In the past few years, getrification has taken away the unique and special beauty of many of the neighborhoods that i belong to in New York City. 

I grew up in east harlem, right on 110th street and 5th avenue. It is my home, my barrio, my place of comfort. In recent walks around the neighborhood, i sadly mourned a many of the original shops and business that were local to our area. Beautiful graffiti, and entire murals, painted over for the comfort of our urban colonizers. The celia cruz throw up on lexington? Gone. 

So i thought it was especially important to start photographing the novelty and unique flavor that it so well known for. To capture what is still there, in the midst of unwanted change. To show the world, a wonderful landscape of old new york i will never forget. 

Various Photos All Taken in East Harlem, By Destiny Frasqueri 2015


East Harlem, NY

5 small business closed in just 30 days on 104th Street and Lexington avenue.

The building of “Glass Spire” (1635 Lexington ave) a luxury condo just across the street. Did not displace one tenant.

But the economic pressure caused by the luxury condo, where apartments are being sold from 500k to  1.1 million, has a ripple effect on the the tenants around it. That economic pressure entices landlords to raise rents to profit off new luxury clientele and leaves many long time small businesses out in the cold. 

Gentrification can take 30 or more years, but in just 30 days, a total of: 
2 Barbershops, 2 discount stores and a Botanica. 
Were forced to find new homes….