hi fluoridestream.

Spanish word about the bees are not dying dreams and dreams come.

are there any good spanish-speaking leftist blogs bc i wanna crack down on the spanish stuff without it all just being like Spanish Word Of The Day type shit especially since that rarely actually strings words together in a useful way. also like lefty shit is good and im always lookin for more perspectives and whatnot etc etc

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Hey Lea! I just wanted to drop by and say a huge THANK YOU for your awesome, beautiful and perfect contributions to the Marvey fandom. Seriously, you're a genius and your gif sets always make my day! THANK YOU!!!

OMG!!!! I’m crying :’)
Thank you for your beautiful words and for the incredible tags you always use, they’re amazing.
I always though that I was late to this fandom and I couldn’t do anything to make me feel like part of it… but LOL, I literally said to myself “just do it” and other crazy words in spanish xD Again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORDS!!! Have a nice day :3

la maleta

  • Imagine having to travel with a mallet stuck to your suitcase at all times, because it’s an old suitcase, the lock tends to block, and you need a hammer to just open the damn thing.
  • What would you put in your magenta suitcase for a trip to Malta?
  • “I’ve put my letter in your suitcase.”

How much does your suitcase weigh?
¿Cuánto pesa tu maleta?

Picture by Gideon on Flickr