When I search the OINTB tag on here you know who the fuck I barely see. The absolute Queen that is GLORIA MENDOZA. I mean she is the head matriarch of Spanish Harlem. She looks out for not only her girls but the entire prison. This woman COOKED DINNER FOR THE INMATES IN THE MIDDLE OF A RIOT. SHE FED THEM.BECAUSE TO HER , EVERYONE IN THERE IS FAMILY. She took on the role of mother to “woe is me Daya”.She stole the gun to keep daya out of further trouble and even felt guilty for daya’s dumbass decisions. She deadass risked her life to free those guards for her child and she struggled with the decision. Can you imagine?!? RESPECT THE QUEEN THAT IS GLORIA MENDOZA.

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In the past few years, getrification has taken away the unique and special beauty of many of the neighborhoods that i belong to in New York City. 

I grew up in east harlem, right on 110th street and 5th avenue. It is my home, my barrio, my place of comfort. In recent walks around the neighborhood, i sadly mourned a many of the original shops and business that were local to our area. Beautiful graffiti, and entire murals, painted over for the comfort of our urban colonizers. The celia cruz throw up on lexington? Gone. 

So i thought it was especially important to start photographing the novelty and unique flavor that it so well known for. To capture what is still there, in the midst of unwanted change. To show the world, a wonderful landscape of old new york i will never forget. 

Various Photos All Taken in East Harlem, By Destiny Frasqueri 2015

And finally, for day 15 of Octúbre: Tito Puente! The Nuyorican Rey De Los Timbales. He was a composer, songwriter, percussionist and record producer! He was born in 1923 in New York. He was a hyper kid who had a knack for music, even at a young age. He initially learned piano, then moved to percussion. He learned saxophone, vibraphone, most famously, timables. He and his sister formed a dance and song duo, but when he twisted his ankle, he decided to stick with music. Tito played as an apprentice for the Machito Orchestra, another famous Latin big band at the time. He then served in the Navy for 3 years, service that eventually paid for his schooling at Julliard in New York. There, he studied music theory, conducting and orchestration. Throughout Tito Puente’s’ career, he has done mambo, cha cha cha, afro cuban rhythms and bossa nova. He has composed a number of hits and collaborated with a number of people including Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco. During the height of his popularity, he had his own band. Puente is recognized as having been one of the driving forces behind popularizing the fusion of Latin and Modern Jazz.


On this day in music history: August 28, 1971 - “Spanish Harlem” by Aretha Franklin hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 3 weeks, also peaking at #2 on the Hot 100 on September 11, 1971. Written by Jerry Leiber and Phil Spector, it is the eleventh R&B chart topper and eleventh million selling single for “The Queen Of Soul”. Franklin’s cover of the Ben E. King classic is recorded on February 16, 1971 at Criteria Studios in Miami, FL. with a group of musicians that includes Donny Hathaway, Bernard Purdie, Cornell Dupree, Ralph MacDonald and Chuck Rainey. Recorded during the sessions for the “Young, Gifted And Black” album, the song is initially issued as a stand alone single in July of 1971, and makes its LP debut as one of three new songs included on “Aretha’s Greatest Hits” released in September 1971. An instant smash on the R&B and pop charts, the single is held off the top of the Hot 100 by Donny Osmond’s “Go Away Little Girl”. “Spanish Harlem” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

concept: its 1995 and me and my bf benicio del toro are sharing Chinese takeout in our shitty spanish harlem apartment n he kisses me when he leaves to buy a pack of cigarettes from the bodega down the block