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Can you do a blurb or HC about how sweet pea met this spanish girl and he gets jealous because fangs speaks Spanish (feel like he is spanish) and they always talk in Spanish without telling SP what they said and it ends with Y/N telling him he is only hers and their first I love you ?

First of all, I think Sweet Pea would find it also so hotttt if a girl can speak Spanish 👀 But he loves girls anyways 💓

“Hey Pea!”. You greeted him with a smile. “Hey, princess”. His arm swung around your shoulder with a smile. Sweet Pea had a strong liking for you ever since you showed up at school, however he was disappointed every time because you and Fangs seemed to get along better. “Hola, chicka”. Fangs joined you two and Sweet Pea already shook his arm off your shoulder. He sighed as you and Fangs continued your conversation in Spanish, which made him feel left out already. You moved into the cafeteria and sat down next to Fangs, chatting further in a language basically only you two spoke in school.

Sweet Pea tried to zone out, however he couldn’t. He kept looking over at you, tried to find a point where he could jump in the conversation, but of course he couldn’t. He abruptly stood up from the table and left you with Fangs and some other Serpents. Fangs looked over at you with a questioning look. “I’ll go after him”. You jumped up and went after him, not really caring that he walked into the mens bathroom. “Pea?”. You asked, looking around the corner as he splashed some water in his face. “Do you know what it feels like if you love someone but you just can’t seem to connect with that person?”. He looked up at you, a wild look in his eyes.

“Pea…”. Your voice softened, knowing it was about you. “Because I fucking love you okay? I love you”. He yelled, his chest heaving up and down. “And you only seem to care about Fangs”. Sweet Pea added. “Sweets…”. You cupped his face with your hands and he was about to push you away, but when he looked into your eyes he just melted on the inside. “Tell me again”. You muttered. “I love you”. He repeated, causing a smile to break your slightly sad face. “I love you too”. You replied, which made him smile and press a kiss to your lips. “Or should I say, te amo?”. You giggled and he groaned. “No more Spanish!”. Sweet Pea said, however he laughed and twirled you around in his arms